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The Ford government backed down — but where was the apology?

Apr 18 2021 — Anthony Furey — The outrage came fast and fierce on Friday when Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the latest round of restrictions that included closing playgrounds and recreational park space, banning people from socializing outdoors with non-family members, and giving the police the power to stop anyone to ask where they’re going. Criticism poured in from doctors, legal […]

ER doctor breaks down why more lockdowns aren’t the answer

Dec 20 2020 — Anthony Furey — As jurisdictions across the country ponder tighter restrictions, an ER doctor in the Greater Toronto Area is stepping forward to call for a more balanced approach. “The main message I want to get across is I want people to adhere to public health measures and try to do their part, but locking people up is […]

I used to be a COVID alarmist — then the facts changed my mind

Dec 6 2020 — Anthony Furey — Back in February, I wrote a column with the now-quaint headline: “Expect the coronavirus to bring ‘social distancing’ to Canada.” It’s hard to believe now, but that was one of the first times the phrase had appeared in Canadian news. And I was laughed at by some for suggesting back then that we may see […]

Make no mistake about it, Trudeau’s in charge

Aug 17 2020 — Anthony Furey — A popular refrain on social media during the first term of the Trudeau government was that the PM was little more than a puppet for Gerald Butts, who was then principal secretary to the PM. The taunts sometimes had different angles to them – some of them even roping George Soros into the mix, who […]

A mandatory vaccine in Canada would not go over well

Aug 9 2020 — Anthony Furey — Canada is currently weighing whether or not to make a COVID-19 vaccine in some way mandatory, according to Navdeep Bains, the Liberal government’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. Good luck getting everyone on board with that one. As if the various measures imposed upon Canadians hasn’t been contentious enough, imposing mandatory vaccines could easily […]

Looks like it’s time for a pro-Trump column

Jun 28 2020 — Anthony Furey — It was quite something to log in to Twitter last weekend during President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally, his first since the lockdowns came into effect. Both anonymous accounts and prominent journalists and public figures unleashed non-stop jabs at every aspect of the rally as if they were auditioning to be some low-rent MSNBC version of […]

Whatever happened to ‘we’re all in this together’?

Jun 21 2020 — Anthony Furey — There’s an impasse on Parliament Hill that serves as a good example of the broader tensions playing out across society right now. On Wednesday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh put forward a motion concerning the RCMP. It called for a review of their budget, their public accountability measures and their use of force policies. These reasonable […]

Kudos to those cops who are striking a balance

Jun 14 2020 — Anthony Furey — You probably haven’t heard that much about Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best on the news and across social media. Maybe that’s because she appears to be everything we need right now – a calm and level-headed officer, who is very much open to reform but also speaks out against violent looting and is not willing […]

Foreign takeovers study a good step for Canada’s China file

Jun 3 2020 — Anthony Furey — The stock market is down. Companies are available for cheap. Some pretty good companies. Some sensitive ones. Maybe middle-class people in Canada who have cash to spare will use this opportunity to make some purchases for their TFSAs or RRSPs. Or, maybe, the Chinese government will swoop in and gobble up these companies.