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Scheer’s message lost in fog of war

Dec 14 2019 — Andre Marin — Imagine being a Conservative donor and realizing that your hard-earned money to get the party elected had been used by Party leader Andrew Scheer to send his kids to private school? It’s not clear yet whether it was approved through normal channels or not. It’s almost worse if it was approved. Was there no adult […]

Time to put Parliament on right path

Oct 27 2019 — Andre Marin — The weirdest election I can recall is behind us, dominated by gotcha moments and other political shenanigans. Now it’s time for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to deal with the two most pressing issues facing the nation. First, he needs to move fast to unify the country. Ironically, Trudeau was the author of his own misfortune, […]

24 Sussex Drive a money pit worth saving

Jul 28 2019 — Andre Marin — It’s Canada own political version of the TV show Love it or List it and it rears its ugly head usually close to an election or right after one. I’m talking about 24 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa where prime ministers have lived since the early 1950s, with the exception of Justin Trudeau and Kim Campbell. […]

Trudeau once again compromises Canada on international stage

Jun 8 2019 — Andre Marin — It certainly didn’t take long for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take the bait from Chief Commissioner of the National inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Marion Buller. Buller irresponsibly stated, in plainly nutty language, in her final report that Canada has and continues to practice genocide as “a continuous policy, with […]

Time for Michael Wernick to walk away with cushy pension

Mar 2 2019 — Andre Marin — On the same day former lawyer Michael Cohen was testifying before the U.S. Congress that he was the U.S. President’s fixer, having to act as a mender but doing so on what he described as “mob-style code language,” rather than direct orders or instructions, we had our former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould testifying about being […]

Lavalin affair goes to the core of our democracy

Feb 24 2019 — Andre Marin — Weird, bizarre and partisan is how I’d describe Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick’s testimony at the House of Commons justice committee looking into the SNC-Lavallin affair. His opening statement had absolutely nothing to do with the matter before the committee.

Prime Minister’s Office turns Canada into a banana republic

Feb 17 2019 — Andre Marin — It’s official, the federal Liberals have turned us into a banana republic where unelected goons in the Prime Minister’s Office and the prime minister himself have erased the separation of power between the executive and the judiciary. How else to explain political incursions in both the high-profile prosecution of former Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and the […]

Trudeau blunders will sink one-term wonder boy

Dec 23 2018 — Andre Marin — When it comes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the bloom left the peach some time ago. That is to say that voters don’t see him with the same glow as before. The youthful Trudeau, who’s meagre credentials include part-time drama teacher, pulled off an admirable victory in the last election, pulling his party from third […]

Trudeau’s pot plan needs credible movers

Jun 26 2016 — Andre Marin — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a shrewd political decision when he promised to legalize the use of marijuana in the last election. It made him look hip and no doubt delivered many votes and helped him gain power. Since the October 2015 election, though, the messages from the federal government have pointed in the opposite […]

Ghomeshi apology a big letdown

May 15 2016 — Andre Marin — My first six years as a lawyer were spent toiling away as an assistant Crown attorney. I prosecuted in a courtroom most working days. I saw how difficult our criminal justice system was on sexual assault victims. Ours is not a kind of adversarial system. Not that it necessarily should be. Convicted sex offenders suffer […]

Wynne running circles around a hapless opposition

Apr 30 2016 — Andre Marin — Patrick who? It’s a good question and one that might be on voters’ minds come election time in Ontario, though we’re some time away from that. As Ontario’s legislators are back Monday from yet another week off (they only sit 95 days this parliamentary calendar!), and are presumably well-rested, the opposition parties should be thinking […]

Liberals show little will to enforce police accountability

Apr 17 2016 — Andre Marin — It’s been 20 years since I was invited to then Liberal Opposition leader Dalton McGuinty’s office to discuss the hottest topic of the day. The issue? The Ontario government’s timid support of the Special Investigations Unit when dealing with the lack of co-operation by Ontario cops. As they say, the more things change, the more […]

Soldiers with PTSD might not get full pension, advocates warn

Nov 26 2014 — Andre Marin — The mental-health struggles of Canadian soldiers have caught a lot of political attention of late, but veterans advocates remain concerned that PTSD could jeopardize a soldier’s pension. A Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member has to serve 10 years before being eligible for a full pension. But by coming forward with physical or psychological injuries — […]

Liberals get an ‘incomplete’

Jul 21 2013 — Andre Marin — Ombudsman: More work needed on patient safety, police oversight.   Whoever called this time of year the “dog days” clearly wasn’t a watchdog. Summer is when my office is at its busiest, because it’s when we issue our report card on the provincial government — our annual report.