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If proposed pipeline fails, Kinder Morgan could take Canada to court

Apr 10 2018 — Kyle Bakx — Kinder Morgan has spent plenty of time recently on the defensive as it faces legal challenges against its proposed Trans Mountain expansion pipeline. However, if the project fails, the Houston-based company could go on the offensive to try to recoup billions of dollars. Investors are already asking whether the company will take such action, and […]

What B.C. can and cannot do to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline

May 31 2017 — Kyle Bakx — Kinder Morgan is signing contracts with construction companies and plans to start building its new $7.4-billion pipeline in September. At the same time, a new NDP-Green party partnership could form government in B.C. and start acting on election campaign promises to kill the project. Both the company and the politicians made announcements on Tuesday making […]

Future of the oilsands: the good, the bad and the ugly

Jan 15 2017 — Kyle Bakx — Since 1999, more than $200 billion has been invested in Alberta’s oilsands. That’s a lot of money in a relatively short period of time that fuelled a multi-year boom in Alberta and grew production from around a half million barrels per day in the late 1990s to a projected three million bpd in 2020. Investment […]

Oilpatch-friendly royalty system takes effect in Alberta

Jan 3 2017 — Kyle Bakx — As the calendar flipped to 2017, Alberta’s oilpatch will begin paying the government under a new royalty system that took five months and cost $3 million to review — but basically looks the same as it did before. The NDP had vowed before their election victory to make sure oil companies would pay more to […]

Carbon capture industry could grow if taxes rise, expert says

Jan 2 2017 — Kyle Bakx — Considering all the recent debate about carbon taxes, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, there’s been little discussion about one of the methods of containing those gases — carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities. Four such projects are already operating or being developed in Canada. But an industry expert who worked on one of them […]

The card Canada never played to get Keystone XL approved

Dec 20 2016 — Kyle Bakx — Some diehards in the Alberta oilpatch won’t give credit to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta NDP premier Rachel Notley for giving them the top gift on their Christmas wish list — approval of a new oil export pipeline. But according to a new book, those unlikely oilpatch allies did what former Prime Minister […]

Do we really need more oil pipelines in Canada?

Nov 21 2016 — Kyle Bakx — The countdown is underway. The federal government has less than one month to make a decision on whether to approve Kinder Morgan’s expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta to B.C.’s coast. Opponents of Trans Mountain say there are many reasons to reject the project. They include the environmental risks of pipeline and tanker […]

Kinder Morgan braces for Standing Rock-type protests

Nov 5 2016 — Kyle Bakx — A person only has to read a few of the stories about the Standing Rock protest or see some of the pictures and videos to get a sense of the hostile stalemate over the construction of the new Dakota Access pipeline. The protests in North Dakota began small and peaceful, but grew in support and […]

Tweaks planned for the NEB, but it may need an overhaul

Sep 4 2016 — Kyle Bakx — The federal government wants to tweak Canada’s national energy regulator, but a former pipeline review panel member believes the NEB needs more than cosmetic changes. Hans Matthews, one of three NEB panel members to evaluate Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, is convinced the regulator needs a complete overhaul to be effective.

Big Oil vs. Big Auto: Who gets the easy ride on climate change?

Jun 27 2016 — Kyle Bakx — Canada’s oil industry would sure love to receive the same level of support from Canadians that the country’s auto sector receives. Especially as decisions by politicians over the next few years will have a vitally important influence on the oilpatch’s future. Governments and regulators will have to decide whether to approve two export pipelines, of […]

Alberta and Sask. to play catch-up on green energy spending

Jun 16 2016 — Kyle Bakx — Alberta and Saskatchewan are renewable energy laggards, while Ontario and Quebec are leaders, according to a new report from Clean Energy Canada. The organization added up all the clean energy projects constructed in 2015 across the country. About $78 million was spent in Alberta and $60 million in Saskatchewan as a single wind project was […]