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Convoy blockades cost Canadian economy billions in reduced GDP, documents show

Aug 13 2022 — Bill Curry — Newly disclosed cabinet documents show that Ottawa produced an internal estimate in February of the GDP impact of countrywide blockades, figures Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland did not provide when asked during a June committee hearing on the government’s use of the Emergencies Act. Minutes of a cabinet-level meeting attended by Ms. Freeland that took place […]

Federal budget bill’s luxury tax will hurt manufacturing and cost jobs, aerospace, boating sectors warn Liberals

May 23 2022 — Bill Curry — Canada’s aerospace and boating sectors are urging MPs to block or revise a planned new luxury tax included in C-19, the government’s budget bill, warning it will hurt manufacturers and trigger widespread job losses. The budget bill implements a Liberal Party campaign promise to slap a new tax on new cars and aircraft retailing for […]

Trudeau requested briefing on one-time wealth tax weeks ahead of 2021 election campaign, documents show

May 13 2022 — Bill Curry — Internal government documents show Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requested a personal briefing on the merits of a tax on extreme wealth last summer, just weeks before he triggered the 2021 election campaign. Mr. Trudeau’s interest in the policy is documented in a series of briefing notes, as well as e-mail exchanges among senior officials in […]

Deputy finance minister, senior officials defend Ottawa’s unprecedented move to backdate nearly $10-billion in spending

May 4 2022 — Bill Curry — Finance Canada deputy minister Michael Sabia defended the government’s unprecedented decision to reopen last year’s books and backdate nearly $10-billion in new spending, telling MPs on Tuesday the move resulted in a more accurate description of the federal accounts. Mr. Sabia, Auditor-General Karen Hogan and Treasury Board’s Comptroller-General of Canada, Roch Huppé, appeared before the […]

Pierre Poilievre’s support of trucker convoy ‘disqualifies’ him from political leadership, Jean Charest says

Apr 10 2022 — Bill Curry — Jean Charest is escalating his attacks on Pierre Poilievre in the Conservative Party leadership race, saying the Conservative MP’s ardent support of this year’s trucker convoy should disqualify him as a candidate for national leadership. Mr. Charest’s stronger words coincide with clear signs of momentum in the Poilievre campaign, which is frequently attracting large crowds […]

Contract extension for problem-plagued Phoenix pay system boosts price tag beyond $650-million

Apr 5 2022 — Bill Curry — The federal government will pay IBM an additional $106-million for a one-year extension to the company’s contract work on the troubled Phoenix pay system, bringing the total cost of Ottawa’s Phoenix-related outsourcing with the U.S.-based tech giant to more than $650-million. IBM built Phoenix, and has now been working on the system for more than […]

Maxime Bernier ordered to pay $132,000 in legal costs after failed defamation case over Project Cactus

Mar 14 2022 — Bill Curry — The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ordered Maxime Bernier to pay $132,000 in legal costs after his defamation lawsuit against political columnist and consultant Warren Kinsella was dismissed. The People’s Party of Canada Leader had sued Mr. Kinsella for his role in a secret campaign called Project Cactus, which aimed to discredit Mr. Bernier […]

Trudeau Liberals limit scrutiny with fewer sitting days in the House

Oct 18 2021 — Bill Curry — The Liberal government’s move to limit House of Commons sitting days this year and delay the return of Parliament until late November is part of an effort to avoid scrutiny, opposition MPs say, amid a needed debate over pandemic economic supports. The Prime Minister’s Office has said that the House won’t resume sitting until Nov. […]