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Investigation clears Green Party Leader Elizabeth May of workplace harassment

May 10 2018 — Alex Ballingall — The Green Party announced Thursday that a third-party investigation concluded accusations levelled against longtime leader Elizabeth May do not constitute workplace harassment. The allegations, first reported by the Toronto Star in January, came from three former party employees, who accused May of creating a toxic work environment in the party with behaviour that included yelling […]

Jagmeet Singh expected to address controversy over harassment allegations against NDP MP

May 2 2018 — Alex Ballingall — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is expected to address a simmering controversy in the party’s federal caucus on Thursday, after Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir alleged an unnamed staff member accused him of harassment because of his views on carbon pricing. Singh called for a third-party investigation in February, after Quebec MP Christine Moore emailed the NDP […]

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh ‘absolutely’ condemns political violence

Mar 21 2018 — Alex Ballingall — NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh categorically condemned political violence on Wednesday, and said he won’t attend any event where he knows someone will advocate violence as a political tool. “Let’s make it really clear. I think it’s an important question. I condemn political violence absolutely, no question about that. It’s something that’s unacceptable. It divides people. […]

Two of Elizabeth May’s bullying accusers pull out of Green party investigation

Feb 21 2018 — Alex Ballingall — Two former Green party staffers who accused Elizabeth May of workplace bullying say they won’t participate in an investigation launched last month because they don’t trust it is being conducted independently. Vanessa Brustolin and Diana Nunes separately emailed their decisions Wednesday to the lawyer hired by the party to investigate their allegations, citing concerns with […]

Elizabeth May bullying accusers express doubt about party probe and call for changes before they agree to participate

Feb 12 2018 — Alex Ballingall — Three former Green party employees who accused Elizabeth May of workplace bullying are demanding a “truly independent” investigation of their allegations, stating in a joint letter that they have no confidence in the process launched by the party last month. Rob Rainer, Diana Nunes and Vanessa Brustolin wrote to Green Party President Ken Melamed on […]

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has been touring the country instead of trying to win a seat. Here’s where he’s gone so far

Feb 11 2018 — Alex Ballingall — Say you’re a backroom strategist, charged with charting the New Democratic Party’s plan for electoral victory. You have this flashy new leader, a 39-year-old who professes the requisite leftist ideals, yet does so with flair and an attitude that seems linked to a generational shift. He talks of “vibes” and calls things “fire,” and though […]

Three former Green Party staffers accuse Elizabeth May of workplace bullying

Jan 27 2018 — Alex Ballingall — Three former Green Party staffers are accusing longtime leader Elizabeth May of workplace bullying, alleging she has created a toxic work environment with conduct that includes yelling at employees and putting them down in front of their colleagues. Rob Rainer, a manager of six non-profit organizations before he served as the party’s interim executive director […]

How Ottawa is trying to breathe new life into a 22-year-old policy for gender equality

Dec 28 2017 — Alex Ballingall — Twenty-two years ago, the Canadian government made a commitment. Every piece of legislation, and all new policies and programs, would be treated to what is called a “gender-based analysis.” This bureaucratic procedure, while arcane, was meant to do something momentous: bring the experience of women to the nerve-centre of political decision-making. A government that does […]

Parliament Hill ice rink can’t handle the cold

Dec 27 2017 — Alex Ballingall — It’s too cold for kids hockey on the government’s $5.6-million ice rink on Parliament Hill. In the midst of a cold snap across much of the country, the Canadian winter has forced the cancellation of some of the only hockey games allowed on the outdoor rink, where pucks and sticks are banned during public skating […]