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All of sudden, Trudeau has conservatives boxed in

Jun 23 2019 — Anthony Furey — Throughout the first half of the year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was against the ropes. He was hammered almost daily by first the China mess and then Lavscam and it even seemed – for a few days – that his political demise was imminent. A lot of that is gone now. Yes, Trudeau’s numbers dropped […]

The 2019 election is looking like 1972 all over again

May 19 2019 — Anthony Furey — Trudeau wins a majority government thanks to his personal popularity, as regular Canadians take to the streets to pose for photographs with him, swooning over his style. This is a description of Justin Trudeau and the 2015 election, right? Sure, but the same words equally apply to the original Trudeaumania – the 1968 election that […]

The Liberal strategists who came in from the cold

Mar 10 2019 — Anthony Furey — It was only a matter of time until it came to this. Not Lavscam per se. But something like it. Something that had the same basic nuts and bolts to the story: Senior figures in the Trudeau government publicly pushing back against the PM, derailing his agenda and creating a crisis in confidence.

The unbearable lightness of Justin Trudeau

Feb 27 2019 — Anthony Furey — How on earth would he spin it? Forget spin. How on earth can he survive this? After watching Jody Wilson-Raybould’s calm, composed, lengthy and detailed damning testimony against Justin Trudeau, it was hard to imagine the PM would have anything to say in response besides staring at the cameras like a deer in the headlights. […]

Populism in Canada – expect it to ramp up in 2019

Dec 18 2018 — Anthony Furey — In the immediate aftermath of the election of Donald Trump to the American presidency there was a sense of momentum in the air around populism. Will it happen here in Canada? Or elsewhere? And how soon? What form will it take? The Brexit vote had only just gone down a few months beforehand and European […]

The Huawei arrest will have ramifications for Canada

Dec 7 2018 — Anthony Furey — It’s safe to say that there will be ramifications after Canada arrested the CFO of Huawei technologies last weekend at the behest of the United States. And they will be felt both here in Canada and around the world. Just what those will be, what form they will take, and what the next step is […]

Canada needs to be wary of China, Taiwan’s foreign minister warns

Dec 2 2018 — Anthony Furey — If there’s any country that can speak with authority about the threats posed by China, it’s Taiwan. And its officials are urging Canada and other countries to pay close attention. They sure know what they’re talking about. Beijing currently has more than a thousand missiles aimed at the island country. But that’s far from the […]