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Justin Trudeau’s cabinet choices reveal how he’d like to be remembered

Oct 26 2021 — Althia Raj — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent several strong signals Tuesday with the appointment of his new cabinet. First, his policy focus. Gone are the ministers of digital government and middle-class prosperity (drawing less attention to failed benchmarks), replaced instead with ministers for mental health, housing, and tourism. Former Équiterre founder Steven Guilbeault becomes the country’s environment […]

The Star talked to 57 insiders. Here’s what we learned about how Justin Trudeau turned around his faltering campaign and defeated Erin O’Toole

Oct 9 2021 — Althia Raj — To attack or not to attack? Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau sat staring at his friend Tom Pitfield’s laptop computer. “It’s time,” Pitfield, the party’s chief digital strategist and chief executive of the digital marketing and data analytics firm Data Sciences, told him. They were huddled on one side of a horseshoe-shaped table in a large […]

Justin Trudeau’s fight with Erin O’Toole about COVID-19 vaccinations is far from over

Oct 6 2021 — Althia Raj — The fight in Ottawa over mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations is far from over. You might think the election would have settled the issue — the Grits campaigned on mandatory vaccination and won the most seats (160 as of Wednesday). But federal party leaders see political advantage in banging this drum. Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet was […]

What’s Erin O’Toole not telling us? Quite a lot, actually

Sep 19 2021 — Althia Raj — Monday’s election may centre around the question of trust. Who do you trust to get Canada through the pandemic? Who do you trust to spur economic growth? Who do you trust to make your life more affordable? Or to address climate change? Or enhance Quebec’s autonomy? The main parties each have a desired ballot question […]

Erin O’Toole has a big Jason Kenney problem

Sep 16 2021 — Althia Raj — Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole must be wishing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney could have held off a few extra days before announcing sweeping public health changes and a mea culpa to the province over his handling of COVID-19. Wednesday evening, Kenney acknowledged the fourth wave of the pandemic is ripping through his province at an alarming […]

Canada’s Whistleblower Law Ranks Dead Last In International Rankings

Mar 3 2021 — Althia Raj — Canada is at the bottom of an international ranking of countries with whistleblower protection, lagging behind Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Botswana. A report released Tuesday by the U.S.-based Government Accountability Project and the U.K.-based International Bar Association surveyed whistleblowing frameworks in 37 countries with such laws to determine whether they are actually working.

Opposition MPs Push Liberals To Reform Weak Whistleblower Law

Feb 18 2021 — Althia Raj — MPs attempted Wednesday to stop the Liberal government’s foot-dragging on reforming the whistleblower law, demanding changes that could make public servants more comfortable coming forward with allegations of wrongdoing. Conservative MP Kelly McCauley introduced a motion at the House of Commons’ government operations committee to retable a 2017 report that recommended more than 25 changes […]