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Liberals trigger ‘national electoral urgency’ clause to bypass nomination rules, 10 weeks from election

Aug 12 2019 — Abbas Rana — With the next federal election only 10 weeks away and about 100 ridings without nominated candidates, the federal Liberals have triggered a “national electoral urgency” clause that allows the party to bypass the nomination process and appoint candidates directly, making some would-be candidates nervous they might not get a fair shot in the nomination contests. […]

Despite Greens’ rising popularity, NDP and Bloc more likely to hold balance of power in next House: pollster Lyle

Jul 15 2019 — Abbas Rana — Although the Green Party is recording historic highs in public opinion polls and has made recent gains in a byelection and some provincial elections, pollster Greg Lyle predicts the New Democrats and the Bloc will likely be more influential if a minority government is elected in October’s federal election. “We take it with a grain […]

Ford’s Ontario cuts, drop in SNC-Lavalin media coverage, return of female support helping Libs, but it’s still a ‘coin toss,’ say pollsters

Jul 8 2019 — Abbas Rana — After weeks of attracting low support in national public opinion polls, the Liberals are starting to bounce back chiefly because of Ontario Premier Doug Ford government’s controversial cuts in social services, the dissipation of media coverage on SNC-Lavalin affair, closer scrutiny of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and the return of women support back to the […]

Liberal MP Tan’s wife eyes party nomination in wake of his decision not to seek re-election to ‘spend time with family’

Jul 4 2019 — Abbas Rana — Dr. Xinglai Laura Huang, wife of Liberal MP Geng Tan, who works as a scientist at Environment Canada, is seeking the Liberal nomination in their riding, Don Valley North, in Toronto. Rookie Liberal MP Geng Tan unexpectedly announced last month that he won’t seek re-election in the fall to “spend more time with his family,” […]

Pollsters expect ‘acrimonious, intensely fought’ federal election campaign, high-tech ‘black ops’ from domestic and foreign third parties

Jun 17 2019 — Abbas Rana — The next election campaign is shaping up to be one of the most “acrimonious, intensely fought,” and “unprecedented” runs in Canadian political history, involving populism and the use of “high-tech black ops through algorithms and social media” by domestic and foreign players, say pollsters. “[The most important aspects will be] the high-technology black ops, through […]

Kenney should stick to campaigning against carbon tax and pipelines, or else run federally: Conservative MP Tilson

Jun 10 2019 — Abbas Rana — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s plan to help the federal Conservatives defeat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the upcoming election campaign should be limited to issues of “common interest,” including the carbon tax and pipelines, and if the Alberta premier wants to campaign on other issues, he should run for federal office, says a veteran […]

It’s like ‘Michael Ignatieff all over again’: Liberals say reported talks on Trudeau succession plan ‘ridiculous,’ and must be stopped

Jun 3 2019 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals may be trailing the Conservatives in opinion polls four months ahead of an election, but talk of a replacing Mr. Trudeau should the Grits lose in the fall is politically “unhelpful,” “ridiculous,” and “self-serving” on the part of the people engaged in the backroom strategizing, say Liberals. “I thought it […]

Caesar-Chavannes now considering run as an Independent MP in October election

May 27 2019 — Abbas Rana — Independent MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes says she’s also considering to running as an Independent candidate in the October federal election, after watching Independent MPs Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott announce their plans to run as Independents. “The option of running as an Independent is intriguing, I will certainly consider it,” said Ms. Caesar-Chavannes (Whitby, Ont.) in […]

B.C. ‘incredibly competitive’ battleground in upcoming campaign, Liberals can’t afford to lose seats in province: pollsters

May 27 2019 — Abbas Rana — In the topsy-turvy and tumultuous political environment in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are dropping in the polls, British Columbia’s 42 seats will be a critical battleground in the upcoming campaign, pollsters say. If the Liberals want to form government next time, they will have to make some gains in the country’s western-most province, […]

‘They should be nervous’: Liberals now focusing ‘completely’ on election readiness in regional, national caucus meetings

May 20 2019 — Abbas Rana — With only four months left before the fall election call and 75 per cent of the Grit caucus consisting of rookie MPs facing re-election for the first time, the Liberals have decided to focus “completely” on election readiness in all their weekly regional and national meetings until the House adjourns on June 21, MPs say. […]