National Newswatch

Change is on the menu. Will we order it?

Aug 21 2021 — Bruce Anderson — If you had to describe—in one word—U.S. national elections today, you could do worse than settle on chaos. Efforts to limit voting rights, redrawing boundaries for political ends, casting doubts on voting technologies, decrying the honesty of electoral officials—is it any wonder that trust is shredded? America’s embrace of “….all men are created equal” is […]

Canada’s healthcare system? Most say it’s working as well as can be expected

Aug 10 2021 — Bruce Anderson — In new public opinion research commissioned by the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, 3200 adult Canadians were interviewed by Abacus Data, between July 20th and 24th, 2021. Results show that Canadians tend to see our health care system as functioning in line with their expectations, with relatively better satisfaction regarding virtual care, access to […]

Vaccine acceptance is on the rise

May 15 2021 — Bruce Anderson — The latest tracking polling by Abacus Data shows that the number of people who are willing to be vaccinated is on the rise, and the number of people hesitant or refusing to take a Covid-19 vaccine is at a new low. Abacus has been providing data on vaccine opinions to a volunteer Task Group of […]

The new world order is disorder

May 25 2020 — Bruce Anderson — If, like me, you grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, there were some things you could be sure of. Russia was powerful and menacing. China was mysterious, but “red” was definitely “bad.” Japan and Germany couldn’t be trusted. Britain was tradition-bound and stolid, all “keep calm and carry on.” The United States saw itself […]

Immigrants…they get the job done

Mar 12 2020 — Bruce Anderson — Immigrants do get the job done. But is it a problem if not enough people know that? In the last couple of weeks, we at Abacus Data conducted some fresh public opinion research on this topic. Here’s what we found. When asked whether more or less immigration was the best way to grow the economy, […]

Canadians’ views surrounding pharmacare

Feb 27 2020 — Bruce Anderson — On behalf of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, Abacus recently completed a nationwide survey of 1500 adult Canadians. The focus was to understand how Canadian adults feel about the policy choices that lie ahead for Ottawa on this file.

Latest Public Opinion on National Pharmacare: Canadians prefer a dollar-wise focus on those who have no insurance coverage

Mar 13 2019 — Bruce Anderson — Our most recent survey of attitudes towards a Canadian pharmacare initiative commissioned by the Canadian Life and Health Association (1,200 interviews, conducted between February 26 and March 3, 2019) reveals strong support for the idea of helping improve the affordability of medicine for those who have no drug insurance today, coupled with a broad desire […]

Do you love oil? Hate oil? Either way, you’re in the minority.

Oct 2 2018 — Bruce Anderson — In our most recent national public opinion survey, we explored one of the most contentious topics in Canadian politics – oil – and found most people don’t find it all that contentious. When asked if they loved oil, hated oil, or “don’t have strong feelings about oil, it’s just a product that has some uses”, […]