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Grain a great cargo when the Seaway can get it

Oct 18 2021 — Alex Binkley — Grain represented one-third of Seaway traffic in 2020. Ottawa—While rising grain shipments were a boon to the St. Lawrence Seaway during 2020 and the first half of 2021, their decline this fall and next year because of drought in Canada and the U.S. will dampen the waterway’s short-term traffic prospects. An analysis of the Seaway’s […]

Farmers have gained public respect during the pandemic

Oct 14 2021 — Alex Binkley — Low public appreciation of how much advanced technology used in agriculture.   Ottawa– Nearly two-thirds of Canadians say they have gained more appreciation for the country’s farmers during the pandemic, particularly in the area of domestic food security, says a new survey. It was conducted by Angus Reid for the Climate Corporation and found three […]

Feeding a growing global population will be a challenge with climate change

Oct 13 2021 — Alex Binkley — Canada should push for sustainability and more open trade.   Ottawa—Canada needs a program to sustainably increase agriculture production for a growing global population while tackling international obstacles to food exports, says John Weekes, a veteran trade negotiator. Climate change is exacting an increasing toll on food production around the world and the government “should […]

Trucking industry needs more workers

Oct 12 2021 — Alex Binkley — The pandemic has exposed its weaknesses.   Ottawa—Worker shortages are well-documented challenge throughout the Canadian economy including the trucking industry that needs almost 20,000 more drivers required to keep goods flowing, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) says. The shortage predates the pandemic but has worsened during the last year and a half, the CTA says, […]

Federal government signals change of attitude in fertilizer fight

Oct 7 2021 — Alex Binkley — Agriculture Canada says goal is reduced fertilizer emissions not usage reduction.   Ottawa-The federal government may be in a listening mood in a dispute with farm organizations over how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizers used to promote crop growth. A simmering dispute between farm groups and Environment Canada mushroomed following the release of […]

Independent analysis shows shocking impact of proposed federal fertilizer reduction rules

Sep 29 2021 — Alex Binkley — Pre-election battle with the Trudeau government poised to resume. Ottawa—Armed with an independent study that backs its claims, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) is restarting its battle against farm fertilizer reduction rules Environment Canada mooted earlier this year. An analysis by the accounting firm Meyers Norris Penny looked at the impact of the […]

Refining the message for cabinet ministers is important for agrifood groups

Sep 28 2021 — Alex Binkley — A collaborative approach by farm groups will be more effective.   Ottawa—The prelude before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveils his next cabinet was a good opportunity to remind agrifood groups about how to deliver their messages to federal ministers. Andy Mitchell, a former Liberal agriculture minister and now mayor of Selwyn Township in eastern Ontario, […]

Sustainable agriculture planning vital for the future

Sep 27 2021 — Alex Binkley — Canadian groups set out their ambitions for the UN Food Summit.   Ottawa—A cross section of the Canadian agrifood sector has joined together in a statement calling the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) a critical dialogue for ensuring the future of sustainable food systems and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The 13 […]

Aid and feed for Northwestern Ontario farmers is progressing

Sep 16 2021 — Alex Binkley — AgriRecovery work still underway.   Ottawa—Hay has reached farmers in Northwestern Ontario from other regions of the province and more is on its way, says Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO). BFO is administering the $800,000 Northwestern Livestock Emergency Assistance Initiative announced earlier this year by the provincial government to help producers in the drought-stricken part […]

Mushrooms Canada makes its case for more foreign farms workers

Sep 15 2021 — Alex Binkley — Government has failed to fully address the issue.   Ottawa—Agriculture needs workers more than ever but has received little government help to fix the problem, says Ryan Koeslag, Executive Vice President, Mushrooms Canada (CMGA). Back in 2019, Mushrooms Canada asked the federal government to give people who came to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker […]

Climate change coping strategies need to be shared

Sep 13 2021 — Alex Binkley — Rapid sharing of new farm practices need to be shared internationally.   Ottawa—Strategies developed in one country to help farmers cope with the impact of climate change on their operations need to be shared with other nations, says The Wheat Initiative (WI), which was formed in 2011 by the G20 agriculture ministers. Peter Langridge, chair […]