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Judge Macdonald by standards of his day

Sep 7 2017 — Azeezah Kanji — Recent condemnations of the unsavoury aspects of John A. Macdonald’s record have drawn accusations of “presentism:” inappropriate application of 21st-century notions of justice to 19th-century history. Canada’s first prime minister helped eviscerate the self-determination of Indigenous nations and subjugate them to colonial rule, through laws like the Gradual Civilization of Indians Act in 1857 (when […]

Condemnations of Khadr reek of double standards

Jul 28 2017 — Azeezah Kanji — Fourteen years after Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day penned their proclamation of support for the illegal invasion of Iraq in the Wall Street Journal, another Canadian politician took to the WSJ to valorize another American contravention of international law: the abuse of Omar Khadr.

Outrage over Omar Khadr defies reason

Jul 13 2017 — Azeezah Kanji — How could so many Canadians protest the government’s apology and compensation to Omar Khadr, when the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that Canada violated some of his most fundamental rights? The Supreme Court unanimously stated in 2008 that “by making the product of its [post-torture] interviews of Mr. Khadr available to U.S. authorities, Canada participated […]