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Liberal tax reform, fairness and doctors

Sep 11 2017 — Adam Goldenberg — The federal government has proposed to change Canada’s tax rules so that a small business owner will no longer be able to avoid paying personal income tax on “passive” investment income, that is, income that is sheltered inside her business. As it stands, self-employed Canadians who bill their customers through a corporation are entitled to […]

America’s ‘alt-right’ Constitution

Aug 31 2016 — Adam Goldenberg — On Wednesday, in Arizona, Donald Trump will deliver a speech about immigration. He has already all but abandoned his once-rock-ribbed insistence on expelling millions of illegal immigrants from the United States, hinting instead that those who have been law-abiding residents for decades might be allowed to stay. In this presidential election cycle, that qualifies as […]

Donald Trump tests the limits of partisanship

Jul 21 2016 — Adam Goldenberg — If you are watching this week’s Republican convention, then you probably fit into one of four categories. There are The Converted, for whom the prime-time carnival of conspiracy theories and racial antagonism is mother’s milk; The Concerned, who cringe at the populist ignorance on display and fear its spread; The Condescending, who scoff at gaffes […]

Parliament has the power to legalize marijuana, but the provinces could bogart its regulation.

Nov 18 2015 — Adam Goldenberg — Of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises, legalizing marijuana is unlikely to be an urgent priority. True, in the lead-up to last month’s election, Mr. Trudeau stated that a Liberal government would move to legalize and regulate marijuana “right away”. And, on March 15, 2015, he told a Vancouver radio station that his government would […]

The subtle Americanism of Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet

Nov 10 2015 — Adam Goldenberg — Should accomplished Canadians who aren’t career civil servants have to win seats in Parliament to serve in government? A doctor in Health. A soldier in Defence. A businessman in Finance. A scientist in Science. Much has been made of the diversity and gender parity of Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet. Yet, it is his ministers’ subject-matter expertise […]

If you’re for electoral reform, can you be against Elizabeth May?

Aug 17 2015 — Adam Goldenberg — By the time Canadians go to the polls on October 19th, the leaders of the four major federal parties will have faced each other in just one televised English-language debate. It happened on August 6th. Though the Greens hold two seats in Parliament and have nominated candidates across the country, Elizabeth May isn’t invited to […]

What Justin Trudeau didn’t say about the Clarity Act

Aug 12 2015 — Adam Goldenberg — The rulebook for a future Quebec referendum – specifically, the minimum margin by which the “Yes” side would have to win before the federal government negotiated secession – was a flashpoint in last week’s leaders’ debate. In this post, I review the Supreme Court of Canada’s 1998 decision in the Secession Reference and examine the […]

On Gaza, there are many reasons I’m angry

Aug 13 2014 — Adam Goldenberg — I’m angry about Gaza. Angry at Hamas scum who fire rockets at families. Angry at parents who ignore leaflets and text messages and let criminals turn their kids into human shields. Angry at journalists who call Jew-hating murderers “militants” and diplomats who urge Israel to negotiate with terrorists. The blood of Gaza’s children is on […]

How Hudak changed the conversation — and lost the argument

Jun 20 2014 — Adam Goldenberg — Tim Hudak thought he’d learned from Dalton McGuinty. The former Ontario premier won three elections in part by portraying himself as a straight shooter — a nice guy who’d tell the rest of us what we needed to hear, even when we didn’t want to hear it. Where McGuinty had campaigned against NIMBY-ism to defend […]

Trudeau’s pro-choice decree is democratic, not dictatorial

May 29 2014 — Adam Goldenberg — Call it Justin Trudeau’s butterfly effect. His lips flutter, and a tidal wave of faux outrage follows. To demonstrate, here’s Christian Riesbeck, the Roman Catholic bishop of Ottawa: “That is scandalous,” he said of Justin Trudeau’s decision to require Liberal candidates to back the party’s pro-choice position on reproductive rights. To make things right, the […]

Why Jews should oppose a Christian law school

May 16 2014 — Adam Goldenberg — There I stood, 13 and terrified. At Beth Torah Congregation in Toronto, on a bimah that my grandfather had literally helped to build, I was chanting from a Torah scroll that his father had saved from their synagogue in eastern Poland and smuggled through the war – the same parchment from which my father, uncles […]

Three things that weren’t in Justin Trudeau’s speech

Feb 23 2014 — Adam Goldenberg — Hype is Justin Trudeau’s blessing and his curse. His popularity seems to float on a rising tide of expectations. Accordingly, his Saturday speech to the Liberal Party’s convention in Montreal had been comically overanalyzed long before it began; even if, as some have suggested, this was Mr. Trudeau’s “biggest” or “most important” or “most crucial” […]

Don’t create ghettoes — for gays or Christians

Dec 27 2013 — Adam Goldenberg — Would B.C. Premier Christy Clark approve a proposed law school that banned interracial sex? Given her government’s recent approval of Trinity Western University’s proposed law school this month, some observers might conclude that her government might do such a thing. Trinity Western is a Christian institution in Langley, B.C. It is not a racist institution. […]

Trudeau is Layton’s successor in ‘positive’ politics

Nov 28 2013 — Adam Goldenberg — Justin Trudeau should never quote Jack Layton again. He doesn’t need to. He can win in 2015 the way Mr. Layton nearly did in 2011: by convincing voters that he’s running a positive campaign, even when he isn’t. If Mr. Trudeau was wrong to quote his party’s dead adversary, then it’s not because it’s unfair […]