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The Scheer leadership question? Excuse me while I yawn

Nov 30 2019 — Anthony Furey — Fine, you win media posse. I’ll write the “what to do about Andrew Scheer’s future” column. But here’s my main rule of engagement: Just like I only took a single puff of that cigarette back when it was pushed on me in the schoolyard – enough to get people off my back but not enough […]

The whitewashing of Trudeau’s blackface

Sep 23 2019 — Anthony Furey — When the news first broke that Justin Trudeau had cavorted in blackface back in 2001 it was the incredible hypocrisy of the whole thing that likely struck most people as the big problem. Here’s a man who has spent the past four years using the highest office in the land to tsk-tsk Canada as an […]

Here’s why it’s up to Jagmeet Singh to expose Trudeau’s game

Aug 18 2019 — Anthony Furey — The latest developments in Lavscam are very bad indeed. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been found to have violated the Conflict of Interest Act. We’ve now gone from the realm of political messaging into the realm of lawbreaking. There are those engaged in wordplay about how this isn’t a real law and it doesn’t come […]

In arguing with Dion’s ruling, Trudeau acts like he’s above the law

Aug 16 2019 — Anthony Furey — Almost from the beginning of Lavscam it was clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a smug and dismissive attitude towards the whole affair. Back in February – when the news first broke that Trudeau improperly pressured the former Attorney General to reverse a decision to go ahead with prosecuting SNC-Lavalin – he shamelessly went […]

Maybe Canadian politicians should just lay low this summer

Jul 10 2019 — Anthony Furey — For the past few days political circles and talk radio have been unpacking a rude tirade by Ontario cabinet minister Lisa MacLeod aimed at Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk. MacLeod apparently approached Melnyk unprovoked at a Rolling Stones concert the other weekend, calling out: “Do you know who I am? I am your minister and […]

All of sudden, Trudeau has conservatives boxed in

Jun 23 2019 — Anthony Furey — Throughout the first half of the year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was against the ropes. He was hammered almost daily by first the China mess and then Lavscam and it even seemed – for a few days – that his political demise was imminent. A lot of that is gone now. Yes, Trudeau’s numbers dropped […]

The 2019 election is looking like 1972 all over again

May 19 2019 — Anthony Furey — Trudeau wins a majority government thanks to his personal popularity, as regular Canadians take to the streets to pose for photographs with him, swooning over his style. This is a description of Justin Trudeau and the 2015 election, right? Sure, but the same words equally apply to the original Trudeaumania – the 1968 election that […]