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Latest Public Opinion on National Pharmacare: Canadians prefer a dollar-wise focus on those who have no insurance coverage

Mar 13 2019 — Bruce Anderson — Our most recent survey of attitudes towards a Canadian pharmacare initiative commissioned by the Canadian Life and Health Association (1,200 interviews, conducted between February 26 and March 3, 2019) reveals strong support for the idea of helping improve the affordability of medicine for those who have no drug insurance today, coupled with a broad desire […]

Do you love oil? Hate oil? Either way, you’re in the minority.

Oct 2 2018 — Bruce Anderson — In our most recent national public opinion survey, we explored one of the most contentious topics in Canadian politics – oil – and found most people don’t find it all that contentious. When asked if they loved oil, hated oil, or “don’t have strong feelings about oil, it’s just a product that has some uses”, […]

Liberal Re-Election Hopes?

Sep 28 2018 — Bruce Anderson — As of today, 42% of voters say they would like to see the Liberals re-elected next year, and 58% say they would prefer to see a different party take power in Ottawa. To put this in context, the Liberal Party won in 2015 with 39% of the vote – so 42% can be enough, but […]

Canadian Perspectives on Pharmacare

Sep 13 2018 — Bruce Anderson — Today, 77% say that the medicines they need are affordable or “affordable enough” while 23% say they are unaffordable. Those who do not have private or group health insurance coverage are about three times more likely to say the medicines they need are unaffordable.

Analysis: Carbon pricing can stand a little more help from its friends

Apr 4 2018 — Bruce Anderson — The political debate about climate change has become highly charged by the advocacy of those least concerned about climate change and those most convinced of the urgency of the problem. But while the charges and counter-charges among these small subsets of the population rage, Canadians, for the most part, won’t align either with the “there’s […]

Political Risk & Climate Action

Nov 9 2017 — Bruce Anderson — For Canadian politicians, it’s riskier to ignore climate change than it is to propose solutions. Twenty years ago, when the world’s leaders were debating the Kyoto Accord, a case could be made that politicians who chose to be early champions of action to reduce emissions were running a certain amount of political risk. The public […]

Sexual Harassment of Women is Widespread in Canada

Nov 1 2017 — Bruce Anderson — There are almost 15 million adult women in Canada and according to our latest survey, almost 8 million of them (53%) have experienced unwanted sexual pressure. The prevalence of this experience is highest among women under 45. Just over one in ten Canadians says sexual harassment is “really quite common” in their workplace and another […]

Canada must reform its stunningly inadequate political advertising rules

Oct 20 2017 — Bruce Anderson — Political watchers were stunned a year ago when reality-TV personality Donald Trump swept past a field of seasoned politicians to win the biggest political prize in the world. Propaganda dressed up as news stories flooded the screens and phones of voters vulnerable to persuasion, in districts critical to the outcome of the race. Hillary Clinton […]

Universities, Research & Canadian Public Opinion

Sep 19 2017 — Bruce Anderson — Commissioned by Universities Canada, Abacus undertook a nationwide survey looking at how Canadians feel about the role of universities today and in the future. The highlights of this study are detailed below. The large majority (78%) of Canadians express a positive overall feeling towards universities, with only 3% expressing a negative view. This is consistent […]

Donald Trump is making America consider what greatness really means

Jul 6 2017 — Bruce Anderson — Donald Trump was a most unconventional candidate when millions were desperate for a break from the conventional. Maybe, they hoped, his rough edges would be just what a political system calcified by convention needed. And Trump himself was determined to be the most consequential president ever: He promised to be a president who would matter, […]

If push comes to shove with Donald Trump, Canadians are ready

Apr 28 2017 — Bruce Anderson — Forever it seems, Canadians have had jitters about our relationship with the United States. Pierre Trudeau likened it to sleeping beside an elephant. “No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast…one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” Watching Donald Trump run America—words like “friendly and even tempered” don’t come to mind. Words like […]

The Conservatives are running out of time to expand their tent

Mar 10 2017 — Bruce Anderson — In a couple of weeks, we’ll reach the end of the tent-growing phase of the Conservative Party leadership race. When Stephen Harper quit the leadership over a year ago, the Conservatives were given their first real chance in a decade to inspire their thinking, broaden their membership base, reach out to people who hadn’t considered […]