National Newswatch

Is Doug Ford the populist hero Canadians are looking for?

Mar 8 2018 — Catherine McIntyre — White corriboard signs donning “Ford” in blue block letters are plastered between shrines of Hindu deities in the expansive hallway of the Sringeri Community Centre. In the past three weeks, Doug Ford has visited nearly every town in Ontario in a frantic bid to become the province’s next PC leader. Now in the final days […]

Why are MPs browsing their phones during question period?

Dec 12 2017 — Catherine McIntyre — Whether they’re on Facebook, checking messages or even playing video games, mobile device use in the House is out of control. It’s a Wednesday afternoon in the House, and Andrew Scheer is at Bill Morneau’s throat trying to tear a chunk of meat off. Minutes before Question Period, the Conservative leader called for the finance […]

The myth of Justin Trudeau’s youthful government

Nov 13 2017 — Catherine McIntyre — There’s a wave of youngsters taking office worldwide—or so headlines will have you believe. Certainly, more political leaders are skewing young these days. Canada’s three major parties are now each led by late Gen-Xers (Justin Trudeau, 45, Andrew Scheer, 38, and Jagmeet Singh, 38). Likewise, France and New Zealand recently elected their first leaders to […]