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Pundits say Liberal Chahal could flip Calgary Skyview

Sep 6 2021 — Abbas Rana — Some political pundits are predicting that Liberal candidate George Chahal could flip Calgary Skyview in what is expected to be a close Sept. 20 election in which every seat will count. “Anytime you want to try to win a seat in Alberta and you’re not a Conservative, it’s a tough fight,” said Prof. Duane Bratt, […]

Reception ‘a lot worse’ at the doorstep than in 2019, say some Liberal MPs, candidates, and campaign workers

Aug 31 2021 — Abbas Rana — The response some Liberal candidates and campaign workers are getting from Canadians at doorsteps across the country is surprisingly negative, according to Liberal sources who say it’s worse than the backlash from the blackface scandal mid-campaign in 2019. “It’s a lot worse than it was in 2019,” said a Liberal MP, who spoke with The […]

As election momentum shifts to the Tories, some Liberal MPs, candidates getting ‘nervous,’ say Liberal sources

Aug 24 2021 — Abbas Rana — With the momentum shifting from the Justin Trudeau Liberals to the Erin O’Toole Conservatives, some Liberal MPs and candidates running in close swing ridings are getting ‘nervous’ about the prospect that their party might end up with another minority, or lose the election altogether, say Liberal sources. “If you’re not nervous, I think you’re not […]

Leaders’ debates ‘inordinately important,’ O’Toole will have the ‘highest stakes,’ say political insiders

Aug 23 2021 — Abbas Rana — Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole will have the highest stakes in next month’s leaders’ debates, which will be his first major appearance before millions of Canadians and an opportunity to pitch why he’s a better candidate to serve as prime minister than Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, say some top political analysts. “It’s going to be inordinately […]

Liberals to target the 34 ridings they lost in 2019, ‘gateway’ to a majority, say top strategists and veteran Grit insiders

Aug 16 2021 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will need to win back a significant chunk of the 34 seats they carried in the 2015 election but lost in 2019 if they want to secure a majority government, say top political strategists and veteran Liberal insiders. “They’re basically the low-hanging fruit for the Liberals,” said Greg […]

Senior Liberal ministerial staffers start to trickle into party office to help run upcoming election campaign, say ministerial staffers

Aug 10 2021 — Abbas Rana — With the next election call around the corner, senior ministerial staffers have slowly started to move to the party office to help run the upcoming election campaign, but a majority will make the move once the election is called. “While we don’t comment on specific election-readiness preparations, we will always be ready to take our […]

Backroom handling of potential Liberal nomination in Kanata-Carleton causing fissures in riding, say riding association members and potential candidates

Aug 4 2021 — Abbas Rana — If the Liberals are planning on appointing a candidate in Kanata-Carleton, Ont., for the next election without consulting the riding association, or going through the regular nomination process, they should think twice, say some potential Liberal candidates and riding association members. “We would like a nomination process that’s open and transparent,” said Dr. Rouba Fattal, […]

Closing gap between Liberals and Conservatives should force Trudeau to reconsider calling an election in coming weeks, say some pollsters

Aug 2 2021 — Abbas Rana — Calling an election when some public opinion polls suggest a closing gap between the Liberals and Conservatives should make Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reconsider right now because he could end up with a weaker minority or even losing the government altogether, say some pollsters. “There’s no need to have an election right now,” said Darrell […]

Deputy mayor of Ottawa Sudds eyeing Liberal nomination in the federal riding of Kanata-Carleton, say Liberal sources

Jul 30 2021 — Abbas Rana — Councillor and deputy mayor of Ottawa Jenna Sudds is said to be eyeing the federal Liberal nomination in Kanata-Carleton, sources told The Hill Times. Incumbent two-term Liberal MP Karen McCrimmon is not expected to seek re-election. By deadline, she had not made an official announcement, and did not respond to an interview request from The […]

National Liberal campaign director Ishmael advises candidates to rent campaign offices for two months: Liberal sources

Jul 26 2021 — Abbas Rana — With all federal parties entering the final phase of preparations for an anticipated election call next month, a top Liberal campaign official told candidates, campaign managers, and riding association presidents last week that they should rent campaign offices for two months. Liberal sources who attended the online meeting on Monday, July 19, said that in […]