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Looks like Canada is gearing up for a carbon tax showdown

Apr 2 2018 — Anthony Furey — Catherine McKenna is getting a little testy. And you can certainly see why. The incoming national carbon tax that she’s been promoting alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is really taking a beating. So much so that the majority of Canadians might be asking for its repeal come the next election.

Bill Morneau mansplains women’s issues to Lisa Raitt, labels his opponents “Neanderthals”

Mar 27 2018 — Anthony Furey — Taking a page from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s playbook, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has taken it upon himself to mansplain women’s issues to one female parliamentarian and even call out those who disagree with him on the subject as “Neanderthals.” Conservative MP and former cabinet minister Lisa Raitt was grilling Morneau at the House of […]

Patrick Brown entering Ontario PC leadership race

Feb 16 2018 — Anthony Furey — Patrick Brown is entering the Ontario PC party leadership race on Friday afternoon, the Toronto Sun has confirmed. In recent days, the Barrie region MPP and former party leader has been vigorously fighting back against allegations of sexual misconduct contained in a CTV News report.

Trudeau needs to support the protesters, say Iranian-Canadians

Jan 2 2018 — Anthony Furey — Just weeks before the current people’s uprising in Iran began a Canadian senator stood up in the Red Chamber and urged his colleagues to take a tough stand against the dictatorial regime. Talk about timing. Conservative Sen. David Wells received zero press back when he spoke on Dec. 5. Now we can read his words […]

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer already talking free speech with schools

Dec 19 2017 — Anthony Furey — Andrew Scheer is already talking with university administrators about enshrining free speech on campus and believes progress can be made. “There will be a substantial policy,” the Conservative leader told the Sun concerning his popular leadership race pledge to reduce federal funding if universities don’t champion freedom of speech on campus. “I believe in it […]

Canada’s conservative leaders are gearing up

Dec 11 2017 — Anthony Furey — Ontario, Alberta and Parliament Hill. All governed by left-of-centre political leaders. All up for grabs in elections less than two years away. These jurisdictions’ respective conservative challengers are all now gearing up for the fight. Let’s take a look at those three politicians, each of whom has a different challenge ahead.

Surely Morneau’s days as minister are numbered

Nov 29 2017 — Anthony Furey — The other week, a prominent Bay Street insider told me he couldn’t imagine Bill Morneau being the guy to table the next budget in 2018. There’s just too much dogging the beleaguered finance minister to have him stand up in the House of Commons and command the confidence of the nation’s various sectors that look […]

Trudeau quietly strikes the right notes on North Korea

Nov 28 2017 — Anthony Furey — It’s an odd notion: Canada works with Cuba to get them to work with North Korea to get them, in turn, to work with the United States on cooling their nuclear ambitions. But it’s a worthwhile approach and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to have quietly positioned Canada to a play role in this global […]

A big test looms for lacklustre Ont. PC Leader Patrick Brown

Nov 19 2017 — Anthony Furey — Next weekend Ontario Progressive Conservative members will gather for their last big event before next year’s provincial election, the one where they hope to finally emerge victorious after 15 years of scandal-plagued Liberal rule. While talking together in the halls or huddled at social functions, both insiders and grassroots members will complain about one politician […]

Don’t trust the Liberals to run their own promise tracker

Nov 15 2017 — Anthony Furey — The government’s launch of its own online promise tracker on Tuesday tells us that either the Liberals are incredibly naive or they think that of us. It’s hard to know which is worse. This initiative whereby the very people making (and sometimes breaking) these promises claim to accurately rate their progress deserves the same sort […]