National Newswatch

Can you future-proof a refinery against climate change concerns? Shell thinks so

Apr 20 2023 — Kyle Bakx — On a sunny spring afternoon, Shell’s massive Scotford industrial complex northeast of Edmonton heaves with activity. There are dozens of smokestacks in every direction of the plant, which churns out not only gasoline and jet fuel, but propane and other materials, on a site that’s larger than downtown Edmonton. Grey and brown steel pipes snake […]

The rapid, dramatic windfall for provincial governments

Oct 17 2022 — Kyle Bakx — Canadians are feeling the pinch of higher prices these days. But that isn’t the case with provincial budgets. Coffers are filling, with many provinces slashing the size of their deficits or growing surpluses, leaving most of those governments in a much better position than they were earlier this year. The red-hot economy is a common […]

Canada’s oilpatch is flush with cash — so what are they going to do with it?

Aug 18 2022 — Kyle Bakx — The Canadian oilpatch is basking in its most lucrative year ever. Hefty prices for both oil and natural gas that have pained consumers are delivering a bounty of riches for the industry. That bounty was reinforced over the past few weeks as companies again posted extraordinary profits. While commodity prices have softened slightly, there is […]

From $0 to $120 in 2 years — and the price of oil could climb higher

Jun 13 2022 — Kyle Bakx — Sky-high energy prices are causing inflation and affordability problems. With so much pain at the gas pumps these days and the extraordinary price of oil around the globe, it’s almost unfathomable to think a barrel of crude was worthless two years ago. The price of oil even briefly turned negative in the spring of 2020 […]

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