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Transformative global pandemic could bring positive changes to society, but will require ‘an incredible amount of political will,’ say politicos, pollsters

Jun 29 2020 — Abbas Rana — The global COVID-19 pandemic is a transformative moment that could reshape society by bringing in positive changes to make Canada and the world a better place, say some political insiders, but others say a lot depends on when the public health crisis ends and its effect on the economy. “I do believe the idea that […]

‘The words leadership and Trump are an oxymoron’: U.S. and Canadian politicos trash Trump’s response to massive Black Lives Matter protests

Jun 8 2020 — Abbas Rana — ‘It’s a little bit scary, and as long as Donald Trump is around I think that everyone’s going to have what I call the 21 second pause that Trudeau took yesterday, before opening your mouth on it,’ says former Conservative Sen. Don Oliver. Donald Trump has failed to show leadership while handling COVID-19 and the […]

A fall federal election is ‘a real possibility,’ and a ‘sweet spot’ for Liberals to win a majority, say pollsters

Jun 1 2020 — Abbas Rana — While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are currently enjoying a strong wave of national popularity, a fall election is a “real possibility” from a purely strategic point of view, and an ideal time to convert a minority government into a majority, say leading pollsters. “The number suggests that there’s going to be a window, at […]

‘Doing democracy by Zoom just not the same as being there in the House’: rookie MPs missing out on parliamentary experience

May 25 2020 — Abbas Rana — Some of the 98 rookie MPs elected in the last election say they’re missing out on the cut-and-thrust of Ottawa’s parliamentary experience as Canada’s federal lawmakers, and a Conservative MP says if there’s an early election this could become “the forgotten Parliament,” the one during the global pandemic. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which the […]

COVID-19 ‘revolutionary moment’ in politics will reshape political dynamics and established views on policy issues, say pundits and MPs

May 18 2020 — Abbas Rana — The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has transformed federal politics in profound ways, has reset established views of Canadians on major policy issues like deficits or the role of government in the lives of Canadians, and it will reshape political dynamics in the future, say pundits and MPs. “Why don’t we use the deficit as an example? […]

Conservative Party caucus split over Sloan’s potential ouster, with lines drawn between Ontario and rural, Western Canada MPs

May 14 2020 — Abbas Rana — Conservative MP Derek Sloan’s potential expulsion from caucus over his controversial remarks is causing a rift between Ontario MPs, who want him out, and a vast majority of Western and rural MPs, who oppose that move, according to Conservative MPs. “It’s like Ontario caucus saying, ‘We’re never going to win if this guy’s on the […]

Government collaboration with MPs ‘off the charts’ amid COVID-19, says Green Party’s May

Apr 27 2020 — Abbas Rana — All MPs and Senators are receiving a daily technical briefing from top government officials on the COVID-19 global pandemic seven days a week, and Green Party Parliamentary Leader Elizabeth May says the level of the government’s cooperation with Parliamentarians has been “unprecedented.” Ms. May (Saanich-Gulf Islands, B.C.) said that cooperation makes her feel she can […]

Conservative MPs need to raise $15,000 by year’s end to fend off nomination challenges, says party

Apr 22 2020 — Abbas Rana — All 121 Conservative MPs are being required to raise $15,000 by the end of 2020 in order to fend off nomination challenges. In a briefing before the national Conservative caucus on Wednesday, Jaime Girard, acting executive director of the party, and Conservative MP Diane Finley (Haldimand–Norfolk, Ont.), the caucus liaison to the national council, said […]

Next federal election a referendum on Trudeau’s management of COVID-19, say pollsters, ‘a crisis like no other’

Apr 20 2020 — Abbas Rana — With the country deep in the throes of a deadly global pandemic, veteran pollsters are predicting that the next federal election will be a referendum on how Justin Trudeau’s minority government managed COVID-19 and its impact on Canadians after this global crisis is over. “We won’t know until the very end how much damage this […]