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Why Trudeau might not mind federal-provincial squabbles, on pharmacare and plenty else

Jun 14 2019 — Adam Radwanski — No sooner had a federal panel recommended the implementation of a universal pharmacare system than speculation began about whether Ottawa could attain enough provincial co-operation to make it happen. From a campaign perspective, if not a governance one, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals might consider any such resistance more a feature than a bug. Seeking his first […]

Latest controversy to hit Doug Ford could be the most damaging

Jun 5 2018 — Adam Radwanski — Ever since the Ontario election campaign started, Doug Ford’s campaign team has spent much of its time putting out fires – some inherited when he abruptly took over the Progressive Conservatives this winter, others he lit himself. Three days before election day, the Tories were saddled with one more – one that uniquely threatened to […]

As Ontario’s surprising campaign enters crunch time, how will parties adjust?

May 26 2018 — Adam Radwanski — This is not the election campaign any of Ontario’s major parties expected. Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives thought that if they could run a reasonably safe campaign, they would hold up as the only alternative to Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals. The Liberals, despite abysmal approval ratings, thought they’d get a decent chance to compete for yet another […]

Doug Ford proves to be part of the problem, rather than the solution to the Tories’ cultural troubles

May 24 2018 — Adam Radwanski — Suddenly, Doug Ford thinks everything was hunky-dory with his party’s handling of candidate nominations, back when Patrick Brown was leader. For more than two months, after winning the vote to take the Ontario Progressive Conservatives’ helm, Mr. Ford had no qualms about revisiting contentious local votes deemed above board under Mr. Brown. Four Greater Toronto […]

Nine early signs of how Facebook ads are being used in Ontario’s election

Apr 20 2018 — Adam Radwanski — Even as Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford pushes back hard against comparisons to Donald Trump heading into this spring’s Ontario election, he has been using Facebook advertising to target Ontarians who are “interested” in the U.S. President. Meanwhile, local candidates for Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have been highlighting exactly how much their government’s last-ditch spending spree […]