National Newswatch

Like Biden, Trudeau Should Put Good Union Jobs on the Agenda

Mar 22 2023 — Bea Bruske — Behind the smiles and handshakes when a U.S. president visits Canada are long hours of painstaking negotiations. Officials plan the trip to the minute and fight it out over every item on the agenda. An agenda that will no doubt include U.S. protectionism and ‘Buy American’ policies, North American supply chain disruptions, and more. But […]

Resilience, Determination and Ambition in 2022

Jan 12 2022 — Bea Bruske — I think almost everyone can agree 2021 was a rough year. The pandemic we hoped was ending now rolls on with new variants and new disruptions. But in 2021 we also saw some hopeful signs of what’s possible when people work together in common cause. Workers with newfound confidence demanding better. People seeking out jobs […]

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