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Premiers consider taking on Fox News commentators in a battle to win American hearts and minds on free trade

Jul 19 2018 — Bill Curry — Look out Tucker Carlson. Here come the premiers. Frustrated by their inability to stem the rise of new U.S. tariffs on Canadian goods, Canada’s premiers say they want to speak directly to Americans by appearing on the television shows they watch. They want to challenge the influential commentators on popular news shows such as those […]

Federal party databases in Canada under scrutiny after U.K. commissioner’s report

Jul 11 2018 — Bill Curry — The British Information Commissioner’s decision to launch an immediate audit of British political parties is fuelling criticism of the fact that Canada’s federal parties work completely outside of the law when it comes to Canadians’ privacy. This week’s report from Commissioner Elizabeth Denham exposed new details about how political parties are building databases that mix […]

Conservatives table petition calling on Ottawa to ‘abandon’ small-business tax changes

Jun 18 2018 — Bill Curry — Controversial changes to small-business tax rules are about to become law, but a new petition shows they remain very unpopular with thousands of business owners. Conservative MPs tabled a petition Monday with about 45,000 signatures that calls on Ottawa to “abandon” its package of small-business tax changes. At a news conference, Conservative finance critic Pierre […]

Carbon pricing, small-business tax changes to become law as Senate passes budget bill

Jun 14 2018 — Bill Curry — Senators passed the government’s budget bill without amendment, meaning federal carbon-pricing plans and small-business tax changes will soon become law. Senators approved the 556-page omnibus bill Thursday afternoon without a standing vote or discussion at third reading. Some senators were planning to debate the bill further and the speed of the decision came as a […]

Party control on Parliament Hill worsened in final Harper government, former MPs warn

Jun 12 2018 — Bill Curry — Exit interviews with former members of Parliament reveal a worsening pattern of central control, where even the words politicians utter in committees are written by unelected political staffers. The Samara Centre for Democracy interviewed 54 former MPs from the last Parliament about their experience in Ottawa and found many of them questioning the very purpose […]

Turmoil over Trump’s tariffs prompt talk of ‘G6 plus one’

Jun 1 2018 — Bill Curry — The G7 is being referred to as the “G6 plus one” as isolated U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin takes heat over that country’s controversial new tariffs. With one week to go before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosts President Donald Trump and the other G7 leaders in Quebec’s Charlevoix region, advance meetings of G7 finance and […]

Trump’s tariffs heighten tensions ahead of G7 summit

May 31 2018 — Bill Curry — An emerging global trade war is upending the free-trading consensus of the G7 as Canada hosts world leaders amid the escalating tension. News of new U.S. tariffs on Canadian, European and Mexican goods hit just as key leaders from the group of seven most developed nations addressed a panel in Whistler, where G7 finance ministers, […]

Federal Liberals to limit debate on new elections bill

May 22 2018 — Bill Curry — The Liberal government is preparing to limit debate on its new elections bill as it rushes to have the legislation in place for the 2019 campaign. But opposition MPs are decrying the formal notice of reduced debate time for Bill C-76, noting the Liberals have only themselves to blame for waiting so late in the […]