National Newswatch

Climate Change Worries Open Minds to Modern Nuclear Technology

Mar 1 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — On behalf of the Canadian Nuclear Association, Abacus Data developed a different approach to surveying contemporary attitudes towards nuclear energy. Instead of looking principally at nuclear as a source of energy, we created a survey that explored whether people might feel differently about nuclear if the conversation was about how to find energy solutions that […]

Assessment of the Trudeau Government at Year End

Dec 28 2018 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — OVERALL APPROVAL OF THE TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT. Across the country, 42% approve of the performance of the Trudeau government, and 39% disapprove. Approval is down 3 points since November while disapproval is up five points. Since March 2018, the government’s approval rating has hovered between 42% and 45% with disapproval ranging from 34% to 41%.

Most Canadians would vote for the USMCA deal

Oct 16 2018 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — In our latest national survey, we asked several questions about the recently agreed to trilateral trade deal (USMCA) which is proposed to replace NAFTA. Here is what we found: Across the country, 59% believe that it was a “good step” for Canada to decide to enter this agreement, based on what they have heard or […]