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The PPC’s rise demands more thorough coverage by news media

Sep 15 2021 — Andrew Perez — Since this late-summer election kicked off one month ago, the campaign’s biggest surprise to date has been the meteoric rise of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). An Ekos poll from Sept. 9 pegged PPC national support at a whopping 11.2 per cent, with the party garnering impressive support in Alberta (19 per cent), Quebec […]

Trudeau, O’Toole, and Singh are embracing left-wing populism

Sep 13 2021 — Andrew Perez — Now in its final week, there has been no overarching theme characterizing this late-summer election campaign. Instead, the campaign has been dominated by a mishmash of disparate issues — pandemic management, vaccine passports, Afghanistan, child care, two-tier health care, affordability, climate change, abortion, and now gun control.

Does Erin O’Toole’s surge signal the return of Red Toryism?

Sep 2 2021 — Andrew Perez — As this year’s federal election finishes its crucial third week, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s party continues its surprising, albeit steady, rise in the polls, attracting strong support in almost every region of the country. Two weeks ago, he entered this campaign as the unmistakable underdog, with expectations of his electoral prospects so low that some […]

Is Doug Ford quietly rooting for the federal Liberals in this election?

Aug 27 2021 — Andrew Perez — Last week, the Toronto Star reported that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives had quietly agreed to a non-aggression pact and electoral truce for the Sept. 20 federal election. But Thursday, Ford upped the ante when his office issued an unusual decree mandating the premier’s cabinet ministers not campaign for federal […]

O’Toole’s Conservative Party fracturing on eve of a federal election

Aug 10 2021 — Andrew Perez — The messages political leaders release on Canada Day are typically banal, uncontroversial, and seek to rally the country together. Last month, the federal Conservative Party’s two most prominent figures released videos celebrating Canada Day that were at complete odds with one another. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s video was meticulously crafted on the streets of urban […]

The demise of the ‘star candidate’ in Canadian politics

Jul 28 2021 — Andrew Perez — As Canada’s political parties gear up for a probable late-summer election, there is one key ingredient notably missing from each major party’s electoral lineup: the “star candidate.” After months of intense media speculation that a former governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, Mark Carney, would run for the Liberals, Carney […]

Converging national, global events are feeding Singh’s momentum

Jul 22 2021 — Andrew Perez — As Canadians awake to the realities of a late-summer election, much has been written about the NDP’s surging electoral prospects under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh. A recent Abacus Data public opinion poll suggests Singh is the most popular national political leader, with robust support among women, younger voters, and British Columbians.

Ontario’s Opposition Leaders Should Avoid Giving Doug Ford More Ammunition

Jul 8 2021 — Andrew Perez — With federal election speculation reaching a fever pitch these days, the media spotlight in Ontario has abruptly shifted away from Queen’s Park to Ottawa after what can only be described as a calamitous year for Doug Ford’s Conservative government. But just as many Ontario journalists were jumping on the summer election coverage bandwagon, something unusual […]

The Tories need to change the tone (and draft a few new policies while they’re at it)

Apr 5 2016 — Andrew Perez — In the immediate days following the Conservatives’ defeat last fall, several outgoing Tory ministers blamed their loss on “getting the tone wrong,” tacitly implying their policies were not the problem. Six months later, the post-Harper Conservatives are struggling to get it right on policy and tone as they aim to rebuild the Conservative coalition. Nowhere […]

Can the federal NDP remain relevant?

Jan 4 2016 — Andrew Perez — To no one’s surprise, Ottawa’s newest guessing game continues into 2016. Will federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair remain party leader after the party’s disastrous showing last fall? Can he pass the party’s mandated leadership review in April? And if so, should Mulcair contest the 2019 election as NDP leader? Such futile questions misdiagnose the NDP’s […]

The new Liberal majority

Dec 27 2015 — Andrew Perez — From virtual extinction three years ago, Liberal parties throughout Canada have returned to government over the past two years. This is not only something for Liberals to celebrate. It’s a victory that all Canadian progressives can share. After 10 years of Conservative rule in Ottawa — and in several provinces — a Liberal-progressive tide now […]

Will Canadians vote strategically in this election?

Sep 8 2015 — Andrew Perez — Proponents of strategic voting argue it’s a necessary evil when political circumstances warrant — a reasonable assertion at face value. But inciting voters to abandon their principles in order to vote strategically is a risky proposition, particularly when the message is coming from a political leader. Canadians will recall when, in the 2011 leaders’ debate, […]

The end of strategic voting

Sep 6 2015 — Andrew Perez — When the federal election writ dropped August 2, it appeared campaign 2015 was destined to become a textbook case for strategic voting. Conventional wisdom suggested Justin Trudeau’s faltering Liberals were increasingly irrelevant in the new battle between left and right. Thomas Mulcair’s NDP had already brazenly assumed the mantle of championing the progressive cause in […]