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Election campaign marked by ‘unhealthy’ polarization, and it may be about to get worse

Oct 16 2019 — Bruce Campion-Smith — No matter who emerges the winner from Monday’s election, the prime minister will take charge of a country divided by an acrimonious election. And those divisions won’t evaporate once the ballots are counted. Indeed, the election results threaten to further exacerbate political fault lines, along geography, gender and the key issues at play. Experts point […]

Trudeau’s Liberals sketch out their campaign strategy: Tout their record but beware economic ‘anxiety’

Aug 24 2019 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Liberal strategists gathered at a downtown Ottawa hotel in mid-July, the inner circle who will steer the party’s re-election hopes. Among the 50 or so present were veterans of the party’s dramatic win in 2015 — “getting the band back together,” quipped one participant — as well as new faces. The group, which included regional […]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warns Conservative cuts will hit municipalities hard

May 31 2019 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is warning that the Conservatives’ goal of smaller government will lead to cuts to critical public services, like health and social, as he took aim at Premier Doug Ford’s threatened budget reductions to municipalities. With the federal election just months away, Trudeau’s Friday speech to municipal leaders had a sharply partisan […]