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Andrew Scheer: Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canadians

Feb 11 2019 — Andrew Scheer — “One of the most important things about my approach in politics has been creating a level of accountability, of transparency, of openness, of honesty that means admitting when mistakes were made, taking responsibility for them, and fixing them in an open matter.” Justin Trudeau spoke those words five years ago — setting the tone for […]

Ottawa’s stalling on TPP reminds the world Canada’s still closed for business

Jul 24 2018 — Andrew Scheer — Canadians have been waiting a long time for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to finally wake up to the many threats that loom large over our national economy. Whether it’s market access for our natural resources, tax and regulatory competitiveness, or international trade diversification, Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals have failed to address Canada’s faltering position in the […]

A strong Britain is an independent Britain

Jun 20 2016 — Andrew Scheer — It’s hard to overstate the importance of this week’s referendum in Britain over whether the country should remain in the European Union. It’s no surprise then that everyone seems to have an opinion on what voters should choose — including foreign heads of government, business leaders and even movie stars. But what is surprising is […]