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Trump threatens to ‘terminate’ trade deal with China over COVID-19

May 8 2020 — Adrian Morrow — U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening economic retaliation against China over its handling of COVID-19, tying the pandemic into his long-running trade war in an escalating clash between the world’s superpowers. The President and some of his officials are also promoting a theory that the virus originated in a Chinese lab, despite producing no evidence […]

Tension mounts in U.S. over plans to reopen the economy as Trump appears to encourage protests

Apr 18 2020 — Adrian Morrow — President Donald Trump appears to be encouraging protests against state-level COVID-19 containment measures, and has announced guidelines for reopening the U.S. economy. Some governors are preparing to ease stay-at-home orders in the next two weeks. And companies are drawing up plans to restart operations in a physically distanced world. But public-health experts warn that the […]

Trump suggests U.S. should back off on social distancing measures as soon as next week because of economic toll

Mar 24 2020 — Adrian Morrow — President Donald Trump is suggesting the United States should back off on measures meant to control the spread of the novel coronavirus as soon as next week because social distancing is hurting the economy – a message that runs directly counter to the warnings of public-health officials and virtually every other top politician fighting the […]

White House refuses to say whether Trump, as he promised Trudeau, raised issue of detained Canadians with Xi

Jul 2 2019 — Adrian Morrow — The American and Canadian governments are refusing to say whether U.S. President Donald Trump raised the cases of two Canadians detained in China during his meeting Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Mr. Trump vowed during a White House meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last month that he would press Mr. Xi on the […]

Freeland rejects Chrétien’s idea to cancel Meng’s extradition case

Jun 13 2019 — Adrian Morrow — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is rejecting a proposal from former prime minister Jean Chrétien that Canada stop extradition proceedings against Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou to get China to release two arbitrarily detained Canadians and stop punishing Ottawa economically. Ms. Freeland warned it would be “dangerous” for Canada to cave to Chinese pressure and short-circuit […]

Blame Canada: Trump paints us as suave international swindlers

Feb 28 2018 — Adrian Morrow — To hear Donald Trump tell it, Canada is a suave international swindler, repeatedly conning American leaders and waltzing away with his country’s money. The U.S.’s neighbour to the north is “very smooth,” has “outsmarted our politicians for many years,” and has been “very rough” as it has “taken advantage” of the hapless superpower. For months, […]

Trump insisted on bringing Flynn to Trudeau meeting – then fired him, new book claims

Jan 5 2018 — Adrian Morrow — Just hours before firing him as national security adviser over his back-channel discussions with the Russian ambassador, President Donald Trump insisted on bringing Mike Flynn to a White House luncheon with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The episode is recounted in Fire and Fury, author Michael Wolff’s dishy behind-the-scenes account of Mr. Trump’s chaotic administration. The […]

U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA is back on table: Wilbur Ross

May 9 2017 — Adrian Morrow — The Trump administration may tear up North American free-trade agreement and negotiate separate deals with Canada and Mexico, President Donald Trump’s point-man on the file is warning. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross also served notice Tuesday that Washington will be “more aggressive” in fighting back against what it believes are unfair trade practices, such as slapping […]

Premier Rachel Notley visits Washington to press Alberta’s case

Feb 27 2017 — Adrian Morrow — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley jetted to Washington Sunday for the latest foray in a full-court press by Canadian politicians to preserve the country’s lucrative relationship with its largest trading partner. Ms. Notley’s three-day trip – the first for a provincial premier since President Donald Trump took office Jan. 20 – is aimed at building relationships […]

Trump withdraws from TPP, but offers Canada hope on NAFTA, Keystone pipeline

Jan 24 2017 — Adrian Morrow — Donald Trump’s administration is offering encouraging signs to the Canadian government, signalling it will move ahead with approving the Keystone XL pipeline proposal and is open to bilateral trade deals as it renegotiates NAFTA. But the U.S. President also pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Monday, a move almost certain to kill the 11-country Pacific […]

Hydro rates the most important issue for Ontarians: poll

Nov 27 2016 — Adrian Morrow — Ontario’s skyrocketing electricity prices are by far the top concern for voters – pushing Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals firmly behind Patrick Brown’s Progressive Conservatives, a new poll suggests. The Nanos Research survey found hydro was the most important issue for 20.5 per cent of voters, eclipsing perennial priorities health care (15.1 per cent), jobs and […]

Ontario PC candidate Sam Oosterhoff, 19, dodges sex-ed question at debate

Nov 8 2016 — Adrian Morrow — Sam Oosterhoff is against the Ontario Liberals’ new sexual-education curriculum and a proposed law to make it easier for same-sex couples to have children. But the Progressive Conservative candidate in next week’s Niagara West-Glanbrook by-election doesn’t much want to talk about either. “We need to make sure that kids nowadays are recognizing the values of […]

Ontario political parties pack in fundraisers before rules change

Oct 13 2016 — Adrian Morrow — Mere hours after the Ontario legislature unanimously passed the Premier’s campaign finance reform bill at second reading last week, Kathleen Wynne led a crew of five cabinet ministers to a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser at a banquet hall in the Toronto suburbs. The Oct. 4 event – the Liberals’ Central Trillium Reception in Vaughan – was just […]