National Newswatch

Federal gridlock is a threat to national unity

Jul 3 2022 — André Pratte — Like most Canadians, Quebecers have relatively few interactions with the federal government. When constituents face difficulties, they usually call their provincial representative, rather than their MP. Most “close-to-people” government services — health care, schools, day cares, etc. — are delivered by the provincial government, while Ottawa deals with things like passports, customs, immigration and employment […]

Quebec’s reborn Conservative party must be taken seriously

Jan 22 2022 — André Pratte — A Léger-Journal de Montréal poll published Thursday confirmed what other public and private surveys had announced: the Conservative Party of Québec has resurrected from its old, cold ashes. According to Léger, were a provincial election held today, the party led by former trash radio host Éric Duhaime would attract 11 per cent of the votes, […]

Justin Trudeau’s constitutional capitulation

May 19 2021 — André Pratte — One of the most important duties of the prime minister of Canada is to defend the Constitution of the land. If he doesn’t, who will? Justin Trudeau effectively indicated this week that the province of Quebec can write anything into the Constitution, and he will not lift a finger. The prime minister apparently has been […]