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Liberal MP accuses Tories of using Trump-like tactics in questioning past election results

Feb 21 2023 — Catherine Lévesque — A Liberal MP accused Conservatives of using “Trump-type tactics” in questioning past election results amid new reports of Chinese interference in the 2021 election, during a committee meeting tasked with examining the issue on Tuesday. Jennifer O’Connell made those inflammatory comments as MPs were recalled during Parliament’s two-week break to consider extending the committee’s mandate […]

Trudeau’s control over caucus in question as Liberal MPs break ranks over French bill

Feb 7 2023 — Catherine Lévesque — Liberal MPs pushing back against a key component of C-13, the official languages bill — after the Liberal government abruptly reversed course on a controversial gun ban and delayed expansion of medically assisted dying — has observers questioning whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is losing control over his caucus. University of Ottawa’s Geneviève Tellier said […]

Pierre Poilievre launches consultations to find a ‘grassroots First Nations solution’ to tax revenue

Jan 24 2023 — Catherine Lévesque — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is launching consultations on a proposal to let First Nations communities collect more directly the federal tax revenue generated by resource projects on their lands. In an interview with the National Post, Poilievre said he has been listening to First Nations leaders who say they want less red tape and more […]

Quebec group launches private prosecution against Trudeau over illegal Roxham Road border crossings

Jan 12 2023 — Catherine Lévesque — A prominent Quebec author and historian at the head of a Quebec activist group has initiated a private criminal prosecution against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, claiming the prime minister has encouraged illegal immigration into Canada, in violation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Frédéric Bastien, president of Justice pour le Quebec, alleges that Trudeau […]

Stockwell Day says he’s worried about how Poilievre will treat socially conservative Leslyn Lewis

Oct 4 2022 — Catherine Lévesque — Former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day said he is concerned about the message being sent to social conservatives by Tory leader Pierre Poilievre with Poilievre placing leadership rival Leslyn Lewis in the back row of the Conservative caucus in the House of Commons. Day said he’ll be watching to see whether Lewis, whom Day supported […]

Pierre Poilievre plans to scrap the carbon tax, but will he unveil a climate plan?

Sep 27 2022 — Catherine Lévesque — Nuclear technology, carbon capture and mining critical minerals are all components of Pierre Poilievre’s approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change, but it remains unclear when he will unveil a more fulsome climate plan of his own. Liberal MP Rachel Bendayan said it was “laughable” to suggest that the Conservative party has […]

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