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The Trudeau government doesn’t care about rural Canada

Aug 23 2023 — Andrew Caddell — The summer is almost over, and with it, the massive retreat of urban visitors from the rural areas that are Canada’s summer playgrounds. I see them from June until now on the Trans-Canada Highway nearby, the Ontario licence plates speeding east to Atlantic Canada, or returning back. They may be tourists who decided to pass […]

Quebec byelection leaves Anglo voters with little choice

Jun 14 2023 — Andrew Caddell — The Quebec neighbourhoods of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal West, and Westmount are my “hood.” I was born in “NDG” and spent the first five years of my life in a post-war veterans apartment complex. My parents then moved to Montreal West for 35 years, and I was elected to the town council there. I now have a […]

Is Justin Trudeau planning a snap election?

May 31 2023 — Andrew Caddell — I was in Toronto last week at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference, which ran May 25-28. The meeting attracted thousands of municipal leaders from everywhere. As a councillor from a small Quebec village, it was gratifying to meet colleagues from across the country, most from much larger cities and towns, but some from […]

Canada as we know it will soon cease to exist

May 10 2023 — Andrew Caddell — As you drive into the Quebec City region on the Trans-Canada Highway, there is a huge sign saying “Bienvenue à la Capitale Nationale” (Welcome to the National Capital). I always thought it was a pretentious sop to Quebec nationalists, or a deliberate ambiguity between the English meaning of the word “nation” (country) and the French […]

Proportional representation is the little engine that couldn’t

Oct 26 2022 — Andrew Caddell — It is a predictable result of any Canadian election. The instant the polls close and the results are known, every pundit within howling distance of the legislature or parliament tears apart the first-past-the-post system. So, in the last few weeks, the Quebec media has been filled with commentary about the need for proportional representation (or […]

Francois Legault: the new Duplessis

Oct 5 2022 — Andrew Caddell — Here, they call him, deferentially, “Monsieur Legault.” When Quebec Premier François Legault was appearing daily on television, providing avuncular advice on the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn’t matter Quebec had the highest per capita death rate in Canada. He gave the impression he knew what he was doing. If anyone benefited from the pandemic, it was […]

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