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Alberta Premier Smith and Trump are ‘major distractions’ in Poilievre’s quest to become prime minister, say political insiders

Nov 28 2022 — Abbas Rana — In his quest to become prime minister, Pierre Poilievre faces two vulnerabilities from outside the federal Conservative Party: Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and former U.S. president Donald Trump. Smith’s musings about a two-tier health-care system, and renewed attention on Trump’s populist style of politics as he runs for the Republican Party presidential nomination again could […]

Ford-CUPE feud portrays Tories as ‘black-hearted accountants,’ an image which could harm federal Conservatives

Nov 14 2022 — Abbas Rana — Some federal ConservatiSome federal Conservatives are concerned that Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s ongoing labour dispute with CUPE education workers is negative portraying federal Conservatives, and putting them at a disadvantage in the upcoming Mississauga-Lakeshore byelection, say some Conservatives. “The strike and the notwithstanding clause is going to create a perception that these Conservatives are black-hearted […]

Poilievre shakes up senior ranks of Conservative Party

Nov 7 2022 — Abbas Rana — After announcing his 80-member shadow cabinet in October, Pierre Poilievre has been busy putting together a team of senior political aides to prepare the party for the next federal election which the Conservatives think is theirs to lose. In an effort to stitch together a team of top-notch staffers, Poilievre (Carleton, Ont.) has been relying […]

Three current Liberal MPs and one former Liberal MP considering run for Ontario Liberal leadership

Oct 24 2022 — Abbas Rana — At least three Liberal MPs and one former Liberal MP who is now an MPP in the Ontario legislature are testing the waters of the Ontario Liberal Party leadership race. The incumbent MPs considering running include Yasir Naqvi (Ottawa Centre, Ont.), Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Beaches-East York, Ont.), and Michael Coteau (Don Valley East, Ont.). Ted Hsu, […]

Poilievre aiming for swing ridings in major urban centres, say politicos

Oct 17 2022 — Abbas Rana — By putting visible minority MPs in top caucus leadership posts, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is targeting swing ridings in major urban centres—traditionally Liberal territory—which could determine the outcome of the next federal election, say political insiders. “If the Conservatives under Poilievre want to have a chance to form a majority government, those bellwether ridings in […]

Trudeau’s upcoming appearance before Emergencies Act Inquiry politically ‘risky,’ say political players

Oct 10 2022 — Abbas Rana — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet ministers’ upcoming appearances before the public inquiry into the government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to end the Freedom Convoy back in February is politically risky, say political players. “It’s going to be grinding on the government, I would say,” said Darrell Bricker, vice-president of Ipsos Public […]

Politicos question why Liberals are holding their fire against Poilievre

Aug 29 2022 — Abbas Rana — Should Pierre Poilievre win the Conservative leadership race next month as expected, political insiders say he won’t make an easy opponent for the Liberals. Poilievre (Carleton, Ont.) has already been blasting the prime minister and the government day-in and day-out, and has been gaining traction with Canadians. But the Liberals have done little to respond […]

Alberta Sovereignty Act a ‘huge’ challenge for Poilievre if he wins federal leadership election, say political players

Aug 22 2022 — Abbas Rana — The issue of Alberta sovereignty will be the first “huge” political hot potato for Pierre Poilievre should he win the Conservative leadership this September, particularly if Danielle Smith also wins the leadership of the United Conservative Party in Alberta, say political players. Smith, the UCP leadership contest front-runner, has proposed the “Alberta Sovereignty Act” that […]

If Poilievre wins leadership, but fails to pivot to the centre, Quebec Tory MP Godin says he will ‘reflect’ on his own ‘future political life’

Aug 15 2022 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party will elect a new leader on Sept. 10, but already one Quebec Conservative MP is warning that the results could cause him to re-evaluate his future with the party. The unity of the Conservative Party after the leadership election will depend largely on the direction the new leader decides to take, says […]

Del Duca, Schulte, Ferri considering run for Vaughan mayoral race

Jul 22 2022 — Abbas Rana — Former Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca, former federal Liberal cabinet minister Deborah Schulte, and incumbent deputy mayor of Vaughan Mario Ferri are each considering running for the city’s top job in the fall municipal election. “I have not decided yet, but I am certainly considering it,” said Schulte, in an interview with The Hill […]

Surrey, B.C., mayoral contest shaping up to be ‘mother of all battles,’ say some candidates and political insiders

Jul 18 2022 — Abbas Rana — With three current and former MPs, all known for their organizational and fundraising prowess, expected to duke it out in Surrey’s coming mayoral contest, the race is shaping up to be the “mother of all battles” taking place municipally in British Columbia this fall, say senior B.C. political insiders. “I don’t know of any other […]