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The unintended consequences of Alberta’s mandatory oil production cut

Dec 15 2018 — Kyle Bakx — One of Canada’s largest oil companies is listing a series of potential pitfalls from the Alberta government’s decision to impose a mandatory cut to oil production in the province. On Friday, as part of its announcement to investors of 2019 capital spending, Suncor outlined how the production cut could negatively affect the company. While the […]

Oilsands companies pull back on production as ‘crisis’ hits sector

Nov 2 2018 — Kyle Bakx — With no immediate relief in sight from a collapse in Canadian oil prices, Alberta oilsands companies are beginning to turn down the taps and produce less oil. Low prices for Canadian crude are causing a chill throughout the industry — from the oil majors, to the small service companies. Cenovus announced on Wednesday it would […]

Bargain price oil: How long will it last?

Oct 18 2018 — Kyle Bakx — As oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan continues to sell at record discounts, American refineries are enjoying lucrative profit margins at the expense of Canadian oil producers. The sharp drop in oil prices began in late September and is expected to continue for roughly another month. The culprit is limited export pipeline space and refinery maintenance […]

Hundreds of faulty pipeline parts could expand or break

Sep 20 2018 — Kyle Bakx — The National Energy Board has found hundreds of parts currently being used on major oil and gas pipelines are not as strong as previously thought and could expand or break if put under enough pressure. The parts are pipeline fittings, similar to those found in home plumbing such as elbows, tees and reducers, however they […]

How hydrogen could shake up Canada’s energy sector

Aug 19 2018 — Kyle Bakx — A few decades ago there was hype around hydrogen because of how one day it may replace gasoline and diesel as the fuel most use to fill up their tanks. The use of hydrogen is still in its infancy, but it’s growing in Canada. The potential is significant for how the most abundant element in […]

Oilpatch eager to ship more oil by rail as pipeline capacity at limit

May 1 2018 — Kyle Bakx — Trains may start hauling raw bitumen as a solid material. With no capacity to spare on pipelines out of Alberta, oilpatch leaders are desperately waiting for when they’ll be able to ship more crude on rail lines. Imperial Oil reduced oilsands operations in recent months as the company had no way of sending oil to […]

‘There’s a ton riding on this’: Enbridge pipeline project dealt blow in Minnesota

Apr 25 2018 — Kyle Bakx — Enbridge’s oil pipeline was old, unreliable and prone to leaking. It’s proposed replacement had federal approval in Canada and a presidential permit in the United States. That’s why compared to the other oil export projects proposed from Alberta — TransCanada’s Keystone XL and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion — this pipeline was assumed to face […]

Trans Mountain project no industry game-changer but may get federal funding anyway

Apr 18 2018 — Kyle Bakx — Canadians shouldn’t be surprised the federal government is considering financial assistance for energy giant Kinder Morgan to build the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline. Ottawa has invested in large oilpatch projects before. But some experts question why the government would back the proposed pipeline in Alberta and B.C., which is hardly as significant as past projects […]

If proposed pipeline fails, Kinder Morgan could take Canada to court

Apr 10 2018 — Kyle Bakx — Kinder Morgan has spent plenty of time recently on the defensive as it faces legal challenges against its proposed Trans Mountain expansion pipeline. However, if the project fails, the Houston-based company could go on the offensive to try to recoup billions of dollars. Investors are already asking whether the company will take such action, and […]

What B.C. can and cannot do to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline

May 31 2017 — Kyle Bakx — Kinder Morgan is signing contracts with construction companies and plans to start building its new $7.4-billion pipeline in September. At the same time, a new NDP-Green party partnership could form government in B.C. and start acting on election campaign promises to kill the project. Both the company and the politicians made announcements on Tuesday making […]

Future of the oilsands: the good, the bad and the ugly

Jan 15 2017 — Kyle Bakx — Since 1999, more than $200 billion has been invested in Alberta’s oilsands. That’s a lot of money in a relatively short period of time that fuelled a multi-year boom in Alberta and grew production from around a half million barrels per day in the late 1990s to a projected three million bpd in 2020. Investment […]

Oilpatch-friendly royalty system takes effect in Alberta

Jan 3 2017 — Kyle Bakx — As the calendar flipped to 2017, Alberta’s oilpatch will begin paying the government under a new royalty system that took five months and cost $3 million to review — but basically looks the same as it did before. The NDP had vowed before their election victory to make sure oil companies would pay more to […]