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Explicit threat against Trudeau and an arsenal of loaded guns make Rideau Hall attack look like assassination attempt

Jul 6 2020 — Adrian Humphreys — Court documents outlining allegations against Corey Barclay Hurren, arrested after a truck was crashed through the gates of Rideau Hall, suggest the attack may well have been an assassination attempt, featuring a direct threat against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and four loaded guns — a handgun, a semi-automatic rifle and two shotguns. Two of the […]

Anne Kingston, passionate writer who skewered modern culture and highlighted violence against women has died

Feb 13 2020 — Adrian Humphreys — Anne Kingston, book author, magazine writer and former columnist at the National Post who skewered modern culture, dissected human relationships and wrote passionately about the gender divide, has died. Born and raised in Toronto, she was diagnosed in December with an aggressive cancer. She died on Wednesday in a Toronto hospital. She was 62. Kingston […]

Man fired from PBS for saying Meghan Markle is ‘not bad.’ The woman who complained had called Trudeau ‘hot’

Nov 1 2018 — Adrian Humphreys — A news writer with PBS who was fired for expressing admiration of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, complains of a double standard because his female coworkers were heard saying Justin Trudeau was “hot” without similar consequences. The unexpected Canadian content appears in a civil lawsuit filed in New York by Hugh Heckman, alleging wrongful […]

Pace of Canadian air strikes against ISIL picks up despite Trudeau’s vow to end mission

Nov 9 2015 — Adrian Humphreys — The pace of Canada’s aerial bombardments against ISIL has picked up since Justin Trudeau became prime minister, a curious scenario given his campaign pledge to withdraw from the U.S.-led mission in Iraq and Syria. Since Trudeau’s swearing-in five days ago on Nov. 4, Canada’s CF-18 jets conducted five air strikes, hitting seven targets identified as […]

Defence minister says he warned against 2006 Afghan mission that left four Canadians dead in Taliban ambush

Nov 9 2015 — Adrian Humphreys — Canada’s new minister of national defence said he warned NATO command against a fateful 2006 Afghanistan mission that sent Canadian soldiers into an ambush where four were killed, but alliance officials ignored his warning. Harjit Sajjan, who served in Afghanistan before being named to cabinet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week, also criticizes coalition […]

Anonymous leaks another high-level federal document as part of vendetta against government

Sep 25 2015 — Adrian Humphreys — As part of their vendetta against the Canadian government, hackers with Anonymous have leaked another high-level federal document — about the redevelopment of Canada’s key diplomatic centres in Britain — that the National Post has confirmed is an authentic and official confidential document. This is the second document leaked by a cell of the shadowy […]

Anonymous threatens to release text messages from John Baird that allegedly reveal ‘real reason’ he left politics

Jul 29 2015 — Adrian Humphreys — Hackers with Anonymous — who last week leaked a seemingly legitimate secret document on cyber-security at Canada’s spy agency — threatened Wednesday to release decrypted text messages from former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird allegedly showing the “real reason” why he abruptly left politics. The warning was made in social media from an account the […]

Anonymous releases hacked CSIS document after member’s death, threaten to leak ‘stunning secrets’

Jul 28 2015 — Adrian Humphreys — Secrets about the foreign activities of Canada’s spy agency — including the size of its network of foreign stations, the volume of sensitive communications they handle and their deeply antiquated system of information sharing — are revealed in what is purported to be a sensitive government document hacked by Anonymous and released Monday in a […]

Canada ‘shameful’ for denying asylum to alleged Anonymous hacker Matt DeHart: WikiLeaks founder

Mar 3 2015 — Adrian Humphreys — While Matt DeHart appeared briefly inside a Buffalo courtroom after his deportation from Canada where he had sought political asylum, outside, a prominent international whistleblower support group hailed him for his courage. Mr. DeHart, 30, was turned over to U.S. authorities by Canada Border Services Agency on Sunday and on Monday he was named the […]

‘Comedy of errors’ lets woman become Canadian citizen despite abysmal results on citizenship tests

Nov 21 2014 — Adrian Humphreys — A would-be Canadian who received a grade of zero out of six on her citizenship language test and four out of 20 on the test’s knowledge component was nonetheless granted a Canadian citizenship certificate. A “series of administrative errors” put Haheen Afzal — despite her abysmal results on the tests — before a citizenship judge […]