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Alleged RCMP spy Cameron Ortis ordered back to jail pending trial

Nov 8 2019 — Catharine Tunney — Cameron Ortis, the senior RCMP official accused of preparing to leak sensitive information, is heading back to jail while he awaits his trial. Today, Ontario Superior Court Justice Marc Labrosse revoked the 47-year-old’s bail, ordering the head of RCMP’s national intelligence co-ordination centre back into custody. Labrosse’s reasons and the details of the Crown’s review […]

RCMP launches review of its social media monitoring operation

Nov 5 2019 — Catharine Tunney — The RCMP has launched an internal review to make sure it’s obeying the law in the way it monitors Canadians’ social media accounts, according to documents obtained by CBC News. The national police force says it keeps an eye on social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, among others) in two ways: reactively, after a […]

Facing a possible wipeout in Quebec, Singh evokes Jack Layton’s legacy

Oct 16 2019 — Catharine Tunney — Jagmeet Singh returned to the childhood home of former NDP leader Jack Layton today, promising to build on his legacy in Quebec while trying to dispel fears the party could be pushed off the province’s electoral map in Monday’s election. While the New Democrats are experiencing a late surge in the polls nationwide, they are […]

Trudeau deflects coalition questions as NDP enjoys bump in polls

Oct 14 2019 — Catharine Tunney — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau deflected questions this morning about the prospect of future alliances in a minority Parliament as the federal election campaign heads into the critical final week. With just seven days to go, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, whose party is enjoying momentum in the polls, has openly been floating the idea of working […]

Liberal candidate apologizes for suggesting black Canadians ‘love’ Trudeau for wearing blackface

Oct 9 2019 — Catharine Tunney — A Toronto-area Liberal candidate is apologizing for suggesting people “in the black community” like Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau more because he dressed up in blackface. Nearly two weeks ago, Judy Sgro, who is vying for re-election in the riding of Humber River-Black Creek, gave a one-on-one interview with a news organization called GBKM FM. During […]

Green Party drops anti-abortion candidate in Ontario riding

Oct 7 2019 — Catharine Tunney — The Green Party of Canada is dropping its candidate in the eastern Ontario riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell for comments she made online about abortion. Spokesperson John Chenery said the party voted Sunday night to remove Marthe L├ępine and asked her to cease representing herself as a Green candidate. However, the party missed the deadline to remove […]

Trudeau says his personal stance on abortion has ‘evolved’

Oct 4 2019 — Catharine Tunney — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said today his personal views on abortion have “evolved” in the years since he stated that, while he opposed abortion personally, he supported a woman’s right to choose. While defending his Catholic faith in a 2011 article, Trudeau said he was personally opposed to abortion but believed nobody should tell a […]

Alleged RCMP spy owned a large number of encrypted computers: sources

Sep 29 2019 — Catharine Tunney — The RCMP intelligence director who now stands accused of preparing to leak secrets to a foreign entity or terrorist group kept a large number of encrypted computers at his home, making the investigation harder to crack, CBC News has learned. When authorities entered Cameron Ortis’s ByWard Market condo in Ottawa earlier this year, they were […]

Green Party’s pharmacare plan would cost $27B in 2020-2021: PBO

Sep 25 2019 — Catharine Tunney — The Green Party’s plan to bring in a national pharmacare plan would cost close to $27 billion in its first full year, according to the national budget watchdog. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May released the Parliamentary Budget Office’s costing of her party’s platform this morning during a stop in Halifax. The PBO also posted its […]