National Newswatch

Federal Budget 2016: A One Time Fix?

Mar 22 2016 — Andrew Jackson — The Budget reinvests significantly and appropriately in many important government programs broadly in line with the promises made in the Liberal platform. However, it falls short in some important areas, and the biggest failure is to restore federal fiscal capacity to support improved social programs and public services over the long term. The bottom line […]

Fair Taxes Need to Fill Budget Hole

Nov 20 2015 — Andrew Jackson — The Economic and Fiscal Update released Friday shows that the status quo deficit in the next fiscal year of 2016-17 will likely be $3.9 Billion compared to the surplus of $600 Million assumed by the Liberals when they calculated their fiscal plan. That means that the new government has a big hole to fill, some […]

Progressives Can be Proud of the Alberta Budget

Oct 30 2015 — Andrew Jackson — Canada’s right-wing have fiercely denounced the Alberta NDP government’s first budget for its failure to deeply cut spending on social programs and public services so as to balance the books. The Fraser Institute has even gone so far as to claim, absurdly, that the large Alberta deficit of $6.1 billion this year is due to […]

How to cure our economic funk? Boost investment

Sep 3 2015 — Andrew Jackson — Statistics Canada data confirm that the Canadian economy shrank in each of the first two quarters of this year, meeting the Harper government’s own definition of a recession as set out in its balanced budget legislation. The appropriate federal government policy response is to boost both private and public investment.

Fraser Institute flat wrong on CPP

Jul 21 2015 — Andrew Jackson — A new study from the Fraser Institute argues that expanding the Canada Pension Plan or CPP and raising contribution rates to increase benefits would reduce private retirement savings on almost a dollar for dollar basis. Thus they say a bigger CPP would do little to improve retirement income security. The key problem with the study […]

Stephen Harper can’t ignore recession out of existence

Jul 16 2015 — Andrew Jackson — The bad economic news from authoritative sources keeps on coming, reinforcing the case for a major change in federal government policy. Hot on the heels of an International Monetary Fund forecast that growth in Canada would be just 1 per cent over this year, the Bank of Canada said yesterday in its Monetary Policy Report […]

Federal Leadership Needed to Deal with Climate Change

Apr 8 2015 — Andrew Jackson — Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, chaired by economist Chris Ragan and made up of eminent mainstream economists and several business representatives, is championing carbon pricing and other fiscal measures to deal with climate change. This is all to the good. Its approach, however, is altogether too friendly to business-as-usual policies. In its first report, the Commission endorsed the […]

The case for child care

Oct 14 2014 — Andrew Jackson — Leader of the Opposition Thomas Mulcair has launched a new round of debate over the need for a national child care and early learning program. The NDP poposal would help the provinces to finance quality, affordable child care systems, delivered by regulated providers in place of the current patchwork quilt of formal and informal care of varying […]

The benefits of a federal minimum wage

Sep 8 2014 — Andrew Jackson — The Leader of the Opposition, Tom Mulcair, is to be congratulated for his proposal to re-introduce a federal minimum wage. Abolished in 1996, the federal minimum wage applied to the approximately 8% of all employees who work in federally regulated industries. It also used to set a national benchmark for provincial minimum wages. Mr. Mulcair’s proposal is […]