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Pesticide regulation in Canada needs to evolve not be transformed

Sep 21 2022 — Alex Binkley — Government needs to consult more about impact of pesticide rule changes. Ottawa-The pesticide-approval procedures of the federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) need to evolve rather than be totally transformed into a system out of touch with reality, says CropLife Canada. Canada has a robust pesticide regulatory system that is considered internationally as a gold […]

Food sales growth slowing but will remain healthy

Sep 20 2022 — Alex Binkley — Manufacturers face headwinds going into 2023. Ottawa–Food and beverage processors are coping with challenges but should remain profitable through the rest of 2022 with annual sales growth in the nine per cent range, says Farm Credit Canada in its mid-year report on the sector. Sales growth was stronger at the start of the year but […]

Soil health should matter to all Canadians

Sep 7 2022 — Alex Binkley — Protecting soil vital to feeding the world. Ottawa—All Canadians needs to understand the importance of good soil health to their well-being and how food-producing soil is at risk of degradation, says Senator Rob Black. Black, chair of the Senate agriculture committee, which will hold hearings this fall as part of its study on soil health, […]

Farmers struggling with higher costs just like consumers

Sep 6 2022 — Alex Binkley — Consumers need to understand cost increases facing farmers. Ottawa—Consumers struggling with higher food costs need to understand growing that food has become a lot more costly for farmers, says the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA). Costs have risen for farmers during the last few years with sharp increases in 2021 and 2022 such as a […]

Ontario needs to protect farmland from speculators

Aug 31 2022 — Alex Binkley — Farmers face being forced out of business, NFU-O says.   Ottawa—Ontario should follow the lead of Alberta and Quebec, which are considering laws to prevent farmland from being taken over by private investment funds and pension plans, says the National Farmers Union – Ontario (NFU-O). The Ontario government should immediately present, debate, and pass similar […]

Pork sector welcomes federal ASF measures

Aug 30 2022 — Alex Binkley — Goal is to step up efforts to keep the hog disease out of the country.   Ottawa—The federal government has announced three measures to help keep African Swine Fever (ASF) out of the country and assist the pork sector in dealing with a discovery of the disease in case it happens. Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau […]

Climate change will force change to farm support programs

Aug 23 2022 — Alex Binkley — Some areas could benefit from warmer temperatures.   Ottawa—Crop insurance programs may not be able to support farmers through the changing weather patterns climate change will bring and the agrifood sector needs to consider how to adapt to rising temperatures and disrupted rainfall patterns, says a report from Natural Resources Canada. Canada in a Changing […]

Launch of federal consultation on farm fertilizer use highlights concerns

Aug 10 2022 — Alex Binkley — The 4-R Nutrient Stewardship Program officially recognized.   Ottawa-Farm and business groups are concerned that an Agriculture Canada consultation could become an exercise in justifying reduced fertilizer use to lower greenhouse gas emissions without considering the consequences. In 2020, the government said it wanted greenhouse gas emissions from nitrogen fertilizer reduced by 30 per cent […]

The agrifood sector needs a real partnership spirit, says CAPI

Aug 9 2022 — Alex Binkley — Working together would produce better results.   Ottawa—The agrifood sector needs more short-term action to get through all its current tough spots along with significant long-term thinking to shape its future, says Tyler McCann, Managing Director of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI). A good example of long-term thinking is the national agriculture labour strategy […]

Grain Farmers of Ontario says new federal-provincial farm program lacks balance

Aug 8 2022 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa—The Sustainable Canadian Agriculture Partnership (SCAP) struck by the federal and provincial agriculture ministers last month needs to be tracked closely until all the details are worked out, says Brendan Byrne, Chair of Grain Farmers of Ontario. While the five-year agreement, due to start at the end of March, provides a framework for funding farm […]