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Trudeau needs to shuffle his cabinet and it won’t be easy

Jul 6 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — Forget all the talk of Justin Trudeau’s changes to the facilities at Harrington Lake. Saunas and swing sets are nothing compared to another amenity Trudeau needs to change: his cabinetry. A shakeup is overdue. As we approach the three-quarters point of Trudeau’s mandate, many of the departments central to Liberal gospel have only known a […]

The facts about what Justin Trudeau can’t remember

Jul 3 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — Seeing as facts are now apparently the front and demarcation lines between left and right in Canada, it’s perhaps the right time to look at the facts behind an 18-year-old allegation of groping against Justin Trudeau. Fact: Justin Trudeau was in Creston, B.C., in August of 2000 to attend the Kokanee Summit to raise funds […]

Trudeau’s in trouble on the pipeline battle

Apr 13 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — “The Trans Mountain expansion will be built.” With the nation mourning Humboldt’s loss, pecking out an obstinate tweet about an oil pipeline buried in political grief wasn’t at the top of Justin Trudeau’s to-do list, yet out the above twittered ahead of the prime minister joining members of the shattered prairie community for last Sunday’s […]

Justin Trudeau and the death of ‘positive politics’

Mar 30 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” Johnny Rotten’s sneering kiss-off at the last-ever Sex Pistols show sounded the death knell of the punk movement. The hysteria surrounding his band of noxious yobs had oversold their shambolic performances, and Rotten knew the gig was up. Justin Trudeau’s gig isn’t up until next year, but the […]