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‘Canadians are placing all their hopes and fears in the hands of government’ and successful political leaders should be honest, unscripted, say pollsters

Apr 6 2020 — Abbas Rana — The provincial premiers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval ratings are currently rising over their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, but pollsters are saying it remains to be seen how long their popularity will last, as their numbers fluctuate depending on their performance during different phases of this unprecedented crisis. “It [high polling numbers] will […]

Speedy delivery of financial benefits to Canadians key to Trudeau’s handling of COVID-19, says a leading pollster

Mar 30 2020 — Abbas Rana — Canadians will judge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s performance on the COVID-19 pandemic crisis based on how quickly the federal government can deliver benefits to the people, says a leading pollster. “There will be a high level of impatience with how fast they [government support initiatives] can be implemented,” said Nik Nanos, chief data scientist and […]

Unhappy with some of committee’s decisions, CPC’s powerful national council could take over leadership process: senior Conservative sources

Mar 26 2020 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party’s powerful national council could take the reins from the leadership organizing committee in setting the process for the race due to some of the controversies over the committee’s decisions, say senior Conservative sources. Sources familiar with behind-the-scenes conversations among national councillors have told The Hill Times that the appointed Leadership Organizing Committee—which […]

‘Everybody’s scared’: Trudeau needs to cut red tape, give money directly to Canadians to stimulate economy, say political strategists

Mar 23 2020 — Abbas Rana — While economies around the world face the possibility of a depression as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals need to cut the bureaucratic red tape and start a basic income pilot program to give money directly to all Canadians for the duration of the crisis, say political strategists. “Everybody’s scared […]

Conservative MP Gladu blasts her party for being ‘tone deaf’ in refusal to extend race deadline as Canadians grapple with coronavirus fallout

Mar 16 2020 — Abbas Rana — A female candidate seeking the Conservative Party’s top job is blasting her party for being “tone deaf” to the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on Canadians and its effects on the leadership race, saying the party’s refusal to make any changes to deadlines means only “three white” men and no women will likely make […]

Trudeau facing ‘confluence of extremely challenging problems’ in ‘unprecedented’ situation, say pollsters

Mar 16 2020 — Abbas Rana — The daunting set of challenges for the Trudeau government in the first few months of its second mandate—the downing of Ukrainian Flight 752 by an Iranian missile that killed all 176 onboard including 57 Canadians, the Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades, the coronavirus pandemic crisis, the meltdown in equity markets potentially leading to a recession, the cancellation […]

Conservative riding presidents, candidates, MPs rebelling against party’s decision to claw back half of election rebates

Mar 9 2020 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party is facing serious pushback from riding associations, candidates, and caucus members over the Conservative Fund’s decision to claw back 50 per cent of the election rebates from Elections Canada that candidates receive for their expenses after an election, and the three main leadership candidates are vowing to cancel the “rebate sharing program” […]

Trudeau’s handling of Wet’suwet’en blockades critical to his political credibility, say pollsters and former Liberal cabinet minister Nault

Feb 24 2020 — Abbas Rana — How Prime Minister Justin Trudeau handles the Indigenous blockades of key transportation routes in support of the Wet’suwet’en Nation is one of the biggest public policy challenges he’s faced in his political career, and a failure to resolve it to the satisfaction of most Canadians will raise questions about his ability to handle this politically […]

Senior Conservatives seething over Conservative Fund’s refusal to share Scheer’s $700,000 over-budget expense details with national council

Feb 17 2020 — Abbas Rana — Some senior Conservatives are seething with anger over the powerful and unelected Conservative Fund’s refusal to share details with the national council of Andrew Scheer’s $700,000-over-budget office expenses last year, saying the lack of transparency is resulting in gossip affecting the leader’s credibility and the party’s ability to raise funds. “This is a strange situation,” […]

Conservative Party’s national council should share Scheer’s expense audit report with party members, say some Conservative MPs and leadership candidate Gladu

Feb 10 2020 — Abbas Rana — The Conservative Party’s national council should share the findings of the forensic audit into $900,000 of outgoing leader Andrew Scheer’s expenses, say some Conservative MPs and one leadership candidate, and they say it’s critical for the party to improve the governance and transparency of the Conservative Fund following the controversy over the party’s subsidization of […]

In minority Parliament, Lamoureux suggests no House votes on Mondays and Fridays, a dual Chamber, and more power for MPs

Feb 3 2020 — Abbas Rana — MPs could be given more power, they could stop voting on Mondays and Fridays, and there could be a two-House Chamber to complement the work of the Commons, says Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux, parliamentary secretary to the government House leader, and the one who’s leading the charge to modernize the House in this minority Parliament.

Conservative Party a ‘rudderless mess’ and there’s bad blood between its fund and national council, say some Conservatives

Jan 27 2020 — Abbas Rana — Some senior Conservatives are describing the party’s internal political climate as “chaotic” and a “rudderless mess,” and predict the return of Parliament this week will be a major challenge for the Tories. The divisive leadership contest is on, there’s “bad blood” between the all-powerful Conservative Fund and the party’s national council over the firing of […]