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Bernie Sanders and the missed opportunity

Nov 13 2017 — Brian Topp — Introduced by Premier Kathleen Wynne and thanked by former NDP Leader Ed Broadbent, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders concluded his visit to Ontario last month with a well-received speech at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto. In that speech, he reviewed some familiar ideas. Like the idea that people should have access to health care […]

The lessons of Danielle Smith’s political self-destruction

Mar 31 2015 — Brian Topp — It isn’t always true that political careers end in tears. But that is often true, as former Alberta Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith demonstrated this past weekend. In the process, Smith has provided us with a case study on how not to conduct inter-party negotiations — one that merits a careful look. So what happened to […]

What the leaders can learn from the Ontario election

Jun 17 2014 — Brian Topp — The unalloyed joy on the faces of the Liberal campaign team Thursday night was well-earned. By any measure, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s majority victory was a remarkable accomplishment. Remarkable to win a fourth term. Remarkable to survive the poisoned chalice left to her. Remarkable to win while promising to compete at the high end economically: to […]

In politics, it’s the small stuff that kills you

Nov 3 2013 — Brian Topp — Conservatives gathered this weekend in Calgary might do well to look just a little to the east — to Saskatchewan — and to remember their party’s history there. Which teaches that it’s the small stuff that kills you, and that it can kill you dead. Grant Devine led a Conservative government in Saskatchewan that got […]

Throne speech: Campaign document from start to finish

Oct 17 2013 — Brian Topp — In at least one way, Mike Duffy did Prime Minister Stephen Harper a favour with his antics a few months ago. Thanks to the honourable senator, Harper has equipped himself with a better political team. No disrespect to former chief of staff Nigel Wright, who cuts an impressive figure in the business world and in […]