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Four major changes coming to Canadian farming gradually

Mar 18 2019 — Alex Binkley — Farming will be a much different occupation 25 years from now.   Ottawa—While the farm of the future will look considerably different than today’s typical operation, there will be one constant over the years, says Howard Mains, the head of Tactix Consulting. Consumers will demand to know more and more about their food and farmers […]

Prove it Canada says to China over contaminated canola concerns

Mar 13 2019 — Alex Binkley — CFIA found no evidence of pests or bacteria of concern in Canadian canola.   Ottawa—Canada has told China to prove its claims of contaminated Canadian canola because an investigation by Canadian officials found neither pests nor bacteria of concern in the oilseed shipped by Richardson International. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said the Canadian Food Inspection […]

CTA seeking more data on Vancouver rail congestion

Mar 12 2019 — Alex Binkley — Congestion problems peaked through the fall.   Ottawa—The Canadian Transportation Agency is asking the railways, primarily CN, for more information on congestion and service problems in the Vancouver area last fall that prompted complaints by shipper groups. The CTA asked CN seven questions and CP two and invited shippers who participated in the first phase […]

Relief for farmers under federal fuel tax plan falls short

Mar 11 2019 — Alex Binkley — The agriculture sector could become part of the climate change solution.   OTTAWA—Frustration with the federal government’s failure to deal with the agrifood sector’s complaints about the impact of the carbon tax on their operations flared up among delegates to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture annual general meeting. A long winded presentation by Environment Canada […]

New federal agriculture minister is an unknown to the industry

Mar 5 2019 — Alex Binkley — Agrifood groups have a long list of action items for Marie-Claude Bibeau. Ottawa—In recent months, national agrifood organizations began taking a two pronged approach to advancing their interests with the federal government adopting a short term plan leading up to the October election and a long term one for after the vote. The surprise shuffle […]

New transport regulations come up short, livestock groups say

Feb 26 2019 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa—New federal livestock transportation regulations are disappointing when it comes to the best outcome for animals and poultry being shipped, agrifood groups say. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association said in a statement the Canadian Food Inspection Agency should have waited for the completion of research funded in part by Agriculture Canada on best practices to ensure […]

Poultry farmers taking a serious hit from trade agreements

Feb 19 2019 — Alex Binkley — The federal government has to take a bigger picture view of helping them to adjust.   Ottawa—Chicken, turkey and egg producers will take a serious hit in the coming years from increased imports allowed under free trade deals and they want the federal government to take big picture view of helping them to adapt. That […]

Rollout of farm and rural mental programs coming this year

Feb 4 2019 — Alex Binkley — 4-H, Farm Management Canada and Farm Credit trying to raise awareness.   Ottawa – Rural Canada will see the rollout this year of several programs to raise awareness of mental health issues, the Commons agriculture committee has been told. 4-H Canada will launch a healthy living initiative in three phases to support the mental and […]

Some positive signs on fixing agrifood worker shortage issue

Jan 31 2019 — Alex Binkley — Until the program is working, it will be hard to assess its usefulness, experts say.   Ottawa–– A new federal program to attract foreign workers to rural and northern communities might be a start in solving the chronic worker shortage that affects farms and food processors across the country, says the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. CFA […]

WTO reform initiative moving forward

Jan 29 2019 — Alex Binkley — Four areas of possible reform launched.   Ottawa— The 13 partners in a Canadian led initiative to modernize the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) have agreed to seek more members and launch discussions on four specific areas of reform. Known as the Ottawa Group, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the European Union, Japan, Kenya, […]