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Demand is suddenly soaring for electric vehicle batteries. Can Canada seize the moment?

Jan 30 2022 — Alex Ballingall — Business is business, but it’s not Jamie Deith’s dream to sell his precious graphite to China. The crystalline carbon mineral is among those required for electric vehicle batteries, a 21st-century technology that is sparking what some call a “global arms race” for supplies, refining capacity and manufacturing. But Canada, despite the federal government’s grand vision […]

Should unvaccinated MPs be allowed in the House of Commons? One prominent Conservative says yes

Oct 13 2021 — Alex Ballingall — A Conservative MP and former Tory whip says parliamentarians should be allowed to work in the House of Commons even if they choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a position he believes is consistent with his party leader’s opposition to vaccination mandates during the recent election campaign. Mark Strahl, the Conservative MP for the […]

‘There are no winners here, only losers.’ The inside story of how the Green party toppled Annamie Paul and tore itself apart in the process

Oct 2 2021 — Alex Ballingall — In one of her last acts as leader of the Green Party of Canada, Annamie Paul stared into her computer screen to address the party’s federal council on Tuesday night. Her year of bitter discord with officials at the top of the Green organization had finally pushed her to announce, one day earlier, that she […]

‘She is killing the party’: New Green executive candidates won’t commit to supporting Annamie Paul

Jul 27 2021 — Alex Ballingall — The vast majority of those vying for spots on the Green party’s most powerful governing body either oppose Annamie Paul’s leadership or won’t say whether they support her. The lack of public backing from candidates for the Greens’ federal council raises questions about whether challenges to Paul’s leadership will continue, despite her claims she is […]

Annamie Paul must ‘take ownership’ of MP’s defection if she wants to keep her job, former leadership rival says

Jul 9 2021 — Alex Ballingall — Annamie Paul’s chief rival in last year’s Green leadership race says the embattled politician can save herself from party operatives trying to oust her — if she takes responsibility for the loss of a Green MP who defected to the Liberals. In an interview with the Star, Dimitri Lascaris said he believes Paul can “rehabilitate […]

Ottawa is putting up almost $200 million to help a Mississauga company mass produce vaccines

May 18 2021 — Alex Ballingall — The federal government will pump more than $190 million into the expansion of a Mississauga medical facility to boost Canada’s capacity to make specialized vaccines in the coming years, the Star has learned. The money is meant to cover roughly half the cost of a $400-million project to expand facilities owned by Resilience Biotechnologies, which […]

Recording captures Green leader venting frustration with party executives: ‘I really am struggling to understand why this is happening’

Apr 30 2021 — Alex Ballingall — Green Leader Annamie Paul vented frustration with how top party officials were preventing her from making key decisions in the first months of her leadership, according to an audio recording of an internal meeting that was obtained by the Star. The recording from Feb. 11 is the first direct evidence that Paul agrees with more […]

Senior Green officials are sabotaging the first Black woman to lead a Canadian political party, ‘disgusted’ insiders say

Apr 7 2021 — Alex Ballingall — Green Leader Annamie Paul is facing obstacles inside her party that threaten her success as Canada’s first Black political leader, according to several Green insiders and a top member of her political circle. Over her first six months as leader, Paul has endured “significant resistance” from high-ranking officials on the Green party’s most powerful governing […]