National Newswatch

What impact did the Ethics Commissioner’s report have on the political landscape? Not much it seems.

Aug 21 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — We were in the field immediately after the release of the Ethics Commissioners report on the SNC Lavalin matter, and through the following several days. Here’s what our national survey of 2,152 respondents reveals: SNC – LAVALIN: FEW MINDS CHANGED. MORE OF THOSE WHO DID SAW A STORY OF PM PROTECTING JOBS. Just over a […]

Just 1 in 4 Canadians say the economy is poor

Jul 19 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — As the country heads towards an election less than 100 days away, the overall health of the economy is acceptable (34%) or good (43%), according to 77% of Canadians surveyed. These results indicate an uptick in positive sentiment over the last two months. In April the gap between good and poor perceptions was 7 points, […]

Climate Change Worries Open Minds to Modern Nuclear Technology

Mar 1 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — On behalf of the Canadian Nuclear Association, Abacus Data developed a different approach to surveying contemporary attitudes towards nuclear energy. Instead of looking principally at nuclear as a source of energy, we created a survey that explored whether people might feel differently about nuclear if the conversation was about how to find energy solutions that […]