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Research suggests bird personalities vary widely and are tough to change

May 30 2019 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — EDMONTON — Research from the University of Alberta is fledging out the idea that birds may travel in flocks but have personalities of their own. "In some ways, it's analogous to the human term 'personality,'" said behavioural ecologist Kimberley Mathot. "Individuals show predictable differences in behaviour." Mathot has been looking into individual bird behaviour for years. […]

Food insecurity grew in Nunavut after federal program to fight hunger: study

May 21 2019 — Bob Weber, The Canadian Press — Newly published research has concluded that food insecurity in Nunavut grew after a federal program was brought in to fight hunger in the North. The study, published Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that the ability of northerners to dependably put food on the table declined significantly during the years Nutrition North was being rolled out […]