National Newswatch

Health Canada ‘gutting’ law to detect dangerous medicines, with possible deadly consequences, advocates warn

Aug 17 2017 — Amy Minsky — After Vanessa’s Law successfully navigated Parliament and became the law of the land, then Conservative MP Terence Young felt a sense of relief, able to breathe believing he’d finally won his 14-year battle. Parliament had passed, without a single dissenting vote, a government bill that had started as his own; a bill to protect patients […]

Registered to lobby Justin Trudeau? You can still make it into his ‘cash-for-access’ events

Jul 12 2017 — Amy Minsky — The Liberals promised to boot anyone registered to lobby Prime Minster Justin Trudeau from his fundraising events – which have been roundly criticized for providing special access to Trudeau and other ministers for anyone willing to pay – but some are still making it into the “cash-for-access” events. Since taking steps to increase the transparency […]

Justin Trudeau refuses to set date for balancing the budget

Jun 18 2017 — Amy Minsky — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not tell Canadians when – or even if – he will bring Canada’s books back to the black. Given several opportunities in a one-on-one interview, Trudeau chose to justify the Liberal government’s spending rather than say whether he has a plan to eliminate Canada’s growing deficit.