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Two members of Canada’s military allege they were sexually harassed by passengers during a troubled VIP trip

May 15 2018 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Two members of Canada’s military alleged that they were sexually harassed by passengers during a troubled VIP trip last December to visit Canadian troops overseas, the Star has learned. Former Toronto Maple Leafs player Dave “Tiger” Williams was charged earlier this year with sexual assault and assault in the wake of that tour.

Justin Trudeau rules out Canadian participation in military strikes against Syria

Apr 11 2018 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that Canada’s military will not participate in expected strikes against the Syrian regime that are meant as retaliation for a suspected chemical attack against civilians. Speaking to Radio-Canada, the prime minister said Canadian military personnel are already involved in missions in northern Iraq and Latvia and will be deploying to […]

Conservative MPs press Justin Trudeau for answers over Liberal MP’s alleged conflict of interest

Mar 28 2018 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Conservative MPs are pressing Justin Trudeau to respond to the “completely unethical” actions of a Liberal politician who helped a business associate get access to high-profile events during the prime minister’s recent trip to India. Raj Grewal, the first-term MP for Brampton East, was in the cross-hairs of opposition politicians Wednesday after revelations he had […]

Ottawa to pledge $50 million for local journalism in budget

Feb 24 2018 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Tuesday’s federal budget will commit $50 million over five years to support local journalism across Canada, the Star has learned. The federal government will provide the funding in the coming fiscal year to one or more “independent non-governmental organizations” that will support local journalism in underserved communities.

Booze-fuelled military flights spark calls for change

Feb 19 2018 — Bruce Campion-Smith — “Party Bus” and “Mardi Gras at 35,000 feet” are a couple of the nicknames given to the military Airbus flights that fly entertainers, musicians and media stars overseas for morale-raising visits with deployed soldiers. New questions are being raised about the booze-fuelled VIP trips and the oversight of senior commanders. Former Maple Leafs player Dave […]

Ottawa weighs financial help for Canadian media

Feb 13 2018 — Bruce Campion-Smith — On a frosty morning, Bob Cox, publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press, found himself out delivering the paper. A problem with the printing presses had delayed publication of Thursday’s paper and now it was all hands on deck to get 60,000 copies of that day’s edition into the hands of readers. For Cox, the experience […]

Ottawa brings new rules to make trucks and buses safer

Dec 18 2017 — Bruce Campion-Smith — Ottawa says new rules mandating the installation of new technology will make trucks and buses safer. Transport Minister Marc Garneau will use a visit to Brampton Monday morning to highlight two initiatives — electronic stability control and mandatory electronic logging to track hours that a commercial driver is on the road, the Star has learned […]