National Newswatch

Greater share of recent immigrants landing jobs even as Canada welcomes more

Jun 8 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The share of recent immigrants of prime working age who had employment reached a new high last year, even though Canada has been opening its doors to more newcomers than ever before, according to an internal federal analysis. The increase was likely driven in part by the country's strong job-creation run, which has encouraged companies to hire more people who usually […]

PM worries China could target more Canadian goods as fears about soybeans rise

Jun 6 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's worried an ongoing diplomatic dispute could see China target imports of other Canadian agricultural products as concerns grow about soybean shipments in particular. One industry leader said Thursday that, without a clear explanation, Canadian soybean exports to China plunged suddenly from 3.2 million tons over the final four months of 2018 to just 3,700 tons through […]

Liberals postpone policy update that could help SNC-Lavalin avoid ban from federal business

Jun 1 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The federal government has postponed a long-awaited update to Canada's corporate-misconduct provisions, including changes that could help SNC-Lavalin avoid being barred from lucrative federal contracts. The government wants more time to study how it will modernize its so-called "integrity regime" following intense public debate about corporate wrongdoing that was ignited by a political […]

MPs demand more help as mental-health issues approach ‘crisis’ on Canada’s farms

May 28 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Lawmakers are calling on the federal government to better support farmers who they say are especially vulnerable to mental-health issues like stress, depression and suicidal thoughts. In a new report Tuesday, members of an all-party parliamentary committee made 10 recommendations, including ensuring the government considers and mitigates any potential impacts from new policies on the well-being of agricultural producers. The MPs also recommended public-awareness campaigns to deal with […]

Is quest for Canadian oil independence more a political pitch than economics?

May 28 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he wants to end Canadian imports of foreign oil by 2030, a move experts say would mostly affect purchases from the United States and could endanger deep trade relationships. Scheer raised the idea in a recent speech, stating Canada shouldn't buy oil from "rogue states" with poor human-rights and environmental records, like Iran, […]

Cross-Canada corridor concept getting dusted off ahead of election

May 24 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The notion of a pan-Canadian corridor dedicated to rail, power lines and pipelines has been around for at least half a century but it looks like it's about to get a big publicity boost. Last week, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer used a major pre-election policy speech to dust off a similar idea. Scheer promised, if he wins October's election, that he would to work towards establishing a cross-country "energy corridor." He said planning […]

Scheer promises coast-to-coast energy corridor as he outlines economic vows

May 16 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer pledged Thursday to pursue a coast-to-coast energy corridor, achieve Canadian oil independence within a decade and adjust mortgage rules with the aim of making home-buying more affordable. With the federal election less than six months away, Scheer used a speech Thursday in Toronto to share his economic pitch to voters. The address tried to sell the […]

Bank of Canada identifies climate change as important economic weak spot

May 16 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada is highlighting its expanding concerns about climate change and, for the first time, is listing it among the top weak spots for the economy and the financial system. The central bank's financial system health report Thursday included climate change as an important vulnerability, elevating it to a category alongside its long-running worries […]

Visa rejections frustrate efforts to bring in more international students

May 11 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — At a time when Canada is attracting more students from around the world, there are concerns qualified applicants from certain countries are getting turned away because of its visa process. Most students have been coming to Canada in recent years from India and China. Fazley Siddiq, a University of New Brunswick professor who served as dean of the business […]

Ex-Tory MP Del Mastro accuses Elections Canada of ‘personal vendetta’

May 9 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — A former Conservative MP who spent time behind bars for electoral offences is accusing Canada's elections commissioner of having a personal vendetta against him — and he wants a parliamentary investigation. Dean Del Mastro was convicted of failing to report a $21,000 contribution he made to his own 2008 re-election campaign, overspending and knowingly filing a false report. […]

Warawa bids emotional farewell to MPs, calls for more access to palliative care

May 7 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Conservative MP Mark Warawa used his emotional farewell address to the House Commons on Tuesday to call for changes that will ensure more Canadians have access to palliative care. Warawa, who is facing his own battle with cancer, also urged parliamentarians "to love one another, to encourage each other, because God loves us." Lawmakers from different political parties struggled to hold back tears as […]

Canadian firm WSP finding new work in Saudi Arabia despite diplomatic dispute

May 3 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — At least one Canadian-based company is optimistic about its prospects in Saudi Arabia, a bullishness that comes as businesses fret about their future in the kingdom following a diplomatic battle with Ottawa.  WSP Global Inc., an engineering firm headquartered in Montreal, has continued to land infrastructure work in Saudi Arabia even after a dispute erupted with Canada last summer, […]

To excel in the automated world Canada shouldn’t forget the liberal arts: study

May 2 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Canada can better prepare for a technologically disrupted future by producing more liberal-arts graduates, says a new report by the Royal Bank of Canada. The bank's study found that as more workplaces go deeper into automated labour there will be a growing need for people who have well-honed human skills in areas such as critical thinking, communications, active listening and curiosity. These […]

Morneau insists LNG export terminal shows Canada can deliver big projects

May 1 2019 — Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — Finance Minister Bill Morneau says a $40-billion operation to eventually ship liquefied natural gas to Asia from Canada's west coast shows the country can still get major projects done, despite corporate complaints about regulatory hurdles. The federal Liberals have been facing criticism from some political foes and business leaders over Canada's regulations, including those blamed for holding […]