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Liberals should define Poilievre juggernaut now, or risk losing next election, say top political strategists

Jun 20 2022 — Abbas Rana — With the presumed Conservative leadership front-runner Pierre Poilievre widely expected to become party leader on Sept. 10, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals should start to define their future opponent now before he gets a chance to define himself, say top political players. “In our day and age, the velocity of politics is much faster than […]

Conservative leadership candidates expected to challenge eligibility of ‘thousands and thousands and thousands’ of rivals’ party memberships

Jun 13 2022 — Abbas Rana — With the divisive Conservative leadership election moving into the next phase, candidates are expected to challenge thousands of memberships brought in by their rivals and will call on the party to declare any ineligible to vote in the Sept. 10 leadership election, say current and former senior Conservatives. “Each one’s going to be going through […]

‘Massive majority’ of Liberal caucus wants Trudeau to drop federal COVID mandates, say Liberal MPs

Jun 9 2022 — Abbas Rana — With provincial and international jurisdictions easing COVID restrictions, some Liberal MPs say the vast majority of their caucus want the federal government to drop travel vaccination requirements, allowing unvaccinated Canadians to board domestic flights. Several Liberal MPs interviewed for this article said that most caucus members want all federal pandemic restrictions dropped as soon as […]

‘The rift is getting bigger and bigger:’ some Conservatives worried about party unity once ‘pretty nasty’ leadership campaign ends

Jun 6 2022 — Abbas Rana — The ongoing, divisive Conservative leadership campaign is causing serious concerns about party unity for some current and former senior Conservatives who say one of the key tests of the new leader will be to keep the party united. “The rift is getting bigger and bigger,” said Bert Chen, a former Ontario national councillor, in an […]

Former Ontario finance minister Sousa not ruling out run for federal Liberal nomination in coveted Mississauga-Lakeshore riding

Jun 3 2022 — Abbas Rana — Former Ontario finance minister Charles Sousa is considering running in the coveted federal riding of Mississauga-Lakeshore and says a number of prominent federal Liberals, including MPs and cabinet ministers, are encouraging him to seek the nomination, but he still hasn’t made a final decision. “I have to give it some thought, I’ve been receiving some […]

How Canadians respond to affordability issues at ballot box in Ontario will be a case study for incumbent politicians

May 16 2022 — Abbas Rana — The June 2 Ontario provincial election will be a case study for how upset Canadians are with incumbent politicians about inflation and affordability issues, like soaring food prices, gas prices, and skyrocketing housing prices, say some MPs and a veteran pollster. “We’re in the heat of a provincial election in Canada’s largest province,” said Nik […]

Abortion debate will ‘quite likely’ define Conservative leadership election, say Conservatives

May 9 2022 — Abbas Rana — With Roe vs. Wade making international headlines, the divisive issue of abortion access will have a significant impact on the down ballot support and fundraising for candidates on both sides of the divide in the ongoing Conservative leadership election, say Conservatives. In interviews with The Hill Times, political insiders supporting different candidates and one leading […]

Poilievre has ‘captured the attention of Canadians,’ but unclear if this will translate into a win, say politicos

Apr 18 2022 — Abbas Rana — Political observers say it’s still unclear whether the large crowds Pierre Poilievre is drawing to his rallies and his traction on social media will translate into votes for the Ottawa-area MP considered to be the front-runner in the federal Conservative leadership race. “What’s clear is that he can generate attention, he’s got eyeballs, he has […]

Poilievre and Brown ‘playing with dynamite’ in divisive Conservative leadership election, say politicos

Mar 21 2022 — Abbas Rana — The division in the Conservative leadership campaign, already on display, will make it a serious challenge for the eventual winner to bring the party together after the contest is over, say political players. “It’s pretty clear that there’s kind of a progressive element to it, and then there’s a more Conservative element to it,” said […]

Conservatives to finalize nomination rules for incumbent MPs before leadership election to avoid political pressure to support any one leadership candidate, say Tories

Mar 14 2022 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party’s national council will finalize the nomination rules for 119 ridings represented by its MPs before the election of the new leader and unheld ridings after the leadership election, giving independence to MPs to decide without any political pressure who they want to support for the party’s top job. “Our priority is working […]

Conservatives say next federal election will be a ‘change election,’ amping up stakes and division in current leadership contest

Mar 7 2022 — Abbas Rana — Conservatives say they expect their next party leader to most likely be the next prime minister of Canada, which is why the leadership race, unofficially begun last month when MP Pierre Poilievre announced his candidacy, will be ugly and divisive. “The stakes are higher, and when the stakes are higher, people’s elbows start to go […]

Charest won’t be intimidated by ‘spin’ that Harper’s opposed to his potential leadership bid, says top strategist Coates

Feb 28 2022 — Abbas Rana — Some Conservative sources telling reporters that Stephen Harper is against Jean Charest’s potential candidacy for the Conservative Party’s top job is “spin” and a scare tactic to intimidate the former Quebec premier from entering the leadership election, says a top strategist for Charest’s potential leadership bid. “I don’t believe it,” said Michael Coates, co-founder and […]