National Newswatch

Sovereignist group says Charter goes too far

Jan 27 2014 — Andy Riga — A group of dyed-in-the-wool sovereignists says the Parti Québécois government is going too far with its proposed ban on public employees wearing “conspicuous” religious gear. Known as Indépendantistes pour une laïcité inclusive, the group said Bill 60 penalizes Muslim women and endorses intolerance. It also accused the PQ of having no studies to back up […]

Vito Rizzuto: Groomed to head the mob

Dec 24 2013 — Andy Riga — Vito Rizzuto was born a mobster and born to be a mobster. Raised in a gangster clan, his smooth personality and targeted ruthlessness helped him become the most powerful and feared underworld boss Canada has ever seen. At his peak, he led a multibillion-dollar enterprise known for its formidable Montreal street muscle and global tentacles […]

Quebec must have a say in Champlain plans: Marois

Dec 4 2013 — Andy Riga — Harper reiterates that tolls are a necessity. Quebec wants a seat at the planning table for the new Champlain Bridge, and a working group to look at financing the new bridge and a possible handover to the provincial government. Premier Pauline Marois made the demands at a private 30-minute meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper […]

Ottawa to replace Champlain Bridge sooner than planned

Nov 16 2013 — Andy Riga — Ottawa now says it will build a new Champlain Bridge sooner than expected — but in the short term, traffic may get worse before it gets better. A measure being put in place to ease Champlain Bridge traffic during a month-long emergency lane closure may in fact make things worse for South Shore drivers starting […]

‘Replacement of the Champlain must be expedited’

Oct 2 2013 — Andy Riga — It’s even worse than you thought. As much as $500 million will be required to repair the crumbling Champlain Bridge over next five years — five times more than Ottawa expected. Even with that work, “temporary or permanent lane closures” are possible down the road. The condition was so worrisome, six sections of the span […]