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Earth to Andrew Scheer — never tick off Stephen Harper

Dec 13 2019 — Charles Adler — I have been predicting ever since election night that Andrew Scheer would take a walk in the snow over the Christmas holidays and, early in the new year, announce that he’s resigning from the Conservative Party leadership. I was aware that the knives were out for him. But I didn’t know they would plunge them […]

Charles Adler on why he teared up on live TV

Oct 23 2019 — Charles Adler — For a long time, I’ve been known to have my roots in Canadian conservatism. But those roots were planted deeply in progressive conservatism, and as time has evolved, conservatism has become increasingly less progressive. When Global Toronto anchor Farah Nasser asked me to tell her when I knew I could no longer be a supporter […]

Whatever happened to Trudeau the tolerant?

Jan 22 2018 — Charles Adler — Justin Trudeau is hoping to change the channel this week in Switzerland. At the economic summit he’ll share a stage with world leaders and he will look good doing it. Yet for all the importance that is attached to these meetings by the chattering classes, by the time the story gets retailed to the public, […]

Barack Obama and the red line lie

Sep 6 2013 — Charles Adler — Barack Obama is putting U.S. credibility on the line every day. And every day you get the impression that, while Obama is staying for another two years, U.S. credibility is the horse that has left the barn. The latest credibility killer for U.S. foreign policy is Syria. Barack Obama talked about red lines more than […]

Dr. King would be appalled at today’s truth

Aug 30 2013 — Charles Adler — Fifty years ago, the great Martin Luther King spoke words into a microphone that have been echoed by millions and millions. The ‘I Have a Dream’ speech is one that all of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s can remember as if it was yesterday. The America of 50 years ago was […]

You can’t reason with the unreasonable

Aug 23 2013 — Charles Adler — It’s not hard to find the heart of darkness these days. It’s in the streets of Cairo and several other Egyptian cities where the government of the day is in the hands of the only organization trusted by the majority of Egyptians — the military. A mob supporting the ousted president was reported to be […]

Held prisoner by political correctness

Aug 16 2013 — Charles Adler — Paul Bernardo will be getting a pay cut next April. You likely didn’t even know he was getting paid to sit in prison for the rest of life. Prisoner advocates say he isn’t just sitting. He’s got a job in the prison library where he gets seven bucks a day and it’s unfair…

Global warming scare is dying

Jul 19 2013 — Charles Adler — It’s been a tough week for the global warming purists. They are getting blowback in Germany, where people are not only getting sick and tired of paying more for electricity — the same strategy that has been destroying the morale…

Our judges merely bureaucrats in black

Jul 12 2013 — Charles Adler — It’s been two years since the riots that followed the Stanley Cup final in Vancouver. Two years later, despite tens of millions of dollars in damage, hundreds of injuries, looting, broken windows, broken bones and police cruisers burned, nobody is doing serious jail time.

Real heroes protect us from terror plots

Jul 5 2013 — Charles Adler — Ever since 9/11, the attacks on New York and Washington a dozen years ago, we have been saying there remains complacency in Canada because it hasn’t happened here. We’ve since learned that two Canadian-born individuals wanted to terminate the complacency this week on Canada Day.  

Beware terrorists, not the government

Jun 28 2013 — Charles Adler — I have a limit for paranoia in my life. Am I paranoid when driving between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., knowing that’s when I’m most likely to be sharing a road with a drunk? You bet. But the American capacity for spying on…

The elephant has left the room

Jun 21 2013 — Charles Adler — The reason Bob Rae resigned Wednesday as a Toronto-area member of Parliament is because he has finally resigned himself to the fact he will never become prime minister. And he has resigned himself…

If only we could tell Rafferty: Go to hell

Jun 14 2013 — Charles Adler — Michael Rafferty, the scumbag who kidnapped, raped and murdered eight-year-old Tori Stafford, is fighting for the right to access tax dollars for a legal aid lawyer to build a case at the Ontario Court of Appeal to have his conviction overturned.  

NDP ads silent on Thomas Mulcair’s secret

May 24 2013 — Charles Adler — It’s no secret that Thomas Mulcair loses his temper occasionally. That’s why he is known as Angry Tom. The NDP knows anger may sell well for a talk show host and may work well for a prosecutor, but they know that the public wants…