National Newswatch

What’s old in Ottawa is new again and this time with its own cabinet minister

Jan 15 2019 — Alex Binkley — Rural development minister linked to innovation not agriculture department.   Ottawa—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed Nova Scotia MP Bernadette Jordan as Minister of Rural Economic Development but linked her to the Innovation Department. Her role will be to oversee the creation of a rural development strategy to spur economic growth, bring high-speed internet to […]

Strong agriculture potential exists in First Nations communities

Jan 2 2019 — Alex Binkley — Lots of young people but also plenty of constraints hinder youth going into farming.   Ottawa—There is a lot of agriculture potential in First Nations communities across the country that needs encouragement and support to blossom, says Jamie Hall, General Manager of the Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario. Despite deep roots in food production, native […]

Anti-GM food groups warn against new U.S. label even though no sign Canada intends to copy it

Dec 24 2018 — Alex Binkley — Farm groups want food labels to remain focused on risks to health.   Ottawa—New U.S. rules for labelling genetically-modified foods has stirred up anti-GM groups in Canada to call for warning labels on domestic products although Parliament voted strongly against the idea two years ago. The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) said the new U.S. […]

Federal promise for regulatory reform is first step on a long road

Dec 18 2018 — Alex Binkley — Many will be watching for signs Ottawa actually tackling the regulatory burden.   Ottawa—The federal government is making promising statements about seriously tackling the burden of regulations the country’s businesses face as they attempt to improve their international competitiveness. In many cases, it comes down to I’ll believe it when I see it. Treasury Board […]

Ron Bonnett won’t run for re-election as CFA president

Dec 13 2018 — Alex Binkley — Ottawa—Ron Bonnett won’t be running for re-election as president when the Canadian Federation of Agricultue holds its annual meeting in February but he intends to remain involved in a mentoring role for future farm leaders. “I never wanted to stay in the job too long,” he said in an interview. His experience in the CFA, […]

The federal government needs to insulate agriculture from its carbon pricing scheme, Senate report says

Dec 12 2018 — Alex Binkley — Consumers as well as producers will suffer, Senate report says.   Ottawa—Agriculture and forestry have worked hard to reduce their carbon footprint and shouldn’t be forced to pay a second time with the introduction of the federal carbon pricing plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says a report by the Senate agriculture committee. While the […]

Vets will have online access to the latest information for treating sick animals

Dec 11 2018 — Alex Binkley — System should help producers meet new federal rules on antimicrobial use in animals.   Ottawa—Livestock owners should receive better outcomes working with their vets in treating sick animals under an information system developed by the the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). The system was launched to coincide with the Dec. 1 start of new federal […]

Meat Council rebukes anti-meat tone of Canada Food Report

Dec 10 2018 — Alex Binkley — Meat consumption is at levels not seen since the 1980s, it says.   OTTAWA – The Canadian Meat Council (CMC) says meat consumption remains strong in Canada despite claims in the Canada Food Report 2019 that Canadians are moving to plant-based food alternatives. The beef demand index showed a decrease of just 2 per cent […]