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Pollsters expect ‘acrimonious, intensely fought’ federal election campaign, high-tech ‘black ops’ from domestic and foreign third parties

Jun 17 2019 — Abbas Rana — The next election campaign is shaping up to be one of the most “acrimonious, intensely fought,” and “unprecedented” runs in Canadian political history, involving populism and the use of “high-tech black ops through algorithms and social media” by domestic and foreign players, say pollsters. “[The most important aspects will be] the high-technology black ops, through […]

Kenney should stick to campaigning against carbon tax and pipelines, or else run federally: Conservative MP Tilson

Jun 10 2019 — Abbas Rana — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s plan to help the federal Conservatives defeat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the upcoming election campaign should be limited to issues of “common interest,” including the carbon tax and pipelines, and if the Alberta premier wants to campaign on other issues, he should run for federal office, says a veteran […]

It’s like ‘Michael Ignatieff all over again’: Liberals say reported talks on Trudeau succession plan ‘ridiculous,’ and must be stopped

Jun 3 2019 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals may be trailing the Conservatives in opinion polls four months ahead of an election, but talk of a replacing Mr. Trudeau should the Grits lose in the fall is politically “unhelpful,” “ridiculous,” and “self-serving” on the part of the people engaged in the backroom strategizing, say Liberals. “I thought it […]

Caesar-Chavannes now considering run as an Independent MP in October election

May 27 2019 — Abbas Rana — Independent MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes says she’s also considering to running as an Independent candidate in the October federal election, after watching Independent MPs Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott announce their plans to run as Independents. “The option of running as an Independent is intriguing, I will certainly consider it,” said Ms. Caesar-Chavannes (Whitby, Ont.) in […]

B.C. ‘incredibly competitive’ battleground in upcoming campaign, Liberals can’t afford to lose seats in province: pollsters

May 27 2019 — Abbas Rana — In the topsy-turvy and tumultuous political environment in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are dropping in the polls, British Columbia’s 42 seats will be a critical battleground in the upcoming campaign, pollsters say. If the Liberals want to form government next time, they will have to make some gains in the country’s western-most province, […]

‘They should be nervous’: Liberals now focusing ‘completely’ on election readiness in regional, national caucus meetings

May 20 2019 — Abbas Rana — With only four months left before the fall election call and 75 per cent of the Grit caucus consisting of rookie MPs facing re-election for the first time, the Liberals have decided to focus “completely” on election readiness in all their weekly regional and national meetings until the House adjourns on June 21, MPs say. […]

‘Clock ticking fast’ to next election, but Liberal support headed in ‘wrong direction at the wrong time,’ say veteran political analysts

May 6 2019 — Abbas Rana — With the “clock ticking and ticking fast” to the next election, support for the federal Liberals is headed in the “wrong direction at the wrong time,” bleeding a significant chunk of their support across the country, say veteran pollsters, and the governing party should be “very concerned” that they control the national agenda, get the […]

Liberals, Conservatives playing in politically ‘dangerous field’ by using racism as tool to mobilize their support bases, says Nanos

Apr 29 2019 — Abbas Rana — The governing Liberals and opposition Conservatives are playing in a politically dangerous field by using the divisive issue of racism as a tool to mobilize their support bases for the next election, which could backfire resulting in “mutually assured destruction” for both federal parties, says a leading political analyst. “We’re seeing an increase in weaponization […]

Anxious Liberals want Grits to fill all-important national campaign director position soon

Apr 22 2019 — Abbas Rana — With the next election day only six months away and the campaign unofficially underway, the federal Liberals have yet to officially name a national campaign director which is creating some anxiousness among party members eager to get started, say Liberals. “We’re not getting clear directions from the party,” said one long-time Liberal in an interview […]

MPs, political insiders question ‘endgame’ of former cabinet ministers Philpott and Wilson-Raybould

Apr 15 2019 — Abbas Rana — Jane Philpott may legitimately feel aggrieved by her and Jody Wilson-Raybould’s expulsions from the Liberal caucus, but both former cabinet ministers should be careful how they pick and choose their future political fights with the Liberal Party because people have already started to raise questions about their endgame, say Liberal MPs and political insiders. “What […]