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‘Used by the CBC’ — Wendy Mesley after the ‘N-word’ incident: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

Jul 25 2022 — Anthony Furey — After a stellar, decades-long career at Canada’s public broadcaster, Wendy Mesley made a big mistake: she used the “N-word” with colleagues, off the air, while talking about covering the racism issue. She paid dearly for it: her reputation was ruined, she was portrayed as a bigot and her nearly 40-year CBC career was flushed away. […]

The Emergencies Act inquiry isn’t looking good for Trudeau

Jun 5 2022 — Anthony Furey — Things are looking rough for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when it comes to how the Emergencies Act inquiry might unfold. The past month or so has brought out a number of clarifications about what exactly transpired during this winter’s freedom convoy and what went on behind the scenes before and during the controversial invoking of […]

Canada still needs inquiries, commissions, into our COVID response

May 15 2022 — Anthony Furey — It’s nice to not have to think about COVID-19 all the time these days. People don’t really talk about it much anymore. The anticipated hostility between the masked and unmasked never materialized. It was all a social media creation. People have been easygoing and respectful of each other’s choices. As for the division of society […]

Leslyn Lewis says her social conservatism means smaller government

Mar 21 2022 — Anthony Furey — A few things have changed since Leslyn Lewis ran for the federal Conservative leadership in 2020 with an unexpectedly strong campaign. While government spending, debt and hostility toward the West and Canada’s resources have only gotten worse, she says the Liberal government’s questionable use of the Emergencies Act, the undermining of democratic institutions and the […]

There’s no need to fear populism coming to Canada

Mar 6 2022 — Anthony Furey — The number of times someone has mentioned the name Jean Charest to me in the past decade, even if just in passing, is close to zero. The only time the former federal Progressive Conservative leader and Quebec Liberal Premier has really come up in conversation has been in the context of: “Omg, did you hear […]

Let’s hope the election distracts from Canada’s COVID mania

Aug 8 2021 — Anthony Furey — A year ago at this time, the biggest story in Canada was the WE charity scandal. The most dramatic parts of the controversy unfolded over a period of several weeks last summer, as the Kielburgers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testified before committee and Finance Minister Bill Morneau tendered his resignation from cabinet.