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Karina Gould wants to save democracy from fake news. How?

Feb 22 2018 — Aaron Wherry — In the aftermath of the 2016 American presidential election, Western democracies awoke to an uncontrolled and potentially dangerous world of political disinformation, targeted ads, bots and foreign interference. How Justin Trudeau’s government intends to respond to this new reality before the 2019 federal election should become clearer this spring. “My hope is that over the […]

Stephen Harper says he could not justify dumping Rick Dykstra in 2015

Feb 2 2018 — Aaron Wherry — Former prime minister Stephen Harper says that, on the basis of what he knew at the time, he could not justify dumping Rick Dykstra as a Conservative Party candidate in 2015. Dykstra, a former Conservative MP, resigned as president of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party last Sunday, hours before Maclean’s magazine reported he had been […]

Andrew Scheer orders investigation into Rick Dykstra candidacy

Jan 31 2018 — Aaron Wherry — Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says he has instructed his party to launch an independent investigation into the questions surrounding Rick Dykstra’s federal candidacy in 2015. Dykstra, a former Conservative MP, resigned as president of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party on Sunday. Hours later, Maclean’s magazine published a report that Dykstra had been the subject of […]

5 things to watch as Parliament resumes Monday

Jan 29 2018 — Aaron Wherry — With the House of Commons set to resume its business on Monday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted on maintaining his government’s focus, even as his own remarks reflected the attention that the #MeToo movement is demanding in the wake of a week that saw one of Trudeau’s own cabinet ministers compelled to resign. Speaking […]

What happens when #MeToo comes to Parliament Hill

Jan 26 2018 — Aaron Wherry — Patrick Brown and Kent Hehr will not be the last. It is not a matter of when, but of how many more women will come forward to tell their stories. “Staffers talked about having a whisper network, knowing which parliamentarians to avoid and which ones were more lecherous when they were drinking,” Labour Minister Patty […]

Ex-governor general Michaëlle Jean calls reported Trump comments ‘troubling, offensive’

Jan 12 2018 — Aaron Wherry — Former Canadian governor general Michaëlle Jean, who was born in Haiti, has condemned Donald Trump’s reported derogatory comments about that country and unnamed African countries. “Today, January 12, marks the commemoration of the earthquake that devastated Haiti eight years ago,” Jean said in a statement, “and it was so disturbing this morning to hear President […]