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Ottawa considers approval of B.C. methane rules called ‘weak’ in report

Apr 4 2019 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — The federal government has proposed accepting British Columbia's rules to cut methane emissions that cause climate change despite an independent report that says the regulations would be weaker than Ottawa's. Some environmental groups fear the same could happen in Alberta and Saskatchewan, which they say would make it harder for Canada to meet its greenhouse gas commitments. […]

‘I’m really happy:’ Edmonton judge rules Omar Khadr’s sentence has expired

Mar 25 2019 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — EDMONTON — The last legal restrictions on Omar Khadr were lifted Monday when an Alberta judge ruled that a war crimes sentence for the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner has expired. "I'm really happy with the decision today," Khadr said outside Edmonton's courthouse. "It's been a while, but I'm happy it's here. Right now I'm just going to […]

Government delays threaten N.W.T. satellite data industry: company

Mar 6 2019 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — A Norwegian company with millions of dollars invested in the Canadian North is weeks away from losing a major contract in the emerging space satellite industry because of a lengthy government delay. Kongsberg Satellite Services owns seven satellite-reading antennas in Inuvik, N.W.T. The community's location on Canada's northwestern tip makes it an ideal spot for downloading data from the ever-growing number of government-owned […]

Caribou Marketing Board: Regulating wild food suggested to ease Arctic hunger

Feb 25 2019 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — Northerners could get relief from sky-high grocery bills if Ottawa were to help regulate and encourage the sale of food harvested from the land, a federal advisory board has concluded. In a report released Monday, the National Indigenous Economic Development Board recommends changes to how so-called country food is exchanged. They include regulations on buying and […]

‘Making this up:’ Study says oilsands assessments marred by weak science

Feb 19 2019 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — EDMONTON — Dozens of oilsands environmental impact studies are marred by inconsistent science that's rarely subjected to independent checks, says a university study.   "It doesn't make any sense," says University of British Columbia biology professor Adam Ford, who published his findings in the journal Environmental Reviews. "You would have to go out of your way to make […]