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‘I will not be silenced’: Pierre Poilievre calls on David Johnston to resign, refuses request to review foreign interference intelligence

May 23 2023 — Alex Ballingall — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is refusing to review classified information on foreign state interference, stating he won’t be “silenced” as he continues to claim — contrary to the conclusion of a new report he dismissed as untrustworthy — that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might be “complicit” in Chinese efforts to meddle in Canadian democracy. Speaking […]

Justin Trudeau has been battered by crisis after crisis. A decade into his leadership, why do Liberals still think he’s their party’s best bet?

Apr 8 2023 — Alex Ballingall — Even on the playground of the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, circa 1984, Justin Trudeau was a polarizing figure. This was Montreal, after all, at the tail end of his father’s prime ministership. Strong feelings clung to the family name, residue of the federalist victory in Quebec’s first failed referendum on separation and the constitutional dramas that encircled […]

Liberal MP Han Dong says he’s gotten death threats following Chinese election interference allegations

Mar 22 2023 — Alex Ballingall — A Liberal MP from Toronto says he has received “hateful comments” and “death threats” since he was accused in a media report of knowingly receiving help from Beijing as part of the Chinese government’s alleged interference in Canadian democracy. Speaking Tuesday for the first time since the allegations were reported by Global News in February, […]

Right-wing activist says he meant no harm with ‘joke’ about raping Pierre Poilievre’s wife

Sep 27 2022 — Alex Ballingall — The RCMP is reviewing a statement from a prominent far-right figure who says he was drunk when he joked during a live broadcast about sexually assaulting Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s wife. The comment provoked Poilievre’s strongest condemnation yet of a group called Diagolon and its controversial leader Jeremy MacKenzie, a 36-year-old Nova Scotia man whose […]

Liberals pledge response to inflation concerns after Pierre Poilievre’s victory

Sep 11 2022 — Alex Ballingall — The governing Liberals are stressing policies to alleviate the hardships of inflation at the outset of their three-day caucus retreat — a stance that confronts a key attack point for the Conservatives’ new firebrand leader, Pierre Poilievre. That much was clear on Sunday, as MPs and cabinet ministers in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority government […]

Trudeau government was told of ‘potential for a breakthrough’ with protesters a day before it used Emergencies Act, cabinet documents reveal

Aug 11 2022 — Alex Ballingall — The night before the Liberal government invoked the Emergencies Act to deal with so-called “Freedom Convoy” protesters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser told the federal cabinet that “there was potential for a breakthrough” with the occupation around Parliament Hill, newly released documents show. The revelation comes from meeting minutes and agendas submitted last […]

Elizabeth May set to join Green Party leadership race, sources say

Jul 29 2022 — Alex Ballingall — Elizabeth May is preparing to run for the federal Green Party leadership, sources say, confirming speculation that has swirled within the party that the former long-time leader would one day try to reclaim the position. One source with direct knowledge of party affairs told the Star on Thursday that May is collecting required signatures from […]

Ask my questions or I won’t attend leadership debate, Leslyn Lewis tells Conservative party

Jul 27 2022 — Alex Ballingall — Conservative party members would rather hear leadership candidates talk about the World Economic Forum and COVID-19 vaccines than federal budgets and carbon taxes, says Leslyn Lewis. Lewis made the statement while criticizing the party’s plans for a third leadership debate on Aug. 3. In an open letter to the party’s leadership election organizing committee on […]

Demand is suddenly soaring for electric vehicle batteries. Can Canada seize the moment?

Jan 30 2022 — Alex Ballingall — Business is business, but it’s not Jamie Deith’s dream to sell his precious graphite to China. The crystalline carbon mineral is among those required for electric vehicle batteries, a 21st-century technology that is sparking what some call a “global arms race” for supplies, refining capacity and manufacturing. But Canada, despite the federal government’s grand vision […]

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