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Who’s down with Maxime Bernier’s PPC? No crazies.

Nov 7 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — Attention prospective People Partiers of Canada: “Mad Max” Bernier is officially dialling down the crazy. That’s right. Mad Max’s new People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is dedicated to weeding out the weird because it doesn’t want any embarrassment as it attempts to forge a path to fourth place in next year’s federal election.

The Liberals need to rip off the Norman Band-Aid

Oct 19 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — What are the chances the next election turns on whether a decorated Vice-Admiral was unjustly banged up by the Trudeau government for leaking a story about the cabinet discussion surrounding a $668 million sole-source contract for a military supply ship? Slim to none, in all probability. That’s because, despite the ship’s hefty price tag, it’s […]

Justin Trudeau’s biggest threat is Liberal hubris

Oct 12 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — With a short year to go until Canadians pick their next crop of MPs, Justin Trudeau no doubt sat at his table this past weekend feeling thankful. Donald Trump is in the rear-view mirror. Jagmeet Singh is hemorrhaging MPs. Maxime Bernier’s vanity project is targeting the most rabid bits of Andrew Scheer’s base. Even Stephen […]

When will Canada see Trudeau’s promised foreign policy wins?

Aug 23 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — We’re now 14 months out from the next federal election, and the Trudeau government has yet to secure a major win for Canada on the world stage. Sure, there’s been lots of talk about progressive ideals and the empowerment of women, but precious little evidence those ideals are taking root around the world with Canada’s […]

The Liberal Party needs more than Trudeau

Aug 5 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — Justin Trudeau is an overhyped commodity, one that doesn’t sell. That’s one possible reading of the Liberal Party’s relatively anemic second quarter fundraising totals, a haul that leaves the party of government — and their celebrity leader — looking (a long way) up at the more quotidian Andrew Scheer and his Conservative opposition.

Trudeau needs to shuffle his cabinet and it won’t be easy

Jul 6 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — Forget all the talk of Justin Trudeau’s changes to the facilities at Harrington Lake. Saunas and swing sets are nothing compared to another amenity Trudeau needs to change: his cabinetry. A shakeup is overdue. As we approach the three-quarters point of Trudeau’s mandate, many of the departments central to Liberal gospel have only known a […]

The facts about what Justin Trudeau can’t remember

Jul 3 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — Seeing as facts are now apparently the front and demarcation lines between left and right in Canada, it’s perhaps the right time to look at the facts behind an 18-year-old allegation of groping against Justin Trudeau. Fact: Justin Trudeau was in Creston, B.C., in August of 2000 to attend the Kokanee Summit to raise funds […]