National Newswatch

‘Supersites’ in Iqaluit, Whitehorse to improve Arctic weather forecasting

Jan 26 2020 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — Weather matters in the Arctic like it does in few other places, but Environment Canada's forecasts for the North have long been hampered by poor data. Now, two new "supersites" in Whitehorse, Yukon, and Iqaluit, Nunavut, should give northerners a more accurate sense of some of the country's most extreme weather — and improve scientific understanding of the changing Arctic. "There's interest […]

Ex-Alberta legislature member on tax strike over unpaid oilpatch property levies

Jan 22 2020 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — A former provincial Liberal leader and member of the Alberta legislature says he won't pay his provincial taxes until oilpatch players pay theirs. "It's getting worse," David Swann said Wednesday. "(This) government suddenly throws this double standard of a message that paying taxes is optional for one particular industry." Swann's civil disobedience is part of a growing […]

Studies question assumptions on industrial damage to Wood Buffalo park

Jan 19 2020 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — New research suggests Canada's largest national park is not drying out from upstream hydro dams or being contaminated by the oilsands. Recently published papers from scientists at the University of Waterloo question previous studies done for the federal government and the United Nations as well as long-held conclusions from Indigenous people. "Our findings counter widespread perceptions," said Roland […]

Alberta government promising to fix rules on aging energy wells

Jan 15 2020 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — EDMONTON — A group tasked with cleaning up thousands of abandoned energy sites in Alberta says the province's rules for ensuring polluters reclaim their wells before selling them off are inadequate. The industry-funded Orphan Well Association made the criticism in a letter to Alberta's energy regulator, which is considering a proposed transfer of hundreds of toxic gas […]

More shippers and shipping companies promise to avoid Arctic routes

Jan 13 2020 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — Environmental groups are applauding international shippers and shipping companies that have voluntarily promised to stay away from controversial Arctic routes. "We were really excited to get this pledge together," said Dan Hubbell of the Ocean Conservancy, which is co-ordinating the campaign. So far, 21 companies that either ship goods internationally or carry those goods have signed. That means […]

Everything was normal in leadup to doomed Tehran-Toronto flight

Jan 10 2020 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — Sheyda Shadkhoo was afraid as she boarded the flight from Tehran that was supposed to have eventually returned her to her family in Toronto. She thought she was leaving trouble behind, not flying into it.  "Behind me, behind me," she wrote in a poem she sent her husband minutes before the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing taxied down […]