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Trudeau Liberals limit scrutiny with fewer sitting days in the House

Oct 18 2021 — Bill Curry — The Liberal government’s move to limit House of Commons sitting days this year and delay the return of Parliament until late November is part of an effort to avoid scrutiny, opposition MPs say, amid a needed debate over pandemic economic supports. The Prime Minister’s Office has said that the House won’t resume sitting until Nov. […]

Ousted Conservative candidate Lisa Robinson denies writing racist posts, says party is ‘throwing me under the bus’

Sep 12 2021 — Bill Curry — Lisa Robinson, who was dropped by the Conservative Party as a Toronto-area candidate over the weekend, says she never wrote the online posts that led to her dismissal and that she’s gone to the police because fake posts continue to appear under her name online. The Conservative Party announced late Friday that it was dropping […]

Erin O’Toole pledges support for subways and rail projects, acknowledges Conservative platform offers no new cash

Sep 12 2021 — Bill Curry — Standing in front of the Whitby GO station Saturday, Erin O’Toole promised to expand commuter rail, build more subways and support an ambitious new passenger rail line between Toronto and Quebec City – yet he later acknowledged his platform offers no new money to pay for any of it. The Conservative Leader said the Liberal […]

Liberal candidate facing $1.5-million lawsuit over pandemic mask-making business

Sep 1 2021 — Bill Curry — The Liberal candidate in a downtown Toronto riding is facing a $1.5-million lawsuit from a former associate in a pandemic mask-making business, even though the party’s internal screening process states that candidates should not be involved in potentially controversial litigation. The party announced Kevin Vuong’s acclamation in Spadina-Fort York on Aug. 13, just two days […]

Finance Department experiencing wave of senior departures

Jun 28 2021 — Bill Curry — Several of the most senior officials in the federal Finance Department are leaving government – or have already left – after playing key roles in shaping Ottawa’s massive policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrew Marsland, the department’s senior assistant deputy minister for tax policy, has announced internally that he will retire from the public […]

Secret ‘Project Cactus’ campaign targeting Maxime Bernier was billed to Conservative Party HQ, invoice shows

Jun 17 2021 — Bill Curry — The costs of a secret political war room targeting Maxime Bernier and his People’s Party of Canada were invoiced to the Conservative Party of Canada’s headquarters, newly obtained documents show. The Globe and Mail first reported during the October, 2019 federal election campaign that the Conservative Party hired the Daisy Group consulting firm, led by […]

Liberals move to shut down debate on Bill C-10, controversial Broadcasting Act changes

Jun 4 2021 — Bill Curry — The Liberal government is moving to shut down debate on Bill C-10, the controversial legislation aimed at bringing online streaming services under the authority of federal broadcasting rules. The legislation was introduced in November and it has been under review by the Canadian heritage committee since February. The Liberals are accusing Conservative MPs of filibustering […]

Digital services tax could raise more revenue than Ottawa expects, Parliamentary Budget Officer says

May 27 2021 — Bill Curry — The federal government’s plan for a new digital services tax on large multinational corporations could raise nearly a billion dollars more in revenue than Ottawa expects, according to a new report from Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland first announced in November that Canada is prepared to go it alone with a […]