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Will a failing Trudeau take the risk of a fall election?

Jul 14 2022 — Andrew MacDougall — If former British politician Enoch Powell was right in asserting that “all political lives … end in failure,” what can Justin Trudeau do to avoid his fate? Some would say it’s too late. Having limped to re-election with a measly 32.4 per cent of the vote, Trudeau has entered his third term with little of […]

YouTube is where autodidacts like Poilievre find rabbit holes

May 27 2022 — Andrew MacDougall — As far as warning signals go, a politician announcing they watch YouTube channels “late into the night” is a big one. Hard to ignore, really. Because the pandemic has shown us that “YouTube” plus “late night” is more often a recipe for falling down a rabbit hole than enlightenment. (See: Taylor-Greene, Marjorie) What to make, […]

Dear Conservatives; Grow up

Feb 4 2022 — Andrew MacDougall — One suspects Conservative MPs love British Prime Minister Boris Johnson more than they do Erin O’Toole. The fact O’Toole is now colonizing the curb outside Stornoway is proof enough. But the two men are more similar than they might think. No, O’Toole has never been caught with his pecker somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be […]

Conservatives have a vaccine problem

Oct 21 2021 — Andrew MacDougall — Andrew MacDougall is a director at Trafalgar Strategy, and a former Head of Communications to Prime Minister Stephen Harper You have to hand it to the Conservatives. Having just lost to Justin Trudeau and his Liberals in the federal election, they’re now working overtime to ensure the Grits win the next one by refusing to […]

The Liberal campaign’s comeback strategy? Buy American.

Sep 8 2021 — Andrew MacDougall — Given the Liberals kicked off the election without a platform or a ballot question, it’s unsurprising we’ve ended up somewhere nobody thought we’d be: discussing the merits of semi-automatic weapons. Yes, you read that correctly. We’re three plus weeks into the ‘most important election since 1945’, one being held in the midst of some serious […]

The Liberals’ diminished leader

Sep 3 2021 — Andrew MacDougall — If Winston Churchill reckoned generals were always fighting the last war, what would he make of the Liberal Party of Canada, who have continually fought the same war against their Conservative adversaries since that party’s re-consolidation in 2003? No matter the electoral war, it’s the same Liberal jaw-jaw. Abortion restrictions. Private health care. Gutting the […]

Sunny Ways O’Toole?

Aug 27 2021 — Andrew MacDougall — Tone. While much of the world of politics focuses on the words used to convey policy or political attacks, the people outside of politics focus more on how that policy or attack is conveyed. Tone matters. Tone has been a major issue for the Conservative Party of Canada since its founding in 2003. The early […]

The kinds of mistakes winning campaigns don’t make

Aug 23 2021 — Andrew MacDougall — Chrystia Freeland got involved in politics to make history. Sure, the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell might have gotten to the Prime Minister’s Office first, but until Freeland there had never been a female minister of finance. Think what you will of Freeland or the party she represents; she is now an historic figure. It’s too […]

Trudeau is off to a slow start

Aug 17 2021 — Andrew MacDougall — Andrew MacDougall is a director at Trafalgar Strategy, and a former Head of Communications to Prime Minister Stephen Harper Considering the current election is “the most important since 1945” according to one Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister seems to have forgotten to tell his campaign to get a move on. With the stakes (apparently) so […]