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Canadian embassy the hottest ticket in town for inauguration

Jan 19 2017 — Barrie McKenna — The Canadian embassy in Washington is promising that its bash for Donald Trump will be bigger than ever – a signal that Ottawa wants to reach out and impress the incoming U.S. president when some of the cornerstones of the Canada-U.S. relationship are under threat. The embassy’s invite-only inauguration “tail-gate” party and VIP brunch is […]

Head to head: How Trudeau’s new cabinet stacks up against Trump’s

Jan 11 2017 — Barrie McKenna — Justin Trudeau’s cabinet makeover establishes a front line of key cabinet ministers tasked with stickhandling the vital Canada-U.S. relationship in the Donald Trump era. Job No. 1 for these ministers will be to quickly get to know their counterparts on Team Trump, while seeking common ground on a range of potentially fractious files, including refugees, […]

Business hiring, spending plans at lowest since 2009: Bank of Canada

Jan 12 2016 — Barrie McKenna — The fallout from the commodities price collapse is now spreading far beyond the oil patch, souring the mood of Canadian businesses and derailing their plans to hire and invest. The Bank of Canada’s closely watched quarterly business outlook survey, released Monday, shows hiring and investment plans at their lowest levels since the aftermath of the […]

A web of regulations hinders internal trade in Canada: report

Nov 26 2015 — Barrie McKenna — More than three years have passed since Parliament made it legal for consumers to buy wine directly from wineries anywhere in Canada. And yet the practice remains impossible for most Canadians because Ottawa has failed to get provinces to rewrite their own liquor distribution regulations. So far, only British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia have […]

Ottawa invokes rarely used law in Buy America row with U.S.

Jan 19 2015 — Barrie McKenna — Ottawa has invoked a rarely used anti-sanctions law after Alaska refused to void Buy America purchasing rules in the rebuilding of a B.C. ferry terminal. The Canadian government signed an order Monday under the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act, barring companies from complying with the requirement that only U.S. steel be used on the project in […]

Ottawa threatens to block Buy America rules in Canada

Dec 15 2014 — Barrie McKenna — The federal government is threatening to invoke a rarely used anti-sanctions law to block the U.S. from imposing Buy America rules in Canada. Outraged that Washington has banned Canadian steel from a ferry terminal overhaul in Prince Rupert, B.C., Ottawa is considering using the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act (FEMA) to prohibit suppliers from bowing to […]