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Agriculture needs to adopt cybersecurity measures to protect its hi-tech infrastructure

Apr 16 2021 — Alex Binkley — Cybersecurity has to be seen as a risk management tool.   Ottawa—The federal government has provided more than $529,000 over four years to a project aimed at raising awareness of the need for the agriculture sector to adopt cybersecurity measures to protect its investment in hi-tech equipment and services. The Community Safety Knowledge Alliance is […]

Food processors lack 10 per cent of the work force they need

Apr 13 2021 — Alex Binkley — Recovery plan presented to the federal government.   Ottawa—The 8,000 food and beverage manufacturers across Canada have a chronic shortage of workers and they’re looking to the federal government to help fix it. In a National Workforce and Recovery Action Plan, Food and Beverage Canada (FBC) says the situation is critical and outlines what is […]

Put agrifood at centre of economic recovery, CAFTA says

Apr 12 2021 — Alex Binkley — Government needs to make sure trade deals are working well. Ottawa—The agrifood sector can power the recovery of Canada’s economy from the pandemic if the federal government will focus on making trade work better, says the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA). It has released a series of proposals to ensure a strong as possible recovery […]

Dairy and poultry processors looking to budget for compensation

Apr 8 2021 — Alex Binkley — Promises have been made but no action yet despite impact of trade deals.   Ottawa—Dairy and poultry processors are hoping the April 19 federal budget will finally produce action on long-promised federal compensation for lost market share due to international free trade deals. They say the European, Pacific and North American trade agreements handed 10 […]

Health Canada proposes new guidance on plant gene editing rules

Apr 6 2021 — Alex Binkley — Deadline for submissions is May 24.   Ottawa—Health Canada is seeking feedback on two pieces of guidance for plant breeding regulations to ensure its gene editing rules open the gate to new market-ready products. The guidance covers proposed changes to the interpretation of the federal Food and Drug Regulations on what constitutes a novel food […]

Grain groups urge famers to support plant breeding innovation

Mar 31 2021 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa—Health Canada has launched a public consultation on two new pieces of guidance it is proposing for its plant breeding and novel food regulations and farmers are being urged to get involved in the process. The guidance is intended to provide “greater clarity, predictability and transparency regarding the regulation of novel foods derived from plants, […]

The Commons environment will study how well Ottawa protects freshwater

Mar 30 2021 — Alex Binkley — The federal government already has consultations underway on a Canadian Water Agency.   Ottawa—The Commons environment committee has agreed to conduct a comprehensive study of the role of the federal government in protecting and managing the country’s freshwater resources. “Freshwater security is vital for the health of Canadians, for the environment, and for our economy,” […]

Free trade deal with Europe isn’t working for the agrifood sector

Mar 25 2021 — Alex Binkley — Canada needs to convince the EU to tackle non-tariff trade barriers.   Ottawa—The opportunities the free trade deal with the European Union was to deliver haven’t born fruit for the agrifood sector because of numerous national non-tariff barriers in Europe, says the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA). It wants the Joint Committee that oversees the […]

Regional food supply chains are drawing a lot of attention

Mar 23 2021 — Alex Binkley — Bibeau says her department is looking at what can be done.   Ottawa—The pandemic has generated a lot of discussions about local food supply chains and Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is consulting with the provinces and industry on what can be done to strengthen them. The heightened public interest in the topic has made it […]

Canada ratifying trade continuity agreement with the UK

Mar 22 2021 — Alex Binkley — Work on a permanent agreement is next.   Ottawa—Canada has ratified a trade continuity agreement with the United Kingdom following approval of legislation by Parliament and it should be in effect by April 1, says International Trade Minister Mary Ng. The agreement became necessary because of the UK’s exit from the European Union and “will […]

Canadian food companies must keep up in global development race

Mar 19 2021 — Alex Binkley — Automation important to the future of food and beverage companies.   Ottawa—Canada’s food and beverage companies must enhance their manufacturing capacity or be left behind in a global competitiveness race, says Glenn Fraser, National Leader of the Food and Beverage Processing Practice of the accounting firm MNP. Keeping up has never been more critical, Fraser […]