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When will the lesson be learned?

Nov 7 2018 — Bill Kelly — It’s happened again this week; in fact, it continues to happen with shocking regularity, in the MeToo era. Three more political public figures exposed, as it were, for alleged sexual misconduct. Veteran MPP Jim Wilson left his cabinet position and the PC caucus last Friday, initially, we were told, to deal with addiction issues.

Self-inflicted wounds are hurting Trudeau

Jul 5 2018 — Bill Kelly — As they head into the summer break, federal Liberals must be concerned that their long-standing, comfortable lead in the polls has all but evaporated. An Ipsos poll has them trailing the Conservatives by three points, and a Nanos poll has them leading the Conservatives by the same margin, so let’s just call it a dead […]

Government MPs face the backlash

Sep 15 2017 — Bill Kelly — How would you like to be a government Member of Parliament these days? We criticize them and vilify them and sometimes we mock them for their six-figure salaries and lucrative pensions and sketchy expense accounts and frankly, most of the time, it’s warranted.