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Nature Conservancy of Canada announces largest private land conservation project in Canadian history

Apr 22 2022 — Catherine Grenier — The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just announced plans for the largest private land conservation project in Canada’s history. When complete, Boreal Wildlands will protect 1,450 square kilometres of boreal forest near Hearst in northern Ontario. The project will encompass an area twice the size of the city of Toronto. This week, as we celebrate […]

The greatest tool in tackling climate change needs our help: nature

Sep 29 2021 — Catherine Grenier — As we begin to enjoy the fall colours and foliage, let’s consider what our forests provide. The short answer is, much more than we realize. The roots of trees, from BC’s hulking cedars to Newfoundland and Labrador’s rare black ash, reach out to us all, connecting Canadians to each other and to this land.  Even if you don’t live in or near a forest, we all […]