National Newswatch

Ontario Liberal Legacy Still Solid

Jun 18 2018 — Andrew Steele — In the recent election, voters crushed the Ontario Liberals to just seven seats and elected Doug Ford as Premier. As a result, some may be tempted to call the defeat a repudiation of the broad Liberal policy. But the reality is the election served to enshrine the core Liberal transformations of the last fifteen years. […]

PC Carbon Inaction Creates Fiscal Hot Water

Feb 15 2018 — Andrew Steele — Last week, PC Leadership candidates Caroline Mulroney, Christine Elliot and Doug Ford all signed a pledge to abandon their party’s commitment to institute a carbon tax. It also committed them to end the existing provincial cap and trade program, and oppose default federal climate action set to begin if the province doesn’t act. The carbon […]

Who will win the battle to define Harper’s successor?

May 26 2017 — Andrew Steele — The victory of a new Conservative Party leader on May 27 ends one contest but begins another: the battle to define him or her. While Conservative partisans will toil to build a positive brand for their leader, their opponents will start working just as hard to increase that person’s negatives. Think of the new leader […]