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Andrew Scheer or Who?

Nov 18 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — There’s been a lot of talk about whether the Conservative Party of Canada should stick with Andrew Scheer as its leader into the next election, whenever that will be. The Conservative Party will have a vote to decide whether to hold a leadership race this spring. Here’s what our latest polling finds on the question: […]

Election Poll: Regional races & turnout will decide an election with 2-points separating Liberals and Conservatives in Canada

Oct 20 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — Yesterday, we completed our final survey of Election 43, interviewing 2,000 Canadians from Thursday to Saturday. Here is our take on Canadian public opinion as polling stations are set to open tomorrow morning. THE MOOD OF THE COUNTRY. In 2015, 60% of Canadians said they definitely wanted a change in government, and this translated into […]

Abacus Data | Election Poll: Singh impresses at debate while Trudeau and Scheer break even

Oct 10 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — Following the English language network debate, we polled Canadians on their reactions. Here’s what we found: 13% WATCHED THE ENTIRE DEBATE. The vast majority (87%) didn’t watch the whole debate. Just under half (47%) watched all (13%) of some (29%) of it. Another 23% said they heard something about it from others, and 25% heard […]

What impact did the Ethics Commissioner’s report have on the political landscape? Not much it seems.

Aug 21 2019 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — We were in the field immediately after the release of the Ethics Commissioners report on the SNC Lavalin matter, and through the following several days. Here’s what our national survey of 2,152 respondents reveals: SNC – LAVALIN: FEW MINDS CHANGED. MORE OF THOSE WHO DID SAW A STORY OF PM PROTECTING JOBS. Just over a […]