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Let’s retire the ‘abortion debate’

Sep 16 2019 — Anne Kingston — During the first leaders’ debate (minus Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) last week, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh went on the offensive against Green leader Elizabeth May with a salvo intended to sting. Singh noted four areas where his party and the Greens differ, including the NDP having “a solid position, unlike the Greens, on a woman’s […]

What Elizabeth May had to do at the debate was less than she did

Sep 13 2019 — Anne Kingston — A foreshadowing of the tone Elizabeth May brought to Thursday night’s leaders debate in Toronto was evident a few hours before the sparring began. The Green Party of Canada leader called out Justin Trudeau on Twitter for being a no-show in the debate hosted by Maclean’s and Citytv, the first of this election cycle: “In […]

Justin Trudeau’s ‘Just watch me!’ moment

Aug 16 2019 — Anne Kingston — Justin Trudeau doesn’t apologize, at least for non-historical transgressions. His non-apology apologies tend to follow a formula: to assert his behaviour was “appropriate” and unimpeachable, to suggest “people can experience interactions differently” (and that his interpretation of the experience is the correct one), and then to wrap it all into a “teachable” moment.

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott on the power of one

May 27 2019 — Anne Kingston — In announcements as carefully choreographed as a Busby Berkeley musical, former Liberal cabinet ministers Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott cleaved to the “doing politics differently” mantra that initially drew them to the partisan arena. Wilson-Raybould spoke at Marpole Neighbourhood House in the Vancouver Granville riding at 12 EST on Monday, Philpott at Reesor’s Farm Market […]

Anne McLellan’s appointment: one more bumbling bid to bury SNC-Lavalin

Mar 22 2019 — Anne Kingston — This week’s appointment of former Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan as a “special advisor” to the Prime Minister continues the government’s bumbling campaign to wrest control of the SNC-Lavalin narrative so they can bury it six-feet under. Here, it appears, the goal is to magically switch the SNC-Lavalin conversation from discussion of political interference in […]

Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould, before the fall

Mar 7 2019 — Anne Kingston — Joy. Gratitude. Surprise. Even disbelief. Jody Wilson-Raybould’s face communicates multitudes in this Oct. 29, 2015 photograph taken by Justin Trudeau’s omnipresent photographer Adam Scotti. It’s part of #first100days, a curated collection of hope-filled imagery capturing a new government in transition. In the background, the architects: Trudeau’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, and principal secretary, Gerald […]

Justin Trudeau’s sorry apology

Mar 7 2019 — Anne Kingston — Justin Trudeau dropped by the National Press Gallery on Thursday morning to issue a non-apology apology before planning to fly to Iqaluit where he’d express regret for government mistreatment of Inuit during TB epidemics between the 1940s and ’60s. Canada’s prime minister is a champion of issuing fulsome apologies when they are formal and historical […]

How many times did Jody Wilson-Raybould need to say ‘No’?

Feb 24 2019 — Anne Kingston — Since its outset, l’affair SNL-Lavalin has been framed as a “he said, she said.” More accurately, the messy scandal arising from allegations that the PMO pressured then-justice minister and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to give a prosecutorial break to the powerful Quebec company has been a “he, he, he-said,” while “she” consults with her lawyer […]

Jody Wilson-Raybould fallout detonates Real Change™ brand

Feb 10 2019 — Anne Kingston — There may or may not be a commission of inquiry into the grave allegation that PMO officials put heavy pressure on Jody Wilson-Raybould when she was Justice Minister and Attorney General to help Quebec-based SNC-Lavalin secure deferred prosecution; then, when she refused, she was demoted to Veterans Affairs. We don’t know. There may or may […]

How Canada’s growing anti-abortion movement plans to swing the next federal election

Sep 12 2018 — Anne Kingston — When Doug Ford, newly minted as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, took the stage at the party’s leadership convention last March, he conspicuously thanked one person standing behind him: Tanya Granic Allen, an outspoken social conservative and leadership hopeful. Ford spoke of his intent “to return our province to where it belongs” […]

Can white male CEOs bring diversity to corporate Canada?

Nov 23 2017 — Anne Kingston — On Wednesday, Deloitte Canada issued “Outcomes over optics: Building inclusive organizations,” a report that implores Canadian business leaders to take a “more courageous” stance to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. The subject is perennially timely; representation of women and visible minorities has increased in past decades in corporate Canada yet remains low while inequities persist. […]

Inside the progressive think tank that really runs Canada

Oct 13 2017 — Anne Kingston — How a small think tank called Canada 2020 gave rise to Justin Trudeau and became the country’s new nexus of power. In late September, Barack Obama spoke in Toronto at a brilliantly produced event offering the perfect forum for his uplifting “Yes, we still can” message. The occasion also provided a triumphant, brand-burnishing moment for […]