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Independent senator’s $15,000 poll finds many Canadians view the Senate as a pointless waste of money

Apr 12 2019 — Bill Curry — An independent senator is facing criticism for spending more than $15,000 from her office budget on a poll that found many Canadians view the Senate as ineffective and a waste of money. Independent Senator Donna Dasko,a nationally recognized pollster who was appointed to the Senate in June, 2018, commissioned the Nanos Research survey and released […]

Trudeau ‘has lost confidence with a majority of the native people,’ Grassy Narrows chief says

Mar 29 2019 — Bill Curry — Grassy Narrows Chief Rudy Turtle says he thinks most Indigenous people have lost confidence in Justin Trudeau and is calling on the Prime Minister to back up this week’s apology by visiting his community to see the effects of mercury poisoning first hand. Mr. Turtle said the Prime Minister’s dismissive remarks to protesters, Ottawa’s treatment […]

Liberals to table pre-election budget on March 19

Feb 20 2019 — Bill Curry — Finance Minister Bill Morneau will release the Liberal government’s pre-election budget on March 19, as he faces calls from economic experts to keep provincial debt loads in mind as Ottawa updates its financial course. Mr. Morneau announced the budget date in the House of Commons Wednesday and is scheduled to meet with private sector economists […]

Morneau taking close look at return to 30-year insured mortgages, homebuilders’ association says

Feb 7 2019 — Bill Curry — The federal government appears to be considering a budget announcement that would allow first-time homebuyers to obtain 30-year insured mortgages, up from the 25-year limit now, according to the Canadian Homebuilders’ Association. Such a move would represent a change in direction after more than a decade of measures by federal Conservative and Liberal governments since […]

Conservatives renounce Google ad that spreads false border claim

Feb 4 2019 — Bill Curry — The Conservative Party is distancing itself from one of its own online ads after using Google to spread the false claim that “Justin Trudeau is letting a foreign entity take control of our borders.” The Conservative Party ad appeared in recent weeks on Google, and following the link leads to a fundraising page on the […]

Canada rebuffs Chinese warnings of ‘repercussions’

Jan 18 2019 — Bill Curry — Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says pressure from China will not affect Canada’s decision on whether or not telecom giant Huawei will be banned from supplying technology for next-generation 5G mobile networks. Speaking with reporters Friday in Sherbrooke, where the federal cabinet is gathered for a three day retreat, Mr. Goodale responded to warnings issued […]

Freeland calls China’s behaviour ‘a threat to all countries’ as federal cabinet meets with senior ambassadors

Jan 16 2019 — Bill Curry — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his federal cabinet met privately with six senior ambassadors Wednesday evening as Canada mounts an international campaign to gain global allies in its escalating diplomatic battle with China. Calling China’s behaviour “a threat to all countries,” Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Wednesday that she welcomes the support Canada is […]

Six ambassadors to brief Trudeau, federal cabinet amid strained diplomatic relations with China

Jan 16 2019 — Bill Curry — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his federal cabinet will receive a private briefing from six senior ambassadors Wednesday evening as Canada addresses its quickly deteriorating relationship with China. John McCallum, Canada’s ambassador to China and a former member of the Trudeau cabinet, is among the six ambassadors invited to brief cabinet. Federal ministers are gathered […]