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How Canada’s growing anti-abortion movement plans to swing the next federal election

Sep 12 2018 — Anne Kingston — When Doug Ford, newly minted as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, took the stage at the party’s leadership convention last March, he conspicuously thanked one person standing behind him: Tanya Granic Allen, an outspoken social conservative and leadership hopeful. Ford spoke of his intent “to return our province to where it belongs” […]

Can white male CEOs bring diversity to corporate Canada?

Nov 23 2017 — Anne Kingston — On Wednesday, Deloitte Canada issued “Outcomes over optics: Building inclusive organizations,” a report that implores Canadian business leaders to take a “more courageous” stance to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. The subject is perennially timely; representation of women and visible minorities has increased in past decades in corporate Canada yet remains low while inequities persist. […]

Inside the progressive think tank that really runs Canada

Oct 13 2017 — Anne Kingston — How a small think tank called Canada 2020 gave rise to Justin Trudeau and became the country’s new nexus of power. In late September, Barack Obama spoke in Toronto at a brilliantly produced event offering the perfect forum for his uplifting “Yes, we still can” message. The occasion also provided a triumphant, brand-burnishing moment for […]

Women in the real world, not Angelina Jolie, give meaning to summits

Sep 12 2017 — Anne Kingston — On the 16th anniversary of 9/11, Tina Brown brought her highly successful, corporate-branded, feminist Coachella—“The Women in the World Summit”—to Toronto for a day-long event. The former Vanity Fair and New Yorker editor always rustles up marquee names, and did so Monday, with a list that included Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Angelina […]

Darshan Kang and the arithmetic of sexual assault

Sep 2 2017 — Anne Kingston — On Thursday night, we were provided with an instructive glimpse into the arithmetic of sexual violence when Liberal MP Darshan Kang resigned from caucus. Kang stepped down 21 days after the Hill Times revealed on Aug. 11 that the Calgary Skyview MP was under House of Commons investigation for sexual harassment; an unnamed female staffer […]

Is the Trump-Trudeau women’s council real or fake?

Apr 22 2017 — Anne Kingston — In February, the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders—let’s call it CUSCFAOWEABL for short—was launched amid much fanfare during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House. Ten CEOs and business leaders—five from the US, five from the Canada—gathered in the Cabinet Room to […]

The most chilling image from the Trudeau-Trump visit

Feb 16 2017 — Anne Kingston — In Ivanka Trump’s Instagram photo, both she and the PM are hapless props. Of all the imagery that emerged from the Trump-Trudeau showdown, a photo that showed up on Ivanka Trump’s Instagram feed is the most haunting. In it, she’s seated at the desk of the president of the United States in the Oval Office. […]

Justin Trudeau’s listening tour reveals more than expected

Jan 13 2017 — Anne Kingston — Before Justin Trudeau’s transparency blow-up, the first day of his taxpayer-funded, cross-country transparency tour was going swimmingly—for the most part. Sure, the exercise is a photo-op. Perhaps, as alleged, it’s an opportunity to cultivate Liberal party donors. Yet if attention can possibly remain on those Canadians who don’t otherwise have public voice being given opportunity […]

Justin Trudeau is just not that into you

Dec 7 2016 — Anne Kingston — The farce and how Canada’s boyfriend suddenly lost interest in us. This week, the federal government channelled Cosmopolitan with the launch of Instead of a “What’s your sex style?” quiz, however, Canadians got to determine their “democracy style”—whether they’re “innovators,” “co-operators,” “pragmatists,” “challengers” or “guardians,” each described like a horoscope, but with less […]

How Kellie Leitch touched off a culture war

Sep 23 2016 — Anne Kingston — Kellie Leitch sits in a midtown Toronto restaurant on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, sipping water: crisp, poised and ready. The Simcoe–Grey MP and pediatric orthopedic surgeon, a contender for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, is eager to talk about values she shares with her fellow Canadians, a topic that has catapulted her […]

What Sophie Grégoire Trudeau says about feminism and politics

Jun 3 2016 — Anne Kingston — As anyone who follows geopolitical developments is aware, Justin Trudeau celebrated his 11th wedding anniversary three days early last week, taking a day off in Japan from his first G7 summit. He was leading by example, he said: “This is the kind of work-life balance that I’ve often talked about as being essential in order […]

Really, Mr. Trudeau? Push-ups?!

May 4 2016 — Anne Kingston — Justin Trudeau’s showy one-armed push-up this week was surely enough to make even the most steadfast admirers of his abdominal tone hold up a white flag of surrender. A video designed to go viral showed the PM join in, and try to trump, a faux-competitive Twitter war between the Obamas and Kensington Palace to promote […]

Sophie Gregoire-What? It may be 2015, but not for political wives

Nov 27 2015 — Anne Kingston — How Teskey became Harper, Gregoire acquired a hyphenated add-on, and the strange case of surname morph in Canadian politics. “Because it’s 2015,” Canadian women have multiple choices when it comes to their post-marital surnames. They can keep the one they were born with—Quebec law since 1981 requires they do or go through a hassle to […]

Vanishing Canada: Why we’re all losers in Ottawa’s war on data

Sep 18 2015 — Anne Kingston — When told that his small Prairie town had, in profound ways, fallen off the statistical map of Canada, Walter Streelasky, mayor of Melville, Sask., is incredulous. Streelasky had no idea Melville had been rendered a “statistical ghost town” after the mandatory long-form census was cut in 2010, and fewer than 50 per cent of Melville’s […]