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Poilievre and Brown ‘playing with dynamite’ in divisive Conservative leadership election, say politicos

Mar 21 2022 — Abbas Rana — The division in the Conservative leadership campaign, already on display, will make it a serious challenge for the eventual winner to bring the party together after the contest is over, say political players. “It’s pretty clear that there’s kind of a progressive element to it, and then there’s a more Conservative element to it,” said […]

Conservatives to finalize nomination rules for incumbent MPs before leadership election to avoid political pressure to support any one leadership candidate, say Tories

Mar 14 2022 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party’s national council will finalize the nomination rules for 119 ridings represented by its MPs before the election of the new leader and unheld ridings after the leadership election, giving independence to MPs to decide without any political pressure who they want to support for the party’s top job. “Our priority is working […]

Conservatives say next federal election will be a ‘change election,’ amping up stakes and division in current leadership contest

Mar 7 2022 — Abbas Rana — Conservatives say they expect their next party leader to most likely be the next prime minister of Canada, which is why the leadership race, unofficially begun last month when MP Pierre Poilievre announced his candidacy, will be ugly and divisive. “The stakes are higher, and when the stakes are higher, people’s elbows start to go […]

Charest won’t be intimidated by ‘spin’ that Harper’s opposed to his potential leadership bid, says top strategist Coates

Feb 28 2022 — Abbas Rana — Some Conservative sources telling reporters that Stephen Harper is against Jean Charest’s potential candidacy for the Conservative Party’s top job is “spin” and a scare tactic to intimidate the former Quebec premier from entering the leadership election, says a top strategist for Charest’s potential leadership bid. “I don’t believe it,” said Michael Coates, co-founder and […]

‘The government is clearly being hurt by this’: Trudeau government criticized for its handling of Ottawa occupation

Feb 14 2022 — Abbas Rana — Two Liberal MPs’ public criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of the pandemic should be ‘a wake-up call’ for the prime minister, says Innovative Research president Greg Lyle. ‘The prime minister just needs to wake up and see that and to change course, to address that. If he does change course, a lot of […]

Quebec Liberal MP Robillard also breaks ranks, questions Trudeau government’s handling of pandemic

Feb 9 2022 — Abbas Rana — A three-term Quebec Liberal MP is raising questions about the Justin Trudeau’s handling of the pandemic and says he agrees with fellow Quebec Liberal MP Joel Lightbound who yesterday said the federal government’s response has become “politicized” and “divisive.” “He [Lightbound] said exactly what a lot of us think,” said Liberal MP Yves Robillard (Marc-Aurèle-Fortin, […]

Tory leadership race should end before July, say Poilievre campaign supporters, unphased by convoy backing

Feb 9 2022 — Abbas Rana — Supporters of Conservative Party leadership election front-runner—and the sole declared candidate so far—Pierre Poilievre say the contest should be concluded before July to give the winner an opportunity to attend the BBQ circuit across the country during the summer and get the party ready for the next election. “The sooner the better,” said Conservative MP […]

Truckers’ protest reflects rise in ‘disruption politics,’ increasing polarization, say political insiders

Feb 7 2022 — Abbas Rana — The “Freedom Convoy,” which has paralyzed the nation’s capital for more than a week, could eventually be a political gift for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, say some political insiders, but others warn the rise in “disruption politics” could turn into an “Occupy Parliament Hill movement” and become a major headache for the prime minister and […]

Liberal leadership speculation a distraction, Trudeau should shut it down firmly, say Liberal MPs, political insiders, and pollsters

Jan 24 2022 — Abbas Rana — If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is definitely planning to lead his party in the next election, he should put an end to the speculation about the leadership election, or it could become a serious distraction for the government at a time when the country is dealing with the serious health and economic challenges of COVID, […]

In defiance of O’Toole, Saskatchewan MPs vote to back Batters in regional caucus: source

Jan 21 2022 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party’s Saskatchewan caucus voted Thursday night to stand behind Senator Denise Batters staying in the regional group, a source says, months after leader Erin O’Toole booted Batters from the national caucus in November. In a special meeting on Jan. 20, the 14-member Saskatchewan regional caucus voted in favour of Batters, according to a […]