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Re-open Canada and let the individual decide

May 12 2020 — Anthony Furey — Remember a couple of weeks ago when the State of Georgia was re-opening and we were told the sky was going to fall? They were the first major jurisdiction to take the leap, re-opening many businesses on April 24 only a few weeks after first imposing their lockdown. The list of businesses included hair salons […]

The reopening will happen sooner if Canadians demand it

May 3 2020 — Anthony Furey — The now tiresome mantra that “we’re all in this together” can only take us so far. It’s true in the sense that we’re all abiding by some form of government mandated physical distancing, eager to beat back the virus. But where it falls apart is in how different people are experiencing the consequences differently. For […]

Don’t forget, Canadian officials first under-reacted to COVID-19

Mar 29 2020 — Anthony Furey — The past few days have seen ever-increasing and severe measures brought in to restrict Canadians’ fundamental liberties. For the most part, those measures have been received with widespread support because we understand what is at stake. That support will only last for so long though, especially if the measures get stricter and more difficult to […]

Our delicate civilization, hanging by a thread

Mar 1 2020 — Anthony Furey — The other day I was reminiscing with a fellow parent about the widespread blackout that shut down the power for several days in Ontario and New York back in 2003. We both agreed that back then it felt like a somewhat cool thing to be a part of, from our much younger perspectives. I remember […]

Marilyn Gladu says MacKay, O’Toole can’t grow Conservative Party

Feb 23 2020 — Anthony Furey — Marilyn Gladu is an unlikely candidate and she clearly doesn’t care. The fourth official leadership candidate, Gladu is a relative unknown in the race to replace outgoing leader Andrew Scheer but you wouldn’t have guessed it based on her confident performance at a recent Sun editorial board meeting in Toronto. In fact, the two-term MP […]

Coronavirus proves health officials must keep out of politics

Feb 1 2020 — Anthony Furey — Back in 2012, the chief medical officer of health for Ottawa voiced his support for some form of pop ban similar to what was being implemented in Manhattan at the time. It never came to pass but it still left locals scratching their heads. Why is controversial policy like this being pushed by a civil […]

Banning Huawei could be a national unity moment for Canada

Jan 4 2020 — Anthony Furey — There’s an eerie scene in the new documentary American Factory that needs to be watched by any Canadian who is still on the fence about the Huawei question. The 2019 film now available on Netflix — and executive produced by the Obamas — tells the story of what happens when a Chinese billionaire buys a […]

All the best to Justin Trudeau on his semi-retirement

Dec 16 2019 — Anthony Furey — What do you get for the Prime Minister who has everything? An all-expenses-paid trip to a billionaire’s island? Maybe some non-denominational December holiday socks? How about Al Jolson’s greatest hits on Blu-Ray? That said, gifts may not be required on this occasion. What we’re celebrating – Justin Trudeau’s latest career move – may be the […]

The Scheer leadership question? Excuse me while I yawn

Nov 30 2019 — Anthony Furey — Fine, you win media posse. I’ll write the “what to do about Andrew Scheer’s future” column. But here’s my main rule of engagement: Just like I only took a single puff of that cigarette back when it was pushed on me in the schoolyard – enough to get people off my back but not enough […]

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