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Liberal House Leader pushes back at criticisms that throne speech ignored Western Canada

Dec 8 2019 — Amanda Connolly — Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez is rejecting criticisms that last week’s throne speech ignored the problems facing Alberta and Saskatchewan because it included no reference to their names. In an interview with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson, Rodriguez said suggestions that the Liberals weren’t paying attention to the western provinces in the speech last week, […]

Tory frustration with Scheer ‘not just an elephant in the room’: former Harper campaign boss

Dec 1 2019 — Amanda Connolly — Frustration about Andrew Scheer’s continued Conservative leadership is sucking up all the oxygen from every other topic the party should be examining, and he needs to be replaced for that reason, a former top Tory says. In an interview with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson, Jenni Byrne, former campaign director for Stephen Harper, said there’s […]

UN Security Council members had ‘vested interest’ in blocking Khashoggi probe: Canadian official

Nov 27 2019 — Amanda Connolly — In the weeks following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Canadian officials were looking at options to pursue an international investigation of the matter. But at least one determined that “most, if not all” members of the UN Security Council, which includes allies, appeared to have a “vested interest” in making sure no such probe took […]

Kenney defends Scheer’s refusal to answer whether he thinks being gay is a ‘sin’

Nov 10 2019 — Amanda Connolly — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is defending Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s refusal to answer whether he believes being gay is a “sin.” In an interview with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson, Kenney was asked about Scheer’s refusal to answer when a reporter put that question to him last week, following Scheer’s first caucus meeting with new […]

Goodale reflects on his loss and the ‘economic uncertainty’ driving anxiety in the West

Nov 7 2019 — Amanda Connolly — Veteran Liberal cabinet minister Ralph Goodale says the government has a big challenge ahead tackling climate change while also addressing the alienation resonating in Western Canada. Goodale spoke to reporters Thursday ahead of the first Liberal caucus meeting since the election last month in which he lost his Regina-Wascana seat to a Conservative challenger.

Scheer’s TVA French debate performance was death blow for Tories in Quebec: former candidate

Nov 3 2019 — Amanda Connolly — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s performance in the TVA French campaign debate was the death blow for his party’s electoral hopes, one failed Quebec candidate and former provincial political organizer suggests. In an interview with the West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson about why Scheer failed to win over voters in Quebec — and whether he now needs […]