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Engineers find more asbestos in 24 Sussex than previously reported

Mar 14 2018 — Catharine Tunney — The prime minister’s official residence has more asbestos in it than previously thought, according to a third-party review. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau moved into government, he opted not to move his family into 24 Sussex — instead choosing Rideau Cottage over the drafty and deteriorating official residence that was his childhood home.

Rideau Hall welcomes Belgian royalty with a German flag

Mar 12 2018 — Catharine Tunney — A flag mix-up caused Canada a bit of embarrassment today — day one of a state visit by the king and queen of Belgium, the first such visit in over 40 years. Belgian journalist Wim Dehandschutter was the one who first pointed out that the flag marking a tree Belgium’s Queen Fabiola planted on the […]

RCMP raising concerns about Liberals’ changes to criminal background checks

Mar 4 2018 — Catharine Tunney — The RCMP is taking issue with changes the Liberal government made to criminal background checks and the pardons system, pointing to cases of people with “disturbing” records applying to work with vulnerable individuals, CBC News has learned. The force’s concerns were summarized in a briefing note prepared by public safety staff to update Public Safety […]

Ottawa backs off proposal to change DUI threshold

Feb 20 2018 — Catharine Tunney — The federal government is easing its foot off the gas pedal on a proposal to lower the legal blood-alcohol limit. Last spring Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould floated the idea of lowering the criminal limit to 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood from 80 milligrams and asked for input from her provincial and […]

Trudeau says he doesn’t see himself ever returning to live at 24 Sussex

Feb 1 2018 — Catharine Tunney — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it is unlikely he’ll ever return to live at 24 Sussex Drive, the deteriorating, mouse-infested, hydro-draining and oft-spoofed official residence of Canada’s head of government. Trudeau told CBC Radio’s The House that he doesn’t see himself returning to his boyhood home at any point. “I’m fairly resigned to not live […]

Trudeau says Canada is ready if Trump nixes NAFTA

Jan 31 2018 — Catharine Tunney — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he doesn’t think U.S. President Donald Trump will pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, but Canada has multiple contingency plans ready if trade talks go south. The latest round of talks wrapped in Montreal on Monday with the trade ministers from Canada, Mexico and the United States […]

No one denied flight because of no-fly list mistakes, government memo says

Jan 28 2018 — Catharine Tunney — Despite persistent calls to reform Canada’s no-fly list system, a briefing note prepared for the public safety minister last fall maintains no one has been denied the right to board a flight because their name falsely matches someone on the list. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s office asked for the briefing note last September after […]

How Bill Morneau may use Sweden’s gender-balanced snow-clearing to adjust Canadian budgets

Jan 22 2018 — Catharine Tunney — In trying to understand what Finance Minister Bill Morneau means when he talks about viewing the federal budget through a gender lens, consider Sweden’s experience with the humble and oh-so-Canadian snowplow. The Scandinavian country has literally taken the concept of gender-balanced budgeting to the streets. In 2015, Stockholm brought a gender analysis to its snow-clearing […]

Liberals’ new pro-Canada procurement caveat still being figured out

Dec 16 2017 — Catharine Tunney — The Liberal government has a new rule book for judging procurement competitions — it’s just not sure how it will read yet. While launching its long-awaited fighter jet competition on Tuesday, the Liberal government also revealed its intention to evaluate all future defence purchases in part through the lens of whether individual companies have helped […]

Airbnb warns federal government about overregulation

Dec 9 2017 — Catharine Tunney — As municipalities across the country try to figure out their regulatory relationship with Airbnb, the short-term rental service has asked the federal government to hold off on making rules that would affect its business. Ahead of next year’s federal budget, the company has sent a letter to the House of Commons finance committee asking for […]