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Canada needs to push on with free trade deals despite a turbulent 2017

Jan 16 2018 — Brian Innes — Last year was a real roller-coaster ride for international trade talks. While there were some highs, unfortunately we’ve pulled into the station without competitive access to world markets, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Canada’s exporters are green in the gills as a result, especially those in the agri-food sector. Canada is falling behind our competitors […]

Seizing opportunity in the face of Trump uncertainty

Nov 3 2017 — Brian Innes — With today’s White House injecting uncertainty into how our trade-based economy will prosper in an age of protectionism, there’s a huge opportunity for Canada to plot its own path instead of being held hostage by the latest tweet. In the next few days, Canada will be at the table with Trans-Pacific Partnership countries in Vietnam […]

Harvesting prosperity from seven years of negotiation

Nov 16 2016 — Brian Innes — Threats to rip up NAFTA and trash the TPP send a chill down the spines of Canadians whose livelihoods depend on trade. And while the Trump administration’s action plan is not yet clear, it is crystal clear that Canada’s past and future depend on trade. Prime Minister Trudeau can warm things up by promoting the […]

Is Canada’s bread on the menu for the Three Amigos?

Jun 27 2016 — Brian Innes — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosts the leaders of Mexico and the United States at the Three Amigos Summit on June 29th, let’s hope that where Canada’s bread will come from is on the menu. With 90% of Canada’s farmers relying on international trade, Canada’s bread comes, and will come from export markets – markets […]