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Third Québec NDP MP facing nomination challenge

Jan 30 2015 — Alice Funke — The sitting Member of Parliament in Joliette is long-time NDP activist Francine Raynault, who finally ran in 2011, taking her turn after supporting earlier runs by her husband in the same seat. Mme Raynault will be turning 70 years old in March – not to suggest that our elders don’t belong in Parliament, but most […]

What business do we have in the bedrooms of state?

Dec 2 2014 — Alice Funke — No-one else knew for sure what went on in that room, but the two MPs who were there. She provided contraception, and no-one said no. But consent, along with the power relationship between the two of them, remained at issue. How could that be? Well, if you watched the scene I just described from the […]

November is for Nominations

Nov 26 2014 — Alice Funke — Between them, the opposition NDP and Liberal parties will have nominated eighty candidates in the month of November alone, a sure sign that election readiness is top of mind in the year or so leading up to the next federal general election. Add those to the at least 11 Conservative nomination meetings (and likely more), […]

By-Election Shocker! Conservatives retain Whitby-Oshawa

Nov 18 2014 — Alice Funke — You could be forgiven for thinking this result was unlikely, given the extent to which Liberal talking points penetrated the media’s pre-game analysis, egged on by some torqued analysis from the only pollster willing to give away his work for free anymore. Conservative standard-bearer Perkins in fact exceeded the vote-share with which Jim Flaherty first […]

Conservatives pass 50% mark in nominating 2015 slate

Nov 10 2014 — Alice Funke — As of this past week, the Conservative Party reached the 50% milestone in terms of the percentage of its 2015 slate of candidates nominated on the new boundaries. The effort required to bring the governing party to this level of readiness – and before any of its competitors, though in fairness it had a lot […]

2015 Federal: The Not-Running and the Not-Sure

Nov 9 2014 — Alice Funke — While the number of MPs announcing their retirement at the next election might seem high, it’s still not that big by historical standards. Certainly, at 34 currently sitting MPs already announcing their retirement, it feels like a lot of them are going, but that’s just because – with the new riding boundaries – incumbents not […]

Contested Nominations the New Normal for Non-incumbents

Oct 29 2014 — Alice Funke — If you’re not already in Parliament, chances are you’re going to have to win a nomination contest to get there in 2015. That’s because of the large number of competitive races we’re seeing to carry party colours into the next federal election — especially in comparison with previous elections this century, and it’s particularly true […]

Conservative Software Project Went Into Production in 2013, Financial Statements Show

Jul 3 2014 — Alice Funke — The Conservative Party’s mysterious software project was no longer listed as an “asset under development”, but rather full-fledged “computer software”, in financial statements the party recently filed with Elections Canada for the 2013 calendar year. At a total cost of $7.1 million into over the previous three years – $2.17M in 2010, $3.4M in 2011, […]

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