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Encana declaring itself American is a gut punch for Alberta

Nov 1 2019 — Kyle Bakx — The most historic energy company in Canada decided on Thursday to fill out some forms and declare itself American. That change is an exceptionally bitter pill to swallow for the beleaguered oilpatch in Western Canada. Back in 1958, the Canadian Pacific Railway created the Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas Company to begin an assertive search […]

How board members at Alberta Energy Regulator were duped repeatedly

Oct 12 2019 — Kyle Bakx — Little oversight as executives withheld information, racked up bills and pursued an expensive side project. If business school professors are looking for new material about the importance of having a strong and effective board of directors — the Alberta Energy Regulator provides a gripping case study of what not to do. The AER’s board oversaw […]

The growing problem of oil and gas companies not paying local taxes or landowners

May 6 2019 — Kyle Bakx — Months before its demise, Trident Exploration made a plea to landowners to accept half of the payment it had promised to have the company’s natural gas wells on rural properties throughout Alberta. The Calgary-based firm explained it was in dire financial straits and needed help to stay afloat. Many of the landowners (mostly farmers) rejected […]

Oilpatch hopes investment flows back to Alberta after big Kenney win

Apr 17 2019 — Kyle Bakx — After four years of declining investment in Alberta’s oil and gas sector, the industry is hopeful a swift change in government will bring an equally quick return of fortunes for the oilpatch. Voters showed Rachel Notley’s NDP the door on Tuesday; Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party will now have a majority government. It’s exactly what […]

Jason Kenney loves the oilpatch but keeps criticizing oil company CEOs

Apr 8 2019 — Kyle Bakx — ‘I’m a bit surprised that Jason Kenney apparently thinks he doesn’t need them,’ says expert. The way Jason Kenney talks, he seems to be running for the position of the Alberta oilpatch’s top cheerleader, its main defender, or maybe even its saviour. Kenney hardly goes more than 30 seconds on the campaign trail without talking […]

Morneau meets face-to-face with Indigenous leaders to hear TMX pipeline ownership pitch

Mar 28 2019 — Kyle Bakx — An Alberta Indigenous group is optimistic about its chances of one day owning the Trans Mountain oil pipeline after a private meeting with the federal finance minister on Wednesday. The federal government bought the existing pipeline and related infrastructure for $4.5 billion last summer. Constructing the expansion pipeline could cost more than $7 billion. A […]

Canada lobbying American administration as pipeline delays mount

Mar 14 2019 — Kyle Bakx — Canada’s natural resources minister wants his American counterpart to step up and help on stalled pipelines, calling the long-delayed Keystone XL project “very important” to both countries. Amarjeet Sohi met with U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on Wednesday in Houston at the CERAWeek energy conference. The focus was on TransCanada’s Keystone XL project and […]

On the world stage, Canadian oil majors promote a carbon tax

Mar 13 2019 — Kyle Bakx — Executives from a pair of Canadian oilsands companies extolled the virtues of a carbon tax on one of the largest stages for the global energy sector. Climate change is one of the dominant topics of this year’s CERAWeek, a conference in Houston sometimes dubbed the Super Bowl of the world’s energy sector. This year’s conference […]

The unintended consequences of Alberta’s mandatory oil production cut

Dec 15 2018 — Kyle Bakx — One of Canada’s largest oil companies is listing a series of potential pitfalls from the Alberta government’s decision to impose a mandatory cut to oil production in the province. On Friday, as part of its announcement to investors of 2019 capital spending, Suncor outlined how the production cut could negatively affect the company. While the […]

Oilsands companies pull back on production as ‘crisis’ hits sector

Nov 2 2018 — Kyle Bakx — With no immediate relief in sight from a collapse in Canadian oil prices, Alberta oilsands companies are beginning to turn down the taps and produce less oil. Low prices for Canadian crude are causing a chill throughout the industry — from the oil majors, to the small service companies. Cenovus announced on Wednesday it would […]