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Liberals are painting Pierre Poilievre as the next Donald Trump. That’s a risky strategy

May 7 2023 — Althia Raj — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be cautious about making the same mistake with Pierre Poilievre as Stephen Harper did with him when the Conservative prime minister mischaracterized his Liberal opponent only to see him surpass expectations. Back in 2015, Harper’s director of communications, Kory Teneycke, told reporters that expectations of Trudeau were so low going […]

Where can Justin Trudeau take the Liberals now?

May 5 2023 — Althia Raj — As Liberals from across the country gather in Ottawa for the party’s first in-person national convention since the pandemic, “It’s Political” digs into Justin Trudeau’s record as party leader and his time as prime minister. With bleak polling numbers and an ambitious Conservative opponent, how can the Liberals correct their course? First, we sit down […]

Trudeau’s health minister says deal can get every Canadian a family doctor — and tackling for-profit care is next

Feb 22 2023 — Althia Raj — Canada’s health minister says the federal government has put enough money on the table to ensure every Canadian has access to family medicine, throwing the ball in the provinces’ court to deliver. “The $2.5 billion on average over the next 10 years, that’s more than what is needed for provinces and territories to give access […]

No stick and a small carrot: Can the federal government fix health care?

Feb 17 2023 — Althia Raj — This week on “It’s Political,” we take a look at what’s plaguing the country’s health-care system, from long wait lines in emergency rooms to the lack of family doctors. What will it take to fix health care in Canada? First, we hear directly from health professionals about the problems they’ve witnessed firsthand and the solutions […]

Would Pierre Poilievre’s Tories let provinces strip us of our rights? ‘Of course,’ one of his MPs says

Feb 15 2023 — Althia Raj — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s Quebec lieutenant made a shocking declaration this week that went unnoticed in English Canada, telling reporters that Conservatives “of course” agree with the provinces’ pre-emptive use of the notwithstanding clause. On Tuesday, Quebec MP Pierre Paul-Hus said the party “might not necessarily” contest Quebec’s Bill 21 at the Supreme Court — […]

Justin Trudeau promised a bridge and delivered a wedge

Feb 4 2023 — Althia Raj — For the Liberals, the return of Parliament this week was marked by a series of reversals after many unfortunate own goals. On Friday, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino acknowledged bungling gun control as the Liberals withdrew controversial amendments to legislation that Conservatives and the NDP had denounced as scooping up hunters and Indigenous Peoples in […]

To hold off Pierre Poilievre, Justin Trudeau has to counter a familiar — and effective — playbook

Jan 30 2023 — Althia Raj — “Everything feels broken,” laments Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre each time he’s in front of a microphone. “Justin,” as he calls Prime Minister Trudeau, has made everything worse, he says. From rising inflation to soaring rents, to opioid deaths and to the wave of violent crimes on the TTC. Canadians, Poilievre says, “deserve better than this. […]

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