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Ontario PCs in turmoil amid sexual-misconduct allegations against Patrick Brown

Jan 26 2018 — Adam Radwanski — Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are divided on how to select a new leader, through appointment or election, as the party scrambles to recover from the resignation of Patrick Brown just four months before an election amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Senior party officials and caucus members debated next steps and struggled to gain consensus on Thursday […]

With star candidates, Patrick Brown takes a small step toward being taken seriously

Nov 25 2017 — Adam Radwanski — Early on, as the Ontario Progressive Conservatives started to select candidates for the 2018 provincial election, members of Patrick Brown’s campaign team quietly expressed admiration for the way Justin Trudeau’s Liberals handled that process before the past federal election. Call it open nominations, with an asterisk. Contests to carry the Liberal banner, one of Mr. […]

Trudeau’s ‘deliverology’ on the verge of becoming a punchline

Nov 18 2017 — Adam Radwanski — Before this week, questions about “deliverology” were liable to be met with a shrug by many in and around the federal government. Few could explain what the results-oriented management approach Justin Trudeau promised – complete with the knighted British guru who pioneered it in Tony Blair’s government meeting extensively with the Liberal cabinet – had […]

From Harper to Trudeau, has Ottawa’s culture swung too far from one extreme to another?

Nov 4 2017 — Adam Radwanski — Amid the Liberal government’s mid-term struggles, Conservatives who served under Stephen Harper have looked on with bemusement. Their government never would have let bureaucrats foist ill-considered tax reforms on them, former staffers will say – and boy, did the Finance Ministry try. They wouldn’t have been caught off guard by how the minister steering those […]

Trudeau could use a few more experienced cabinet hands

Aug 25 2017 — Adam Radwanski — For a time before the past federal election, it appeared that Justin Trudeau’s candidate ranks in Ontario would be overrun with high-profile provincial Liberals. But despite ample interest from former members of ex-premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet in making a move to Ottawa, all but a single one – Peter Fonseca, a minor player provincially who […]

Butts, Bannon and an unexpectedly effective courtship

Aug 17 2017 — Adam Radwanski — The words had scarcely been published on Tuesday evening when Canada’s chattering classes lit up Twitter with titters. That Justin Trudeau’s Liberals had spent much of their time since last November making nice with the Trump administration was well documented. But the Prime Minister making showy public appearances with Ivanka Trump or his chief of […]